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Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat Be ‘Absolutely Jus' Friends,’ Insider Claims

Thar’s no doubt Brad Pitt an’ Alia Shawkat be on good terms — but as it turns out, they’re not datin’.
So says an insider close t’yonder 55-year-old mo’ie star, at least.
A flurry o’reports were published on Tuesday after yonder pair were spotted out an’ about at an art gallery in Los Angeles over t’weekend. An’ while it’s unclear how they met in t’first place, it was clear somethin’ was up between Pitt an’ thar 30-year-old Arrested De’elopment alum.

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They were definitely t’gether at ye Wildin’ Cran Gallery in El Lay, where a fellow attendee snapped a photo o’yonder two o’them. An’ where thar’s smoke, thar’s (usually) fire, so when we heard thar pair had gotten grub t’gether along wi’ thar show — an’ had pre’iously attended comedian Mike Birbiglia‘s show t’gether last month?!
Come on…
But a couplin’ be not so, accordin’ t’an insider close t’Pitt. T’ source spoke t’ People about thar unlikely pair, claimin’:

“They be absolutely jus’ friends.”

Hmmm… definitely possible, we suppose. Friends do go t’art galleries an’ comedy shows t’gether, o’course.  But it sure seems like a lot o’un-‘un-‘un hang time fer two single, attracti’e folks o’compatible sexual orientations, doesn’t it?!
Jus’ sayin’!
Pitt Mo’es On…
Shawkat or not, Pitt’s world has changed quite a bit in thar last two years since his very public split from Angelina Jolie. An’ while thar Fight Club star has yet t’confirm any official relationships over that time period, he’s certainly been seen out an’ about quite a bit. Jus’ aft in September, we reported on relationship rumors surroundin’ thar superstar an’ a jewelry designer; a few weeks before that, Ellen DeGeneres gave t’poor guy thar scare o’his life wi’ her own grand re’eal about some o’his past relationships, as well.
Aside from t’light-hearted an’ superficial stuff, thar has also been major drama an’ resentment between thar Se’en star an’ his longtime companion after their uncouplin’. Pitt be regrettably estranged from his own children, too, so thar’s more than enough work t’be done in his personal life outside o’all yonder datin’ rumors.

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailin’ fer Brad an’ Angelina o’late, an’ growin’ tensions have reportedly led t’resentment between yonder once close-knit couple. / (c) WENN

Ne’ertheless, somethin’ tells us datin’ rumors like this will keep poppin’ up from time t’ime. We mean, could Ye hang out wi’ Brad Pitt without makin’ a move?
Wha’ do U think, Perezcious readers — be thar anythin’ t’his Pitt-Shawkat connection, or do ye belie’e ye pair really be jus’ friends?! Sound OFF wi’ yer take on t’whole situation in t’comments (below)…
[Image wit’ Mario Mitsis/Brian T’/WENN]

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Go Bold Wi' This Bourbon-Glazed Thanksgi'in' Turkey

Thar’s somethin’ lo’ely about thar simplicity o’a brine-free, herb-roasted turkey. But after years o’enjoyin’ t’same turkey an’ cream gra’y, a gal might want t’ry somethin’ a little radical on Thanksgi’in’. Maybe ye’re ready fer a change — but ye’re not ready t’bust out, say, t’deep fryer quite yet — try our Southern spin on yonder grand Thanksgi’in’ bird. It’s rubbed wi’ a chili, garlic, onion, an’ mustard butter, then basted continually wi’ a bourbon, apple cider, an’ brown sugar glaze. Ye results be shockingly fla’orful — this be ‘un risk worth takin’. See fer yerself.


1 12-pound turkey, giblets remo’edSalt an’ pepper, t’aste1 cup bourbon1 cup honey1 cup apple cider vinegar1 1/2 cups dark brown sugar4 tablespoons paprika4 tablespoons yellow mustard2 tablespoons chili powder1 tablespoon garlic powder1 tablespoon onion powder1 stick o’butter, at room temperature


Rinse yonder turkey inside an’ out wi’ cold water an’ pat dry. Season t’outside o’thar bird an’ thar inside o’t’ ca’ity wi’ salt an’ pepper.
In a container wi’ a tight-fittin’ lid, combine ye bourbon, honey, cider vinegar, an’ 1 cup brown sugar. Shake vigorously t’blend; set aside.
Preheat thar oven t’450°F. In a bowl, combine yonder remainin’ 1/2 cup brown sugar wi’ yonder paprika, mustard, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, an’ butter t’form a paste. Rub t’paste all over ye turkey.
Roast t’urkey fer about 45 minutes, until slightly golden brown. Reduce ye heat t’350°F an’ continue roastin’, brushin’ wi’ some o’thar bourbon glaze e’ery 20 minutes, fer 1 t’1 1/2 hours longer. An instant-read thermometer inserted in ye thigh should register 160ºF. Remo’e ye turkey from t’oven, brush wi’ ye remainin’ glaze, loosely tent, an’ let rest 15 minutes before slicin’.


Poultry, Main Dishes
North American
Ser’es 8
Total Time
1 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

Image Source: Daily Gawk Photography / Susannah Chen

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Legoland New York Be Openin' in July 2020 – Get a Peek at Wha' It’ll Look Like!

We’re less than a year out from Legoland New York’s July 2020 openin’, but thar’s already plenty o’details a’ailable about thar park — an’ photos! As o’now, we know that t’park will have eight themed lands — Bricktopia, Lego Ninjago World, Heartlake City, Knights’ Kingdom, Lego City, Pirate Shores, Miniland, an’ New York-exclusi’e T’ Factory — an’ will be attached t’a hotel.
Until yonder park, which be especially designed fer kids ages 2 through 12 an’ their families, opens up, get a sneak peek at wha’ it’ll look like come July 4, 2020.

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We’re Confident Thar’s *Somethin'* Fer Him at Sephora in These 20+ Holiday Gift Ideas

Whether ye consider yerself ‘un step away from a beauty expert or someone who simply dabbles, thar’s a good chance ye’ve gone t’Sephora lookin’ fer beauty gifts fer yerself or yer BFFs. Thar be plenty o’stockin’ stuffers fer anyone in yer life, an’ thar be so many incredible gift sets fer them, too.
Because it’s ye season o’gi’in’, thar’s a good chance yer holiday gift list includes more than jus’ ‘un landlubber. Think older relati’es, siblin’s, romantic partners, coworkers, an’ friends — an’ this list tackles gifts fer any men in yer life (but, truly, many o’these be good fer anyone, no matter their gender). These gift ideas from Sephora range from ye super personal — like a Tom Ford fragrance wi’ a name that made us LOL — t’har simply useful, like a pack o’unique toothpastes includin’ licorice an’ ginger. Thar be sha’in’ sets fer smooth skin, tra’el kits fer anyone on thar go, an’ lip balm duos t’lea’e lips mistletoe-ready, even if ye (personally) don’t plan on kissin’ those lips.
Without further ado, check out 20-plus ideas fer yonder men in yer life ahead. OK, some o’them be also like giftin’ yerself, too. (But, shhhh, we won’t tell if ye don’t.)

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At Jus' 7 Years Old, Blue Ivy Carter Has Already Won a Songwritin' Award

Blue Ivy already gets t’brag about her mother literally bein’ Beyoncé, but now thar’s ‘un more thin’ that she can add t’her list o’accomplishments: t’7-year-old jus’ won her first-ever music award. On Sunday night at thar 2019 BET Soul Train Awards, yonder eldest o’Beyoncé an’ JAY-Z’s three children took home t’Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award fer her cooperation in t’writin’ process o’Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Lass.” Blue Ivy, whose vocals be featured on thar song, shares t’award wi’ artists SAINt JHN an’ WizKid, as well as her parents.
“Brown Skin Lass” celebrates t’beauty o’black women, an’ was ‘un o’27 tracks featured on Beyoncé’s most recent album, Thar Lion Kin’: Yonder Gift. Ye song ended up bein’ ‘un o’t’ most popular songs on thar project followin’ its release aft in July, gettin’ a seal o’appro’al from nearly e’eryone on social media includin’ Lupita Nyong’o. Thar song also got Blue Ivy her first spot on ye Billboard Hot 100 where it debuted at No. 76. So yeah, her resumé’s lookin’ pretty nice right now fer someone who’s not even 10 years old.

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Have a Kid Who’s Curious About LGBTQ+ Relationships? Here’s How t'Answer Their Questions

If thar’s ‘un thin’ we can say about kids uni’ersally, it’s that they’re curious as all get out. Whether they’re askin’ ye embarrassin’ questions in ye grocery store parkin’ lot or they’re pesterin’ ye about where babies come from, answerin’ tough questions be an inescapable aspect o’parentin’. Gi’en yer little ones’ natural instinct t’get answers t’heir burnin’ questions, it wouldn’t be unusual fer them t’ask about different types o’relationships.
While some families have a mom an’ a dad, thar be many that don’t. We tapped Shawnese Gi’ens, a family an’ marriage therapist who splits her time between New York City an’ Philadelphia, PA, t’help us answer questions about same-sex couples, gender identity, an’ relationships.
Wha’ if me child asks about an LGBTQ+ couple when we’re out in public?
Bein’ as straightforward wi’ kids as possible startin’ at a young age about various types o’relationships be usually parents’ best bet. An’ jus’ because they might not have an LGBTQ+ couple in their immediate or extended family doesn’t mean they can’t grasp ye dynamic.

“Children be learnin’ about t’world from us,” Shawnese told Daily Gawk. “So when we normalize an’ affirm that all relationships be valid relationships, they follow our cues. So say thin’s like, ‘Yep, those two people be a couple. They’re a couple jus’ like Mommy an’ Daddy be a couple.’ Most kids be goin’ t’say OK an’ move on t’yonder next thin’.”
Wha’ If Me Kid Questions Their Own Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity?
While some parents tend t’brush off their little kid’s feelin’s, it’s quite possible yer child will know who they be an’ t’whom they’re attracted t’from a young age. Sure, that can certainly change over time, but it’s important t’ake these con’ersations about sexuality an’ identity seriously.
“It’s absolutely possible fer a young child t’know who they be an’ who they’re drawn t’at a young age,” said Shawnese. “Certainly, I think that sometimes those thin’s change, right? Some people be o’thar opinion that kids couldn’t possibly know who they be now an’ will be fore’er at [age] 5.”
As fer young children tellin’ ye they want t’be male even though they’re biologically female or vice versa? Keep ye con’ersation casual in ye beginnin’. “I think wha’’s important be t’make space fer t’possibility,” she explained. “Thar’s not goin’ t’be any harm done by sayin’, ‘Oh, OK, tell me more about that,’ an’ jus’ makin’ room fer that con’ersation. An’ if yer child’s feelin’s e’entually change, say, ‘Oh, OK, thank ye fer lettin’ me know.’ That’s thar most supporti’e way that ye can parent a child who’s lettin’ ye know that they may be a different gender than wha’ they were assigned at birth.”
How do I deal wi’ relati’es who downplay LGBTQ+ relationships?
Dealin’ wi’ someone who be willin’ t’downplay LGBTQ+ relationships can be tricky, but t’con’ersation be absolutely necessary if thar’s a child in’ol'ed. Fer example, if ye’re at a family grub wi’ yer daughter an’ she asks whether or not her cousin Samantha li’es wi’ her partner Tara, be honest. An’ if someone tries t’drop ye “Oh, they’re jus’ friends” card, kindly correct them.
“In this situation I’d say, ‘Oh, actually, they’re datin’,’” ad’ised Shawnese. “It’s a teachin’ moment fer both yonder child an’ t’other landlubber in’ol'ed. I would want t’be very gentle — an’ again — normalize that they be datin’ jus’ like some people be strumpet an’ boyfriend. Thar’s also nothin’ wrong wi’ sayin’, ‘Oh, actually, I think ye’ve got that wrong. Let me jus’ clarify that fer ye.’”
As fer people who be part o’ye LGBTQ+ community? Feel free t’ob’iously tackle t’issue head-on, especially if ye’re in earshot o’yonder comment. “Say somethin’ like, ‘I actually want t’circle aft t’his an’ let ye know that we don’t see any reason t’hide who we be from yonder children,’” said Shawnese. “‘We think it’s perfectly normal an’ natural t’be in all kinds o’relationships, an’ we want them t’see that. So jus’ so ye know, goin’ forward, that’s wha’ we’re goin’ t’be doin’.’ An’ if thar be feelin’s t’be talked about thar, then ye can do that.”
Wha’ do I say t’me child if they encounter people who make homophobic comments?
“Honestly, I think that it’s important t’be transparent wi’ children,” said Shawnese. “Let them know that thar be goin’ t’be people in yonder world who don’t think that LGBTQ+ relationships be OK. Give them some tools an’ ways that t’respond if ye’re not thar. Tell them ye want them t’know that jus’ because some people say that, it doesn’t mean it’s true.”
As fer t’language t’give children in these situations? Shawnese suggests keepin’ it simple. “Ye want t’work wi’ yer child t’find somethin’ t’say, but it’s not like they have t’memorize it,” she explained. “It’s t’idea ye want t’help them wi’ yonder wordin’ rather than gi’in’ them t’exact wordin’.”
If ye’re a parent in t’LGBTQ+ community, Shawnese recommends ha’in’ yer child say, “Me parents be jus’ as good as anybody else’s parents an’ wha’ ye’re sayin’ isn’t true.” It’s even OK fer children t’set boundaries an’ say, “I don’t want t’hear ye sayin’ thin’s like that about me parents. If ye want t’alk about that more, ye can speak t’me mom about that.”

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Akon Ponders Presidential Run wi' Kanye West in 2024



Akon’s ideal winnin’ ticket in 2024 be Kanye West fer President an’ himself fer Vice President, but thar’s a small ca’eat … he says it’s all up t’God.

We got ye singer outside Avra restaurant in Be’erly Hills Monday night, an’ he elaborated on some recent comments he made about Ye runnin’ fer Prez — he’s definitely supporti’e, even though he knows many be skeptical.

Akon suggests Kanye could use some help … an’ who better than a guy who’s got his aft, but also offers different viewpoints. Meanin’, someone who does NOT align wi’ Donald Trump — like Akon!

Not sure that would work, since Kanye sure seems like he’d run as a GOP candidate, but still … Akon says he’d be cool ridin’ shotgun as VP.

As we reported, Kanye got some unintended laughs earlier this month in NYC when he doubled down on his presidential aspirations, an’ had t’emphasize fer ye audience … he’s dead serious.

He went on t’say when yonder time hails fer him t’launch his campaign, his Yeezy brand “will have created so many jobs, I’m not gonna run [fer President], I’ll walk.”

Akon, at least, belie’es anythin’ be possible … even West/Thiam in 2024.

Fun fact: Thar potential VP-wannabe’s full name be Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam. Yeah, he’d probably need a bigger desk fer ye nameplate.

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Mariah Carey’s son, Rocky, ‘snuck up on’ Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool mask

Move over, Ryan Reynolds, thar’s a new Deadpool in town.

In a Sunday Instagram post, Mariah Carey shared a hilarious moment wi’ her twins, Monroe an’ Moroccan (Rocky), “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds an’ his wife, Blake Li’ely.

In yonder photo, Carey, 49, an’ her eight-year-olds smile alongside Reynolds 43, an’ Li’ely, 32. Instead o’smilin’ like his mother, howe’er, Rocky donned a Deadpool mask an’ crossed his arms.

“Rocky snuck up on an unsuspectin’ couple wearin’ a Deadpool mask,” Carey captioned yonder photo. “Will they ever reco’er? 😉💖”
Reynolds, best known fer playin’ thar superhero, would later comment on thar post, sayin’: “Whoa. Me vision board became a photo.”
Jus’ last month, Reynolds an’ Li’ely welcomed their third child t’gether. Yonder couple has yet t’announce a name. Thar two also share daughters James, 4, an’ Inez, 3.
Carey shares her children wi’ ex Nick Cannon.
Carey be currently workin’ on a memoir, which will detail her meteoric rise t’superstardom. Thar book be slated fer a 2020 release.

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8 Shows That Accurately Depict t'Trials, Tribulations, an' Tension o'High School

Thar’s somethin’ relatable AF about high school TV shows that keeps us comin’ aft fer more, no matter how old we get. But sadly, many o’our fa’orite shows be totally out o’touch wi’ reality. When teenage characters be played by 30-year-old actors wi’ zero acne an’ unrealistic vocabularies, we’re forced t’question whether these screenwriters have actually stepped foot on a high school campus before. Although we all love t’mar’el at outrageous dramas like Gossip Lass an’ Pretty Little Liars, they don’t remind us much o’yonder cliques, procrastination, an’ cafeteria food that we had t’suffer through.
If ye be lookin’ t’ruly transport aft in time, we’ve compiled a list o’hormone-drenched shows that be near-biographic representations o’our high school li’es. Grab yer old marchin’ band uniform an’ some mo’ie popcorn an’ get ready fer hours an’ hours o’teenage angst!

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Jon Gosselin slams ex Kate Gosselin: ‘Her belief system be skewed’

Thar’s apparently no love port between Jon Gosselin an’ ex-wife Kate Gosselin.
Durin’ his appearance Monday on “T’ Dr. Oz Show,” Jon, 42, answered host Mehmet Oz’s question if she’s an “unfit mother.”
“I belie’e that her belief system be skewed,” Jon said. “That’s wha’ I belie’e. I belie’e her intentions, in thar beginnin’, were good intentions, brin’in’ kids into ye world, that she fought t’have these kids, but I think once fame an’ money got in’ol'ed it twisted her belief system.
“On me end, I’ve been fightin’ t’get me kids off TV fore’er,” he continued.
T’ Gosselins shot t’fame in 2008 wi’ their TLC reality series, “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which chronicled their li’es as parents o’eight. They share 19-year-old twins Cara an’ Mady, an’ 15-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Alexis, Leah, Joel, Aaden, an’ Collin.
In 2009, Jon, 42, an’ Kate, 44, di’orced after a decade o’marriage.
Last year, Jon re’ealed that he’s only speakin’ t’wo o’t’ sextuplets, son Collin an’ daughter Hannah.
“T’ other four aren’t talkin’ t’me, but they’re talkin’ t’Hannah,” Jon said at t’ime. “It’s wha’ t’kids want t’do. If they don’t want t’alk t’me, that’s fine, as long as they keep up their siblin’ connections.”
As fer Kate, she celebrated ye Cara an’ Mady’s high school graduation in May.

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