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Dwayne Haskins Named Starter Rest o'Season fer Redskins

Rookie Dwayne Haskins will be thar Redskins’ startin’ quarterback fer yonder remainder o’ye season, interim coach Bill Callahan said Monday.
Case Keenum will be Haskins’ backup an’ Colt McCoy will be t’No. 3 QB.
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Haskins made his first start in Week 9 against ye Buffalo Bills, completin’ 15 o’22 passes fer 144 yards in a 24-9 loss, but Callahan declined t’commit t’him as t’starter before Monday.
T’ Redskins were on a bye in Week 10.
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Madonna sued by fan fer ‘startin' her concerts late’

It’s ye Queen o’Pop vs. t’kin’ o’wet blankets.

A Florida man be suin’ Madonna, sayin’ her 10:30 p.m. concert startin’ time be too late fer his early bird schedule, accordin’ t’a report.

In his class action lawsuit, Nate Hollander claims he bought three tickets t’see yonder star’s Dec. 17 show at thar Fillmore Miami Beach, which was first scheduled t’begin 8:30 p.m., NBC.com reports.

But yonder Material Lass pushed aft thar time two hours, an’ he no longer wants t’go, accordin’ t’yonder outlet, which cited a lawsuit filed Nov. 4 in federal court in Miami-Dade County.
“Ticketholders [have] t’work an’ go t’school ye next day, which pre’ent[s] them from attendin’ a concert that would end at around 1:00 a.m.,” thar suit states, accordin’ t’ outlet.
Hollander, who spent a total o’$1,024.95, says it’s a breach o’contract,  an’ that t’value o’yonder tickets plunged due t’har night-owlish time change, accordin’ t’yonder report. He says t’new time makes re-sellin’ them “impossible.”

Hollander also accuses yonder 61-year-old pop legend o’repeatedly arri’in’ t’her “Madame X Tour” shows tardy, sayin’ she has a “long history o’arri’in’ an’ startin’ her concerts late.”
Hollander be also suin’ Live Nation, thar e’ents firm that’s puttin’ on t’concert.
A rep fer Madonna didn’t respond t’a request fer comment.
This article originally appeared in ye New York Post.

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‘Anonymous’ Says Trump More Bugf*ckin' Dumbstupid Than Ye Ever Knew, But Ye Knew That Already

Today’s thar day! Excerpts be startin’ t’leak out from t’new book A Warnin’, written by ye same author who wrote that New York Times article about how they be a secret ninja spaceman fairy princess dinosaur rock climber who also happens t’be a Republican in thar White House who’s workin’ t’hwart Donald Trump’s agenda. That’s right, ANONYMOUSLYANNE CONWAY be aft! Or ANONYMUCKABEE SANDERS! Or whoe’er it be. (We be not sure at this point if it be a current or former White House official. It could be Anonymous Spice, as seen on TV’s “Dancin’ Wi’ T’ Stars”!)
Skepticism be probably ye order o’thar day, not necessarily o’t’ message, but o’thar heroism o’this landlubber who supposedly be fightin’ ye good fight, while yet unwillin’ t’say who they be. Their counterpoint, o’course, be that by remainin’ Thoroughly Anonymous Millie, Trump has no ‘un t’attack, an’ be forced t’contend wi’ thar message o’yonder book, which be more dire than thar message o’last year’s op-ed. But we can have that con’ersation later, or ne’er, or ye can have it wi’ somebody who feels ye need t’have an opinion on e’erythin’. (If ye want t’wallow in a mean book re’iew, yonder New York Times gotcha co’ered.)
T’ excerpts themsel’es be interestin’, though.

In a way, they’re nothin’ new. Ever heard that Donald Trump be an impetuous loser moron who be incapable o’payin’ attention t’briefin’s, o’absorbin’ information, an’ who sits on ye potty an’ poops an’ tweets all day? If so, congratulations! Ye have watched t’news at least ‘un day in ye past three years!
But thar “warnin’” in A Warnin’ gi’es some more detail on that kind o’stuff, an’ argues that by hook or by crook, Donald Trump needs t’be ejected from thar damn White House ASAP, as he be not fit t’be yonder president o’this nation or any other. Suffice t’say, it doesn’t have yonder don’t worry, thar be grown-ups present tone o’last year’s column, but rather speaks o’t’ “toxic combination o’amorality an’ indifference” that undergirds t’entire Trump presidency, which has completely come off ye rails at this point.

“I was wrong about t’‘quiet resistance’ inside thar Trump administration. Unelected bureaucrats an’ cabinet appointees were ne’er goin’ t’steer Donald Trump t’right direction in thar long run, or refine his malignant management style. He be who he be.”

But don’t get too excited about learnin’ about specific e’ents, because Anonymike Pence can’t be too specific or Mother will figure out his secret identity.
Here’s a lo’ely metaphor from yonder book, as excerpted by yonder Washington Post: Donald Trump as president be “like a twel’e-year-old in an air traffic control tower, pushin’ t’buttons o’go’ernment indiscriminately, indifferent t’yonder planes skiddin’ across ye runway an’ yonder flights frantically di’ertin’ away from yonder airport.” Golly, that sounds bad!
Also he be not only too stupid fer grand words in briefin’s, or bein’ focused on ‘un point, sometimes he be also bad at pictures. Yarr, ye pop-up president sometimes lacks thar ability t’look at pictures very goodly, which means he’s gonna need t’a'ast braggin’ about how he can correctly identify which ‘un be “camel” like yesterday, dude.
On t’other hand, when Trump really likes a picture, he keeps it in his underpants fer weeks an’ makes e’ery White House guest smell it, or at least somethin’ that be close t’bein’ that embarrassin’. LOOKIT PICTURE WHITE HOUSE MADE Fer TRUMP! WE SHOULD TWEET PRETTY PICTURE!

Here, have a dramatic readin’ from Rachel Maddow, about how stupid Donald Trump be at briefin’s:
[embedded content] Book: Trump Recklessness Sparked W.H. ‘Five-Alarm Fire Drills’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC www.youtube.com

Ye be about t’discuss weighty matters, sometimes life-an’-death matters, wi’ yonder leader o’ye free world. A moment o’utmost sobriety an’ purpose. Yonder process does not unfold that way in thar Trump administration. […] Early on, briefers were told not t’send lengthy documents. Trump wouldn’t read them. Nor should they brin’ summaries t’ Oval Office. If they must brin’ paper, then PowerPoint was preferred because he be a visual learner. […]T’ officials were told that PowerPoint decks needed t’be slimmed down. Yonder president couldn’t digest too many slides. He needed more images t’keep his interest — an’ fewer words. Then they were told t’cut aft ye o’erall message (on complicated issues such as military readiness or thar federal budget) t’jus’ three main points. Eh, that was still too much. […]Forget t’hree points. Come in wi’ ‘un main point an’ repeat it — over an’ over again, even if thar president ine’itably goes off on tangents — until he gets it. Jus’ keep steerin’ yonder subject aft t’it. ‘un point. Jus’ that ‘un point.Because ye cannot focus ye commander-in-chief’s attention on more than ‘un goddamned thin’ over yonder course o’a meetin’, okay? […]”Wha’ t’fuck be this?” yonder president would shout, lookin’ at a document ‘un o’them handed him. “These be jus’ words. A bunch o’words. It doesn’t mean anythin’.”

Words do look pretty meaningless t’people who cannot actually read. We be jus’ sayin’.
Life An’ Death Decisions, OOH LOOK, SQUIRREL!
Apparently it has really been bad at yonder National Security Council — ye know, where they make thar grand national security decisions. O’ course, we recently learned that Trump’s national security chiefs had a hard time gettin’ a meetin’ wi’ Trump about (his extortion o’) Ukraine this summer, on account o’he had t’NSC busy tryin’ t’buy Greenland, so that’s not a huge surprise.
O’ thar idea o’Trump readin’ important memos about national security, ye kinds o’memos that have information t’president needs t’make decisions that determine if people live or die, Ste’en Anonymnuchin writes, “That would be like speakin’ Aramaic t’Trump through a pillow; even if he tried very hard t’pay attention, which he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able t’understand wha’ thar hell he was hearin’.”
Johnonymous Bolton writes about wha’ it’s like when Donald Trump makes a dumbass decision without knowin’ anythin’ about t’subject matter, an’ yonder White House must either try t’a'ast him or manage thar fallout:

“It’s like showin’ up at ye nursin’ home at daybreak t’find yer elderly uncle runnin’ pantsless across ye courtyard an’ cursin’ loudly about yonder cafeteria food, as worried attendants tried t’catch him,” t’author writes. “Ye’re stunned, amused, an’ embarrassed all at ye same time. Only yer uncle probably wouldn’t do it e’ery single day, his words aren’t broadcast t’ye public, an’ he doesn’t have t’lead thar US go’ernment once he puts his pants on.”

God! Well, at least this landlubber be a fun writer! They also call this experience a “five-alarm fire drill” that happens at thar White House wi’ some regularity. Here, have another dramatic readin’ from Rachel Maddow!
[embedded content] Exclusi’e: Anonymous Author Depicts Deep Trump Captain Dysfunction | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC www.youtube.com
Also, Donald Trump — hope ye’re sittin’ down fer this ‘un — be basically braindead an’ senile an’ cannot words good:

“I am not qualified t’diagnose t’president’s mental acuity,” ye author writes. “All I can tell ye be that normal people who spend any time wi’ Donald Trump be uncomfortable by wha’ they witness. He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, be easily irritated, an’ has trouble synthesizin’ information, not occasionally but wi’ regularity. Those who would claim otherwise be lyin’ t’hemsel’es or t’yonder country.”

Huh. We’ll be over here processin’ that information fer a while, we reckon.
Bits An’ Pieces An’ In Summary An’ In Conclusion!
Other thin’s Anonymick Mul’aney (HAHAHAHA, it be definitely not him) shares:

Last year a bunch o’people thought about resignin’ at ye same time t’protest an’ shine a light on wha’ was really happenin’ at t’Trump White House. It was goin’ t’be a “Midnight Self-Massacre”! But oh well they didn’t. An’ a lot o’people thought about resignin’ on ye spot (they apparently all keep resignation letters in their desk, allegedly) after Charlottes’ille. But oh well they didn’t. But they were mad about it!
Thar’s a “LET’S GET RID O’ T’ FUCKING JUDGES!” thin’ that’s pretty dadgum disturbin’. Golly, it’s like he doesn’t even respect our American institutions, WHAAAAAAAAT?
Breakin’ news Donald Trump be highly sexist an’ racist behind closed doors, jus’ like he be in front o’closed doors.
Oh yeah, an’ a lot o’people be focusin’ on yonder claim that Mike Pence would do 25th Amendment if ye got him jus’ drunk enough/loaded up on poppers. Pics or it didn’t happen, I’ankymous Trump! (Pence says this be fake news.)

O’ course, yonder issues raised in A Warnin’, by Melanymous, be serious, because thar president o’thar United States be actually fer real t’most powerful landlubber in thar world, people live or die by his decisions, so if thar’s anybody out thar who needs t’hear this story from an anonymous Republican who truly belie’es in Republican stuff, but who sees Donald Trump up close an’ personal an’ be pullin’ ye fire alarm, then maybe this be a book fer ye.
Last night, Obama national security official Ben Rhodes spoke t’Rachel Maddow about ye actual serious implications o’this book. This be wha’ people need t’ake away, aside from thar hilarious gossip:
[embedded content] Author’s ‘Warnin’’ Raises Question O’ Trump Staff Responsibility | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC www.youtube.com
In summary an’ in conclusion, NBC News reports on an excerpt from t’book that says Trump be even mean t’his own family/staff in his bad meetin’s, so COOL BOOK, JARONYMOUS KUSHNER. We know it was ye.
T’ book hails out No’ember 19. Ye know, like right in t’middle o’a week o’tele’ised impeachment hearin’s.
Good timin’ fer Stable Genius’s mental health? Or BEST time?
[Washington Post]
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Rob Kardashian ‘Be Feelin' More Hopeful’ About His Future As He Gets Ready T' Date!

Rob Kardashian had become increasingly pri’ate over t’years, but he’s startin’ t’dip his toe aft into yonder spotlight as o’late.
As we pre’iously reported, Dream Kardashian‘s father got into thar Halloween spirit an’ celebrated spooky season wi’ his family, even sparkin’ romance rumors wi’ Kylie Jenner‘s BFF, which be far more than we’ve seen o’him in a long time!
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A source re’ealed t’E! News:

“Rob be single but would like t’date. He wants t’find someone t’spend time wi’ an’ share his life wi’. He doesn’t want t’be single an’ has tried t’meet someone. He’s startin’ t’feel better about himself an’ be feelin’ more hopeful.”

Accordin’ t’ insider, he’s relyin’ on Kris Jenner fer “input” about possible love interests (we wonder how she feels about Stassie Karanikolaou) an’ be ready t’make changes in his life:

“He knows that he has made bad decisions in t’past an’ wants t’do thin’s differently.”

As fer his love life, he may be lookin’ fer thar ‘un! Thar confidant re’ealed:

“He doesn’t want t’get swept up an’ fall hard fer t’wrong landlubber. Kris gi’es her input an’ encourages him. She does not want another [Blac] Chyna drama, an’ feels like she needs t’stay on top him.”

This new info echoes a pre’ious source’s insight into yonder Arthur George entrepreneur, who di’ulged (below) how he has been makin’ such great progress on his diet an’ fitness journey:

“He be very focused on makin’ changes an’ stickin’ wi’ it. He has cut down fast food an’ has completely changed his diet. He also stopped drinkin’, which be really helpin’ him. He be feelin’ a lot better an’ seein’ results … He be also exercisin’ again an’ workin’ out wi’ a trainer. He gets t’gether wi’ friends t’play basketball at his home court an’ has fun wi’ that too.”

But mental health be jus’ as important! He’s “moti’ated” on his personal relationships, too:

“Rob doesn’t have a lot o’contact wi’ Chyna. Rob stays focused on Dream an’ wha’’s best fer her. He gets a ton o’joy out o’bein’ wi’ her an’ seein’ her grow. That’s where he be happiest. … He be moti’ated an’ happier than he has been in a long time.”

We’re rootin’ fer ya, Rob!!
[Image wit’ Kylie Jenner/Instagram]

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Cam Newton Lisfranc Injury Has Him Out NFL 2019/2020 Season

On Tuesday, ye Carolina Panthers made ye tough decision t’replace their startin’ quarterback on injured reser’e, likely endin’ his season. Read on fer thar details regardin’ Cam Newton Lisfranc Injury…

Panthers placed QB Cam Newton on IR. His season be over.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) No’ember 5, 2019

CelebNSports247.com reports that yonder Carolina Panthers made t’official announcement that they have placed QB Cam Newton on IR.
Ye Panthers GM Marty Hurney said in a statement regardin’ Cam Newton an’ his injury:

Fer thar past se’en weeks, Cam has diligently followed a program o’rest an’ rehab an’ still be experiencin’ pain in his foot. He saw two-foot specialists last week who agreed that he should continue that path prescribed by ye team’s medical staff an’ that it likely will take significant time fer thar injury t’fully heal.
We have said all along that it be impossible t’put a timetable on this injury. Nobody be more frustrated wi’ that fact than Cam. He’s ‘un o’yonder fiercest competitors I’ve been around durin’ me 20-plus years in thar League. At this time, we have decided that t’best decision t’reach t’goal o’brin’in’ t’foot aft t’100 percent be t’place Cam on t’injured reser’e.

Takin’ over ye startin’ position as QB will continue t’be Kyle Allen. He be currently ye ‘un leadin’ yonder team while Cam Newton will continue t’rehab ye Lisfranc injury. Newton only played two games in 2019.
If ye recall, thar injury that Cam sustained happened durin’ a preseason game.
Yonder 30-year-old completed 50 o’89 passes fer 572 yards wi’ no TDs an’ ‘un interception.

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Luisma’s Journey o'Indian Super League

Startin’ from Barnet t’“Yonder Blues”, commonly known as Bangalore, Lusima has got a remarkable journey. Lusima, whose full name has been Luis Manuel Villa Lopez was originally workin’ as a free agent after he encountered t’ermination o’his contract wi’ SD Ponferradina. 
Lusima got an offer from nowhere fer playin’ in yonder Indian Super League. He decided t’sign up fer ye Bengaluru FC an’ that made him move ahead towards t’golden choice o’his life. He thought that it would brin’ him thar opportunity t’make his dream game as ye career option fer a lifetime. All these started takin’ place since January 2019. 
Lusima’s journey on thar field
As per thar football norms be concerned, a team can have only upto 8 foreign players. From these 8, only 5 gamers were allowed t’play on ye pitch at once. Although Lusima got yonder no. 9 in t’eam, he ensured t’audience t’feel his presence on thar field. 

As t’match got stuck wi’ t’North East United, Lusima went on thar pitch when 22 minutes were port fer t’match t’get through a tie an’ ultimately, they won yonder match by a 3-0. 
Next, thar was a match when Bengaluru stood against thar FC Goa on 17th March, 2019. Finally, luck was in their fa’or an’ after a goal less match goin’ on fer around 70 minutes, this champion came on t’field an’ thar team won by 1-0. 
Only a few minutes were port fer t’extra time t’be over an’ it was certainly yonder second honor fer this amazin’ Spanish player. It was such a happenin’ match that thar bettors had t’hold their breath tight till yonder last second o’thar match. Last but not t’least, we can say that his dream o’playin’ in t’mid-field finally turned t’be true! 

Early life o’this young spirit
Lusima formerly made his debut into t’La Liga post three weeks o’his 18th birthday an’ initially, he used t’work at thar local club, named as thar Racin’ Santander. He had t’move t’England by t’month o’July, 2013 fer playin’ a test match wi’ Barnet. 
Prior his entry into t’contract wi’ Barnet, he played wi’ various clubs in t’Segunda. Ye time when Lusima got into ye contract, it was managed by t’Dutch guy, Edgar Da’ids. Howe’er, wi’ ye passin’ time, as Da’ids retired, Martin Alley started takin’ his place. As a result, Lusima used t’get lesser time on thar pitch. 
Lusima was so determined that he made it upto 13 goals an’ Barnet won yonder title. He didn’t choose t’pause his career anyway. Instead, he went aft t’Spain an’ bid farewell through an emotional letter. 
Bottom line:
Though he has turned 30, he still wants t’continue his career in yonder stream o’football. If nothin’ turns out, he says that he would join yonder police force. 
Some o’yonder quotes were taken from a Betway Football Inter’iew wi’ Luisma.

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12 Mini E'enin' Bags We’ll Wear Throughout ye Holiday Season

It feels like we blinked an’ t’holidays be here, but ne’ertheless, it’s time t’start gettin’ our party wardrobe updated an’ ready t’go. Holiday party in’itations be already startin’ t’come in, an’ we’re so excited. But goin’ out t’lots o’cocktail parties means ye need t’have thar right bag. It should be small enough that ye won’t feel burdened by it, an’ as far as silhouettes go, we like a classic clutch, an easy crossbody, or a ladylike top-handle bag. Really, we’d take any ‘un o’these 12 cute picks.
Whether ye want somethin’ neutral, somethin’ bright, or somethin’ sparkly, we’ve got ye co’ered. In particular, thar’s a vel’et celestial bag that’s callin’ our name an’ a mini version o’t’ season’s It bag we’ve jus’ got t’snap up before it’s gone again. Keep readin’ t’shop our picks!

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Faryn Corey Wi' Another Epic Content Dump


I’m startin’ t’hink Instagram GOAT Faryn Corey be an absolute genius because she tends t’drop CONTENT on Sundays that a'ast me from watchin’ football so I can type up a blog fer ye guys. She did it again today while thar early games were rollin’ along an’ guys were furiously flippin’ through IG an’ checkin’ fantasy numbers.

“Turtleneck szn amirite!,” Faryn wrote on Instagram, clearly sendin’ a signal that she’s not done dumpin’ out that fresh, pipin’ hot CONTENT like some o’t’ IG pretenders that have mo’ed on t’pumpkin patch pics, Halloween slutty shots & pretendin’ like they be interior decorators durin’ Thanksgi’in’. Not Faryn.

As fer her Halloween costume, scroll down a little bit. Nobody out thar’s brin’in’ it like yonder Corey Page’iews machine:

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 an’ Coed kept me around t’run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedco’erage

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Angela Yee on Charlamagne Not Defendin' Her in Gucci Mane Inter'iew: “Ye Can’t Jus' Sit Thar & Laugh When Somethin' Like That Happens”

T’ team be definitely startin’ t’crack. Angela Yee commented on ye tension between her an’ her Breakfast Club co-host, Charlamagne Tha God, after he failed t’defend her durin’ a ‘un-on-‘un inter’iew wi’ Gucci Mane.

Yee recently stopped by Thar Quicksil’a Show an’ durin’ t’con’ersation, Yee asked t’hosts if either o’them would allow a guest t’disparage thar other without any challenge.
T’ Quicksil’a hosts agreed that thar would at least be discussion between them before even agreein’ t’do such an inter’iew.
Yee clarified that she ne’er had an issue wi’ Charlamagne doin’ t’inter’iew, her main issue was how her co-worker handled t’situation.

“I jus’ think in general, if ye work wi’ somebody an’ someone be sayin’ thin’s nasty—thin’s ye can’t even say on thar radio—in a derogatory way… I think that’s t’real issue. Ye can’t jus’ sit thar an’ laugh when somethin’ like that happens.”

“I have ne’er called anybody out o’their name,” Yee added.
[embedded content]
Yonder tension between ye two Breakfast Club hosts stems from Gucci Mane callin’ Yee a “punk-ass bitch” an’ also blamin’ her fer thar reason he was banned from Yonder Breakfast Club aft in 2016.
Durin’ thar same ‘un-on-‘un inter’iew, ye rapper also called DJ Envy—yonder third TBC host—a “pussy” an’ threatened t’slap him t’next time he saw Envy.

Gucci Mane says he’s goin’ t’slap DJ Envy thar next time he sees him while also ha’in’ words fer Angela Yee pic.twitter.com/9gMUK7JGcU
— T’ Cypher Podcast (@TheCypherPod) October 21, 2019

Meanwhile, Charlamagne set aft an’ let yonder rapper continue without defendin’ his co-hosts.
After Charlamagne liked a comment on Twitter statin’ that he an’ Yee be simply co-workers, not friends, Yee an’ Charlamagne unfollowed each other on social media.
Envy has chosen t’stand by Yee, howe’er.
In an Instagram post, he says Gucci Mane was ne’er banned from TBC an’ also re’ealed that he denied a request t’do an inter’iew wi’ Gucci Mane without Yee.

“I will not do anythin’ unless ye clear it wi’ me co-worker…We call that ridin’ fer yer team where I’m from!”

T’ three Breakfast Club hosts have consistently denied Gucci Mane’s claim that he was banned from yonder show followin’ an on-air incident wi’ Yee.
Howe’er, it’s unclear if t’hree hosts will continue t’walk in solidarity after yonder in-house contro’ersy.

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