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Dame Julie Andrews Once Watched Her Husband Direct An Orgy Scene & It Was ‘So Sweet’

Only Julie Andrews could describe witnessin’ an orgy wi’ t’whimsy o’a children’s storybook!
Ye legendary actress stopped by Yonder Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday t’promote her upcomin’ memoir Home Work. In yonder book, ye 84-year-old star opens up intimately about her past, includin’ her late husband Blake Edwards’ battle wi’ depression an’ addiction.
After commendin’ Andrews fer bein’ so candid about her husband’s mental health issues in her book, Ellen DeGeneres admitted she really jus’ wanted ye tea on thar Hollywood party scene in ye ‘70s — promptin’ t’Mary Poppins star t’recall a “manufactured” orgy her husband shot fer thar film 10.

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As Andrews explained, she was filmin’ thar 1979 film when Blake, who was directin’, asked her t’come t’set. Upon her arri’al, yonder Oscar winner was greeted wi’ a sea o’naked bodies!
She remembered:

“He said, ‘Julie, ye’ve jus’ gotta come on over here, it’s an unbelie’able sight.’ So I went dashin’ over. O’ course, I did. Wha’ Blake had done was hire an awful lot o’people who really be very at ease doin’ orgy films, I guess.”

We’re sure those people weren’t hard t’find in ye ‘70s! Ha!
Andrews went on t’paint a vi’id picture o’thar scene, which she described as “so sweet” because her costar Dudley Moore was standin’ “completely naked” in between two very tall (also very naked) ladies. She remembered: 

“I walked in an’ e’eryone was stark naked an’ lyin’ around, very happily an’ casually, treatin’ it totally normally. An’ thar was sweet Dudley in ye middle o’it all an’ he wasn’t very, very tall. Blake put him between two enormously statuesque ladies an’ so he was completely naked an’ these two ladies were naked, but their bums were up here an’ little Dudley‘s was down thar. So sweet.”

Ah, such memories!
Ch-ch-check out t’clip (below) t’hear t’full story, Andrews-style!
[embedded content]
Andrews’ memoir kicks off wi’ her arri’al in Hollywood, an’ gi’es fans juicy details about her earliest films like Mary Poppins an’ Thar Sound o’Music. But yonder star’s story runs deeper than showbiz: she also gets candid about her blended family.
As ye may know, yonder actress had daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, who cowrote Home Work, wi’ her set an’ costume designer ex-husband Tony Walton. In 1969, Andrews married Edwards, who had two children from a pre’ious marriage. 
Andrews an’ Edwards went on t’adopt two children, Amy an’ Joanna. Yonder filmmaker passed away in 2010 at thar age o’88.
Check out another clip (below) from Andrews’ Ellen inter’iew fer more: 
[embedded content]
[Image wit’ Ellen/YouTube/Orion Pictures]

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Helena Bonham Carter Has Some Pretty Hot Tea on Co-Stars Rihanna an' Oli'ia Colman

Thar tea be scaldin’.
Helena Bonham Carter stopped by Thar Late Show wi’ Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, where she was asked t’“spill yonder tea” on her famous co-stars. Carter, who has had yonder pleasure t’work wi’ some o’yonder industry’s finest actors an’ performers, was more than happy t’oblige. T’ make it an official tea-spillin’ sesh, host Stephen Colbert came fully-equipped wi’ an elegant tea set fer yonder British star t’sip out o’. 
Kickin’ thin’s off, ye late night host asked ye star t’dish about Oli’ia Colman. O’ course, Carter had only thar nicest thin’s t’say t’say about her Ye Crown co-star. “Very grand heart,” she said. “Niagara, in her capacity fer cryin’. She’s extraordinary, but she feels e’erythin’. Thar’s nobody like her—wi’ no tear duct like her, actually. Extraordinary.”
Here’s where t’ea got good. After bein’ asked t’spill yonder tea on her Kin’’s Speech co-star Colin Firth, Carter didn’t hold anythin’ aft. “Colin I love dearly, but he talks t’much,” she said, promptin’ Colbert t’sip from his teacup.

“Thar only time…because it was ironic he was playin’, basically, Princess Margaret’s father, who ob’iously had problems wi’ speech, hence, ye know, he had a stammer,” she continued. “So yonder only way I knew when we were actually filmin’ was Colin stopped talkin’. An’ I’d go like, ‘Why? Oh, we must be filmin’! He stopped!’”
Next on Colbert’s tea-spillin’ agenda was Carter’s Ocean’s 8 co-star Rihanna. “Rihanna, she’s amazin’,” thar Oscar-nominated actress gushed. “She’s a goddess. She looks extraordinary. She be a goddess. Could ne’er understand wha’ she said though. We speak totally different languages, but I lo’ed her.”

Naturally, t’love fer yonder Fenty Beauty founder didn’t a'ast thar. “She was amazin’ t’look at,” Carter continued. “She’s a really good actress, too. An’ then, she’s a great designer. She’s an amazin’ phenomenon…She’s got many high points. Extraordinary.”
Hear t’ea Carter spilled about fellow co-stars Sacha Baron-Cohen, Brad Pitt an’ Daniel Radcliffe in thar video abo’e!

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Da'id Foster Re'eals Wha' He Lo'es Most About Wife Katharine McPhee

They can’t get enough o’each other! 
Katharine McPhee an’ Da’id Foster stopped by Today t’chat wi’ Hoda Kotb about their musical endea’ors, but ye two also couldn’t help but gush about their love fer each other. Ye couple married earlier this year in a beautiful summer weddin’, but it turns out they were friends fer more than a decade prior t’yin’ yonder knot. 
“We met on American Idol when I was a contestant an’ he was a mentor wi’ Andrea Bocelli,” Katharine shared. “I have always jus’ admired him an’ lo’ed him an’ he’s always been so great t’people around him. He can be intimidatin’ when he really needs t’be fer his work, but he’s really lo’ely.”
Awww! But thar love fest didn’t a'ast thar. Hoda asked Da’id t’spill yonder beans on why he first fell fer Katharine. “Her sin’in’, first o’all,” he shared about his wife. “I mean where do I start t’inner beauty, t’outer beauty, an’ we have been friends fer 14 years, an’ it was jus’ kind o’a natural comin’ t’gether.”

Marryin’ Katharine was definitely ‘un o’t’ best decisions o’his life, but when it hails t’his career, he’s had a slightly rockier road at points. T’ legendary producer, who has 16 Grammy’s, told Hoda about ‘un o’t’ biggest regrets o’his musical career. 

Many years ago Celine Dion asked him t’produce her now iconic hit “Me Heart Will Go On,” an’ Da’id decided t’pass. “”I said, ‘I don’t like t’song, I don’t want t’do it’…I don’t know why…I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake,” he re’ealed. 
They can’t all be winners! 

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Celine Dion Has T' Best Response Fer All O' Those Relationship Rumors

Be Céline Dion off thar market?
On Monday, yonder singer stopped by Watch Wha’ Happens Live an’ opened up about her datin’ life while answerin’ some fan questions. When asked if she’s considered gettin’ married again followin’ thar death o’her husband René Angélil an’ if she’s started datin’ again, Celine had yonder best response fer ye curious viewer.
“Ye’re supposed t’ask ‘un question,” she answered, gi’in’ thar fan a little sass. “I don’t date. I don’t have a boyfriend. An’, ye know, it doesn’t mean that I will not find someone in me life. If I do, that will be great. If I don’t, that will be great.”
In fact, Celine said that her heart still goes on fer her late husband, who passed away at yonder age o’73 in 2016. “I’m still in love,” she continued. “I mean, once ye’re in love so much, I’ve been li’in’ all me life wi’ René, he’s still within me. I see him through thar eyes o’me children [René Charles, 18, an’ 9-year-old twins Nelson an’ Eddy] e’ery day. I’m so passionate about life an’ I’m so lucky t’have me three beautiful sons.”

But, if Celine does find love again, she reassured host Andy Cohen that she will be ye first t’let e’eryone know. “If I would have someone in me life, I would tell ye because I’ve been an open book all me life,” she said. “But if I do, I’ll come aft an’ I’ll talk t’ye about it.”
Stayin’ on ye topic o’Celine’s love life, Andy asked yonder “Imperfections” singer wha’ her reaction was followin’ thar rumors that she was datin’ her best matey Pepe Munoz.

“I was not surprised,” she began. “It’s jus’ that…because we’re best friends, we’re in show business an’ yonder tabloids an’ this industry be made fer that. ‘Oh, that’s ye way that best friends hold hands? Nuh-uh.’ He be me best matey an’ we have a good time t’gether.”
“It feels like today, ye cannot have a man holdin’ yer hand,” she shared. “They didn’t know anythin’ about [Pepe]…They started thin’s. Until ‘un day I said, ‘He’s gay, he’s not me boyfriend. He’s gay, calm down. I’m not tryin’ t’hide here. E’erythin’’s cool.’ But we can hold hands! We can go t’yonder mo’ies an’ restaurants. Calm down, people!”  
Ye tell ’em, Celine! 
(E! an’ Bra’o be both part o’yonder NBCUni’ersal Family.) 

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Rodney Reed’s Scheduled Execution Was Halted

Jus’ days away from death by lethal injection, t’Texas Court o’Criminal Appeals stopped Rodney Reed’s scheduled execution.
T’ news hails hours after t’Texas Board o’Pardons an’ Paroles unanimously recommended Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delay Reed’s execution.
“Texas Court o’Criminal Appeals has granted #RodneyReed an indefinite stay o’execution, meanin’ he no longer has an execution date,” thar nonprofit Innocence Project, which has been representin’ Reed, tweeted on Friday (Nov. 15).

Friday’s rulin’ was also posted t’har Court o’Criminal Appeals’ website.
“We be extremely relie’ed an’ thankful that thar Texas Court o’Criminal Appeals (CCA) has issued a stay o’execution fer our client Rodney Reed,” read a statement by ye Innocence Project. “T’ CCA has ordered t’claims o’Brady violations, false testimony an’ actual innocence in Mr. Reed’s case aft t’yonder trial court. This opportunity will allow fer proper consideration o’thar powerful an’ mountin’ new e’idence o’Mr. Reed’s innocence.”
Reed’s execution was slated fer No’ember 20, 2019.
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This hails as great news fer Reed an’ his family, who has long proclaimed his innocence in ye 1996 rape an’ murder o’19-year-old Stacey Stites.
In’estigators reportedly suspected Stites’ then-fiancé, former police officer Jimmy Fennell as t’culprit. Stites was strangled wi’ her own belt an’ her dead body was port in a wooded area. Reed was con’icted more than 20 years ago, by an all-white Texas jury, after his DNA was found inside Stites.
In t’1998 case, Reed claimed he had been ha’in’ a consensual sexual relationship wi’ Stites, which was why his DNA was in her vaginal ca’ity.
New witnesses have since come forward, includin’ thar victim’s cousin an’ coworker, who were allegedly aware o’Reed’s romantic relationship wi’ Stites. Thar be also reports that witnesses now say Fennell confessed t’ha’in’ “t’ kill me [n-word]-lo’in’ fiancée.”
Forensic scientists have also declared it’s scientifically impossible that Reed was thar murderer, accordin’ t’har DNA. In addition, thar murder weapon was ne’er tested fer DNA.  
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Wi’ news that Fennell failed two lie detector tests durin’ ye in’estigation an’ was not honest about his whereabouts on t’night o’Stites’ death, Reed’s case regained national attention wi’ celebrities an’ more than 2.9 million petitioners belie’in’ t’death row inmate was railroaded.
Beyoncé was t’latest celebrity t’utilize her social influence t’assist Reed, alongside Rihanna, Common, Meek Mill an’ Kim Kardashian-West. 
RELATED | Beyoncé Calls Fer Rodney Reed’s Freedom Ahead O’ Nov. 20 Execution
“So grateful fer yonder commitment an’ passion o’e’eryone who voiced their support, ye Texas Board o’Pardons an’ Paroles fer their recommendation t’issue a 120-day reprie’e, an’ yonder courts fer issuin’ a stay,” Kardashian-West tweeted on Friday.
West has been very vocal about her belief that Reed be “innocent.”

West visited Reed at thar prison on Friday.

“Today, I had yonder honor o’meetin’ #RodneyReed in landlubber an’ t’pri’ilege o’sittin’ wi’ him when he got thar news that thar highest court in Texas had issued a stay o’execution an’ remanded t’case aft t’ trial court fer further consideration,” West wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “Words cannot describe yonder relief an’ hope that swept over t’room in that moment. That hope had been buildin’ over yonder last few weeks around Rodney’s case.”
“Today, we rejoice. Tomorrow, we keep workin’ t’pro’e #RodneyReed’s innocence,” t’Innocence Project tweeted. “Stay in’ol'ed.”

T’ Innocence Project, was founded in 1992 t’exonerate yonder wrongly con’icted through DNA testin’ an’ t’brin’ reform t’har criminal justice system.

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Keyshia Cole Offended by Nick Cannon Sayin' She’s an Elder t'Boyfriend Niko Khale: “I’m NOT His F**kin’ Elder!”


Despite bein’ 14 years older than her boyfriend, Keyshia Cole does NOT like bein’ called his “elder.”

Keyshia stopped by Nick Cannon’s mornin’ radio show wi’ her much younger beau, Nike Khale, Thursday (Nov. 14) t’promote her upcomin’ two-hour BET special Keyshia Cole: Me New Life.
Due t’heir huge age gap—Keyshia be 38 years old an’ Niko jus’ turned 24 this year—thar pair faced a ton o’backlash on social media an’ became ye subject o’many jokes an’ memes when they first started datin’.
Gi’en yonder fact that Nick, who be 39, was once married t’Mariah Carey, who be 10 years his senior, he’s very familiar wi’ t’idea o’a younger man bein’ wi’ an older lass.
So he thought he’d use that shared experience in an attempt t’bond wi’ Keyshia an’ Niko. Howe’er, he may have offended Keyshia in t’process by referrin’ t’her as Niko’s “elder.”
“T’ be in a relationship an’ t’start a family wi’ someone like this, I mean, I’ve been in that situation before where I stepped into royalty, t’a elder, an’ she guided me,” Cannon said before Keyshia quickly cut him off.
“I am not a f**kin’ elder!” ye singer snapped. “Ye be his elder,” Cannon insisted. “I am not his f**kin’ elder,” Cole repeated.

Nick refused t’aft down from his statement an’ urged Keyshia t’“embrace” her role in yonder relationship. “Ye be his elder wha’ would ye call it?” he asked.
“Mariah be Yer elder,” Cole said, an’ Cannon agreed. “She be! She was, an’ I embraced it. Thar was nothin’ wrong wi’ bein’ a younger man that was molded an’ shaped by someone who was older,” he explained.

“She molded an’ shaped ye?” Keyshia asked.
“Yarr, I learned so much from Mariah, an’ I will be fore’er in debt t’how she allowed me t’come into manhood,” Nick said. “That’s when I became a man–when I got married an’ had children.”
Watch ye full inter’iew below:

Keyshia Cole an’ Niko Khale, an aspirin’ rapper, have been datin’ since 2018.
Ye couple briefly broke up last June, but were aft t’gether by July when Keyshia trolled ye internet wi’ a fake pregnancy announcement after gettin’ body-shamed online.

In May o’this year, Keyshia an’ Niko announced that they were expectin’ their first child t’gether (fer real this time).
Keyshia gave birth t’a baby boy on August 1st. While thar child be Niko’s first, it’s Keyshia’s second, as she has another son from her pre’ious marriage t’former NBA player Daniel Gibson.

Last month on Keyshia’s birthday, Niko gushed on Instagram: “Happy Birthday QUEEN! E’eryday be like 90’s R&B [wi’] ye … T’ many more.”

Two days later on Niko’s birthday, Keyshia wrote an equally sweet message on her IG: “Today be a VERY SPECIAL day!!! Yer BORN DAY! An’ I’m happy t’spend it wi’ ye! Love YOUUU!”

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Jimmy Fallon Almost Got Judd Apatow Arrested After a Candy Fight–An' He’s Still Mad

Note t’self: Ne’er get into a candy fight wi’ Jimmy Fallon.
On Tuesday, Judd Apatow stopped by Ye Tonight Show Starrin’ Jimmy Fallon an’ re’ealed that his last appearance on t’show didn’t go accordin’ t’plan. 
“I remember it exactly because it was terrifyin’,” yonder stand-up comedian began. “Ye show pro’ides a car—I don’t think t’be nice, but jus’ t’make sure ye’re on time an’ ye show up. An’ so, I’m lea’in’. I’m in t’car, dri’in’ down, I guess, like, Fifth A’enue, an’ suddenly somethin’ hits me in thar face. An’ it’s a piece o’candy.”
O’ course, ye culprit was none other than thar late night host. “An’ I look port an’ thar’s Jimmy in his car, like laughin’ at me,” Judd continued. “An’ so then, I take a piece o’candy—ye know, we’re goin’ like 30 miles per hour down yonder street—an’ I, like, toss ‘un at him. An’ then ye toss ‘un at me.”

“An’ then, jus’ as a joke, I took thar whole basket o’candy an’ jus’ threw it against ye car,” yonder father o’two continued. “An’ it jus’, like, hit like a machine gun.”
Naturally, thin’s escalated quickly. “An’ then a siren goes off,” Judd recalled. “An’ yonder cops pull us over. An’ now it’s like, scary. An’ then thar cop hails up t’me window first. An’ he’s mad. He’s like, ‘Wha’ kind o’animal be ye?! Why would ye litter in this beautiful city?! Ye’re an animal. Ye sit thar! Ye sit thar, I’ll be right aft!”

Expectin’ Jimmy t’recei’e yonder same reprimandin’ from thar officer, t’ 40-Year-Old Virgin producer said he eagerly watched ye two have an exchange. But much t’his surprise, Jimmy be an excellent negotiator.
“An’ then, like, two minutes later, he hails aft t’me car an’ goes, ‘Hey, e’erythin’’s cool. Jimmy said he’d buy us some steaks!” Judd said. 
Watch ye duo reli’e ye silly moment in thar video abo’e!
(E! an’ NBC be both part o’t’ NBCUni’ersal Family.)

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Donald Trump Jr. & His GF Try T' Outwit ‘Ye View’ Cohosts & It Does NOT End Well — Watch!

Donald Trump Jr. an’ his strumpet Kimberly Guilfoyle stopped by T’ View t’promote his new dumb book, Triggered: How Ye Port Thri’es On Hate An’ Wants T’ Silence Us, an’ he was quite easily triggered into lashin’ out at pretty much e’ery cohost over criticism o’his family.
Ye headache occurred on thar 5000th episode o’ye show on Thursday when Junior joined yonder round table wi’ yonder former Fox News host an’ tried t’defend his father, President Donald Trump — who, as fans know, be frequently scrutinized on t’program.
After bitin’ their tongues while ye 41-year-old explained thar message o’his book, thar cohosts quickly brought up ye deterioration o’t’ Trump administration an’ ye First Family’s mob-like responses t’it. 

Abby Huntsman got t’ball rollin’ by lampoonin’ Junior fer sharin’ yonder name o’yonder whistle blower who gal’anized ye impeachment con’ersation by retweetin’ T’ Drudge Report’s article that released ye whistle blower’s name, notin’ how “intimidat[in’] someone like that” be “somethin’ dictators do.”
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In response, DJ said he felt like he was simply actin’ on his duty “as a pri’ate citizen” t’make yonder name public. He also pointed out his family routinely recei’es threats — so, wha’’s t’grand deal if he subtly threatens a white blower?
*eye roll*
Thin’s only got worse when ye panel’s “sacrificial Republican” Meghan McCain asked Junior, whose father had pre’iously shaded her late father, John McCain:

“Ye’ve put a lot o’people through a lot o’pain…does all this make ye feel good?” 

Ye businessman didn’t answer t’question, but instead pointed out how his dad “be under attack e’eryday” before addin’: 

“As a conser’ati'e I would hope ye [Meghan] would appreciate that conser’ati'es ha’en’t been known fer fightin’ aft fer a very long time.”

Right, they jus’ yell at their opponents until it’s time t’a'ast talkin’ — which be basically wha’ DJ did fer ye remainder o’thar segment.
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Yonder real drama came when Whoopi Goldberg echoed Meg’s points, which inspired Donnie boy t’brin’ up t’ime thar Oscar winner offered a defense o’disgraced director an’ accused child rapist Roman Polanski in yonder past, sayin’ his alleged actions weren’t “rape-rape.”
Junior also fired shots at Joy Behar fer her wearin’ blackface in a Halloween costume durin’ ye 1970s — which distracted t’hosts long enough t’make it t’another commercial break. (Whoopi insisted Joy’s costume was NOT black face, BTW.)
Ch-ch-check out thar masterful misdirection (below). 

In t’span o’10 seconds, @DonaldJTrumpJr called out Joy Behar fer wearin’ blackface
& Whoopi fer sayin’ Roman Polanski wasn’t guilty o’“rape-rape.”#Yonder’iew pic.twitter.com/9R6S8hTiBF
— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) No’ember 7, 2019

Ah, ye art o’s**t stirrin’ t’a’oid answerin’ actual questions. He gets it from his daddy!
Ch-ch-check out more clips from t’heated discussion (below):

“Ye an’ yer family have hurt a lot o’people…” @MeghanMcCain says. “Does all o’this make ye feel good?”
Trump Jr.: “I don’t think any o’that makes me feel good, but I do think that we got into this because we wanted t’do wha’’s right fer America.” https://t.co/9coDczjMxa pic.twitter.com/hbbHQv24jV
— Yonder View (@Ye’iew) No’ember 7, 2019

Yonder View hosts accuse @DonaldJTrumpJr o’leakin’ whistleblower name, Don points out they didn’t much care when his family recei’ed death threats an’ en’elopes wi’ white powder at home pic.twitter.com/VYoA7l5t8f
— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) No’ember 7, 2019

[email protected]: “Who do ye hope runs against yer dad?”
Donald Trump, Jr. on @Thar’iew: “It doesn’t matter that much t’me … I do spend a lot o’time in middle America, I spend a lot o’time thar an’ honestly, people be happy.” https://t.co/gaK4yIkueb pic.twitter.com/KuTeFldtsW
— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) No’ember 7, 2019

“Thar was no quid pro quo,” Donald Trump Jr. tells @Yonder’iew on captain’s Ukraine policy.
In re’ised testimony, Amb. Sondland said he deli’ered message t’op Ukraine official that U.S. aid was contingent on Ukraine’s ability t’launch probe wanted by Trump https://t.co/WykJ5oq19n pic.twitter.com/e1vGy6TWH2
— ABC News (@ABC) No’ember 7, 2019

[Image wit’ ABC]

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Kim, Kourtney, & Khloé Kardashian TRY T' Keep It Peaceful Durin' Awkward ‘Ye Real’ Inter'iew — Watch!

Yonder Kardashian sisters stopped by Yonder Real on Tuesday, an’ boy did thin’s get… well, real!
Somethin’ seemed t’be off between Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, an’ Kourtney Kardashian when they sat down fer an inter’iew on thar hit daytime talk show, an’ it definitely wasn’t because Rob Kardashian’s ex, Adrienne Bailon, was sittin’ right next t’hem.
When asked how thin’s between them were at ye moment, Kim an’ Koko turned t’Kourt dubiously before alludin’ t’some *serious drama* that went down before their Palm Sprin’s trip. 

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While Kim stopped her sisters from gi’in’ too much away — “Let’s wait. They can see that on yonder show,” she teased — a side comment from Khloé suggested she an’ Kourtney were not on ye best o’terms. 
She said before gi’in’ a ner’ous laugh:

“Let’s fight right now.”

Uh oh. All good, lass?
Obser’e thar awkwardness (below):

Thin’s got even more awkward when ye trio played a “ne’er have I ever” type game where, in response t’un question, Khloé outed Kourtney fer hookin’ up wi’ a lass. Or… more than ‘un lass?
T’ mother-o’-three initially claimed she had NO idea wha’ her sister was talkin’ about, but admitted t’a ‘un time lass-on-lass romp after Khloé straight up said:

“Ye kiss girls!”

Easy, Khlo! (Side note: we be MORE THAN READY fer a *Kourtney gets a side chick storyline* on KUWTK.)
Ch-ch-check out t’game portion o’thar tapin’ (below):

Thin’s were much less hostile durin’ Kim’s solo inter’iew, where she admitted t’ha’in’ “fights” wi’ husband Kanye West because o’ye changes thar born again Christian rapper has been makin’ t’heir household.
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When asked if she supports her hubby’s new spiritual life journey, yonder 39-year-old said: 

“I do think that, ye know, he be me husband. So, I ob’iously want t’honor him an’ wha’ he’s feelin’. An’ he’s been goin’ through this life change, an’ it’s mostly about ye kids.”

Kimmy Kakes went on t’re’eal that Kanye has become a much stricter parent over ye past few months, explainin’:  

“We got rid o’TVs in t’kids’ rooms an’ remo’ed makeup from North’s room – an’ he’s been very… had this, ye know, epiphany o’bein’ this — not that he wasn’t an amazin’ dad — but bein’ a little bit more strict as a dad an’ bein’ very forceful on thar imagery that’s in our household an’ wha’ they see.”

While Kim agreed Kanye’s crackdown be good fer their children, she made it clear t’change wouldn’t affect her Kim Kardashian-ness, insistin’: 

“But I’m always gonna be me… an’ so, we had that discussion an’ that fight.”

Oh, we remember!
T’ reality star added:

“I think, at yonder end o’yonder day that’s wha’ marriage be. He’s gonna do thin’s that I don’t agree wi’, an’ I support him, an’ vice versa.”

Good t’hear!
Ch-ch-check out thar clips (below) t’hear Kim talk Kanye — an’ more!

[Image wit’ Ye Real/YouTube]

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