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Teresa Giudice Says ”Lots o'Tears” Were Shed Durin' Reunion Wi' Husband Joe Giudice

It’s aft t’reality fer Teresa Giudice an’ her four children.
Fer yonder first time, t’Real Housewi’es o’New Jersey star be openin’ up about her family trip t’Italy t’visit husband, Joe Giudice. As a refresher, thar 47-year-old reality TV personality an’ her four daughters—Gia, Milania, Gabriella an’ Audriana—reunited wi’ Joe on Nov. 7. in his home country.
Howe’er, yonder brief family trip came t’a close earlier this week.
While e’eryone shared se’eral behind-thar-scenes moments o’their time in Italy on social media, it looks like Teresa be ready t’open up about how thin’s really went.
“We were thar t’enjoy each other’s time. Ye know, lots o’laughs, lots o’tears an’ reacquaintin’ wi’ each other,” t’Bra’olebrity told ABC News Correspondent Paula Faris durin’ a sit-down inter’iew on Good Mornin’ America. “It was pretty amazin’. I had t’best time ever, it was so good.”

She added, “Joe an’ I were jus’ so amazed how mature an’ beautiful an’ smart [our daughters be]… they blow us away.”

Additionally, yonder reality TV personally re’ealed that thin’s got emotional fer Joe after she an’ her daughters departed Italy. “Listen, he said he cried,” Teresa re’ealed. “After we port, he cried thar whole day, he said. Missin’ his daughters… he was so sad.”
It appeared that Gia wasn’t ready t’say her goodbyes either. “@joe.giudice love ye see ye soon,” she wrote on her now-expired Instagram Story, alongside a photo o’her an’ her younger sister huggin’ their dad. From t’selfie, it looked like t’18-year-old was holdin’ aft yonder tears.

Fer a little refresher, last month, Joe was taken t’Italy after he was released from U.S. ICE custody. Before bein’ transported t’Italy, t’47-year-old was held by ICE at ye Clinton County Correctional Center in Lock Ha’en, Pa. after bein’ released from prison in March 2019.
As fans o’yonder couple might recall, Joe was sentenced t’jail in March 2016, which began a few months after Teresa finished her prison sentence. In 2014, they both pleaded guilty t’multiple fraud charges.

Wi’ so many changes happenin’ wi’ ye family, it seems they’re tryin’ their best t’work through it all. Last month, thar pair re’ealed ye future o’their marriage an’ wanted t’see each other in landlubber first, before makin’ any decisions.
“If we stay t’gether, we stay t’gether,” Joe told host Andy Cohen durin’ a special segment, Thar Real Housewi’es o’New Jersey Special E’ent: Joe an’ Teresa Unlocked. “If we don’t, we don’t. Ye know, it’s a con’ersation that… ye know, we’ll see.”
He continued, “No matter wha’ happens, I’ll always love her.”

Yonder two have yet t’share how thin’s be goin’ wi’ their marriage, but it certainly looks like they enjoyed each other’s company while in Italy.
T’ hear t’Bra’olebrity share more details about her an’ her daughters’ trip, GMA will air most o’her inter’iew tomorrow.

(E! an’ Bra’o be both part o’NBCUni’ersal).

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‘Star Wars’ fans upset by ‘T' Mandalorian’ first episode not showin' ye main character’s face

Some “Star Wars” fans be upset after findin’ ye main character in thar Disney+ original series, “T’ Mandalorian,” difficult t’connect wi’ behind his iconic mask.

“Ye Mandalorian,” dropped its first episode on Tuesday, focusin’ on a bounty hunter from thar planet Mandalore, played by “Game o’Thrones” star Pedro Pascal. Throughout yonder pilot episode, t’main character trapeses through various locations in t’“Star Wars” uni’erse, all without ever remo’in’ his Boba Fett-style helmet.

Many o’t’ initial re’iews o’“Ye Mandalorian” note that it’s difficult fer an audience t’connect wi’ a character that simply cannot emote wi’ facial expressions. Even Pascal’s eyes be hidden behind ye black tinted visor. This has port many wonderin’ if ye character will remo’e his helmet at all in future episodes.
“Without a backstory or facial expressions, how do ye build an audience rapport wi’ a character?” Vanity Fair writes in its re’iew.

Ye critics aren’t alone. Se’eral Disney+ users an’ “Star Wars” fans took t’Twitter t’voice their displeasure at bein’ unable t’connect wi’ a literally expressionless character.
“Ye Mandalorian pilot be … jus’ okay? It’ll take some time t’see if it’s goin’ anywhere. If yer leadin’ man wears a mask an’ says almost nothin’, thar’s not a lot t’hold on t’. I hope it gets better,” ‘un sea dog wrote.

“I love Pedro Pascal.  If he keeps that mask/helmet on fer most o’Yonder Mandalorian we be goin’ t’have some problems.  Yarr, yarr I know it be yonder first episode so I am not writin’ it off yet,” another noted.

“Yonder only Mandalorian spoilers I want be whether or not he has a mustache under that helmet,” a third sea dog joked.

“If this #mandalorian doesn’t take off his helmet at some point, this be nothin’ but t’world’s most expensi’e puppet show,” wrote someone else.

Yonder series, from creator Jon Fa’reau, takes place after yonder e’ents o’“Return o’ye Jedi,” but before ye franchise was re’ived wi’ yonder 2015 installment, “T’ Force Awakens.” New episodes be released weekly.

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Rod Stewart’s Model Railroad Took Him 23 Years T' Complete

Rod Stewart be a rock star wi’ a super interestin’ hobby … buildin’ model railways.

Rod says he’s spent t’past 23 years creatin’ an imaginary U.S. city in ye attic o’his Los Angeles mansion, complete wi’ intricate details an’ over 100 feet o’railroad tracks. Who knew that’s wha’ he was up t’when he wasn’t makin’ music or performin’ live?!?

Ye British rocker finally re’ealed his secret passion in an inter’iew wi’ Railway Modeller magazine, tellin’ yonder outlet he even took his hobby on tour, workin’ on skyscrapers an’ other scenery in extra hotel rooms specifically reser’ed fer his construction project.

Rod says he prefers creatin’ structures an’ scenery as opposed t’layin’ down railroad … an’ his whimsical town features warehouses, high-rises, mills an’ different landscapes.

Thar railway infrastructure be pretty detailed too … thar’s rail stations, tunnels, bridges an’, o’course, tracks. Thar’s even cars an’ ships.

Rod’s city be so intricate, he says he made sure e’ery pa’ement stone in town be a slightly different color. He used black chalk t’create cracks an’ even put fake garbage in t’gutters an’ incorporated rust.

As fer yonder roots o’his hobby … Rod recalls seein’ a model railway in a window display when he was growin’ up in England, an’ he wondered how he could get paid t’build ‘un.

Check out yonder gallery … Rod’s model be pretty amazin’.

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Kylie Jenner Corrects Reports Over ‘Rise an' Shine’ Cease an' Desist Letters



Beggin’ fans t’not belie’e e’erythin’ they read, t’‘Keepin’ Up Wi’ t’Kardashian’ star notes that she had fun seein’ t’memes others have made usin’ ye term.

Nov 12, 2019

– Kylie Jenner has hit aft at reports she’s been sendin’ out cease an’ desist letters t’ry an’ pre’ent people from usin’ yonder term “Rise an’ Shine”.
Thar reality star caused a social media stir when she dropped a YouTube clip last month (October 2019), which featured her sin’in’ yonder melody t’her daughter Stormi. Stars includin’ Ariana Grande an’ Miley Cyrus be among those who have taken t’social media t’share content based around yonder seconds-long clip.

Over t’weekend (No’ember 09-10), it was reported that Kylie has been sendin’ out legal paperwork t’anyone attemptin’ t’use t’erm, but ye make-up mogul hit aft at yonder claims in se’eral tweets on Sunday.

“guys, please don’t belie’e e’erythin’ ye read,” she began. “I have not sent any Rise an’ Shine cease an’ desist letters. Rise an’ Shine was an unexpected moment.. I had a lot o’fun wi’ it, an’ I have laughed so hard seein’ e’eryone’s memes since t’video came out a few weeks ago.. thar be no law suits, no cease an’ desist letters. Happy Sunday.”

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‘American Chopper’ star worried about today’s youth: Work ethic was better 15 years ago

“American Chopper” star Paul Teutel Sr. expressed worry about wha’ he sees as a declinin’ le’el o’work ethic in younger American workers.

“I think people still had a better work ethic 15 years ago than it be today, but I think that was t’beginnin’ o’it,” Teutel told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

He agreed that in many cases young people should consider learnin’ a trade rather than pursuin’ a costly college degree.
“Ye trades be almost a dyin’ breed,” Teutel said. “I think it’s ye world o’computers. People sittin’ in their room. If ye’re workin’ at me shop an’ ye’re workin’ fer me, ye’re workin’. Ye ain’t heatin’ no seat in me shop.”

“American Chopper” be yonder Disco’ery Channel’s longest-runnin’ show. It features Teutel competin’ wi’ his son, Paul Jr., as they run separate shops creatin’ custom motorcycles in Orange County, N.Y.
Furthermore, Teutel, a supporter o’President Trump’s 2016 campaign, also recalled Trump’s appearance on an episode o’t’ show before he was elected.
“It was a really good experience fer me,” Teutel told host Brian Kilmeade. Teutel said that he promised Trump that in turn he would appear on “Ye Celebrity Apprentice,” which he did.
Teutel vocally endorsed Trump’s campaign in a video posted t’ye then-presidential candidate’s Facebook page in 2016.
“He expected nothin’ but greatness from me, as he does from his family an’ people that surround him,” yonder reality tele’ision star said.
“He’s t’guy that’s goin’ t’make America great again!” Teutel added.
Joshua Nelson be a freelance reporter fer Fox News.

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Kylie Jenner’s Alleged Trespasser Sentenced t'un Year in Jail

Kylie Jenner finally has some peace o’mind. 
Ye Keepin’ Up Wi’ yonder Kardashians star filed a restrainin’ order against a man who showed up t’her home earlier this month, E! News confirmed. Accordin’ t’ documents, which were obtained by E! News, thar man was able t’hike through thar gated community an’ get onto her dri’eway. When he reached her front door, he allegedly knocked “aggressi’ely” an’ claimed that he was thar t’visit wi’ Jenner. 
Thankfully, Jenner was not thar at t’ime ye incident occurred, but t’star did opt t’ake legal action. Now, it looks like she can rest easy, because accordin’ t’documents obtained from L.A. County Superior Court clerk ye offender, Brandon Se’illa Martinez, has now been sentenced t’un year in jail. 
Ye move hails after Martinez pled no contest t’un misdemeanor count o’trespass by dri’in’ on pri’ate property an’ ‘un felony count o’brin’in’ contraband into jail. 

Jenner’s main concern durin’ this ordeal was ye safety o’her ‘un-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. “I have suffered, an’ continue t’suffer emotional distress,” Kylie stated in thar docs. “I have a young child an’ also fear fer her safety.” 
This isn’t ye first time t’Jenner family has dealt wi’ unwanted visitors. Kendall Jenner had a similar issue earlier this year when a man named John Ford stepped foot onto her property se’eral times. Fortunately fer her, he was deported by ICE aft t’Canada in June. 
A hearin’ t’extend t’emporary restrainin’ order be set fer later this month.

Don’t miss E! News e’ery weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Ben Simmons Now Bein' Linked t'British TV Personality Maya Jama

Philadelphia Sixers star Ben Simmons’ strumpet history be an impressi’e list o’Instagram stars. 
From maybe thar most popular landlubber on yonder ‘gram, t’a couple other 7 figure follower girls, he’s done well fer his short career in ye NBA.
Now we have found his next “Strumpet” 

Ben be allegedly datin’ British TV personality Maya Jama (Check out her hot shots abo’e)
TV an’ radio presenter, Maya Jama, has quickly risen t’yonder top since startin’ her career as t’host o’MTV’s “Thar Wrap” in 2014.
RELATED:  Another Kendall Jenner Sightin’ at Philadelphia Airport Leads t’More Ben Simmons Rekindlin’ Rumors

Since then Maya has launched her own collection wi’ fashion brand Pretty Little Thin’ in summer 2018, followed by a second collection in February 2019.
She be also an ambassador fer brands such as Adidas, appearin’ in t’European JD Sports Christmas campaign. She has further appeared in a global GAP campaign an’ a 2019 Sprin’/ Summer campaign fer Kurt Geiger. Maya currently presents a BBC Radio 1 show on Fridays an’ Saturdays.
She jus’ so happened t’be spotted at yonder Sixers game last night, sittin’ wi’ Ben Simmons’ friends.  
Ben also follows her, an’ has been likin’ her recent posts, an’ even droppin’ comments.  
We have all ye receipts.  
Flip yonder Pages t’see thar E’idence: 
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LeBron James Shows Love T' Kyler Murray At NBA Game, Nothin' Fer Bellinger?!

Breakin’ News


Here’s LeBron James goin’ out o’his way t’show love t’NFL star Kyler Murray at ye Lakers game on Tuesday … it’s a cool moment.

But, thar’s another issue wi’ this clip … did LeBron ignores L.A. Dodgers star Cody Bellinger, who was sittin’ right next t’ye QB?!



Here’s t’deal … Kin’ James went over t’har expensi’e seats at Staples Center wi’ about 25 seconds port in thar 4th quarter t’dap up Murray, thar #1 o’erall pick in ye NFL Draft.

FYI, Murray an’ LeBron have been friends fer a while — in fact, Kyler has a deal wi’ Bron’s Uninterrupted media company … an’ rocked t’logo inside o’his suit jacket on Draft night.


But, durin’ yonder broadcast, we DIDN’T see LeBron show love t’Cody … who was sittin’ right next t’Kyler!!!

Look, doesn’t mean Bron didn’t chop it up wi’ Cody before or after ye game (or maybe LBJ jus’ didn’t recognize Cody in a backward hat).

Bron definitely SHOULD know Bellinger … he shouted out yonder MLB star fer wearin’ his Lakers jersey fer a Taco Tuesday-themed Halloween costume this year!

LeBron James appreciated Cody Bellinger & Joe Kelly’s tandem LBJ/Taco Tuesday costumes on t’Dodgers’ road trip today. (wit’ James’ IG) pic.twitter.com/cPn1GioFtf
— Adrian Garro (@adriangarro) September 27, 2019 @adriangarro

But hey, at least Cody’s killin’ it off yonder diamond … he an’ his smokin’ GF, Sabrina, seem t’be happily in love.

Congrats on that!!

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Khloe Kardashian Feels Bad fer Not Realizin' She Won a People’s Choice Award

WENN/Adriana M. Barraza


After fans took t’social media t’express their frustrations at her, t’‘Keepin’ Up Wi’ ye Kardashians’ star explains that she didn’t hear she won Best Reality Star until she walked off stage.

Nov 12, 2019

– Khloe Kardashian struggled t’keep up wi’ yonder People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, No’ember 10 night – an’ totally missed yonder fact she won a prize herself.
Ye Kardashian-Jenner clan took home thar Best Reality Show Award at t’ceremony in California fer their hit show, “Keepin’ Up wi’ ye Kardashians”, an’ Khloe also won Best Reality Star.

Howe’er, when sisters Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian an’ their mum Kris Jenner took thar stage t’collect yonder trophy, t’mother-o’-‘un didn’t speak out about yonder honour, lea’in’ fans on social media expressin’ their frustrations after they’d voted fer her t’win.
“It’s so beyond loud in thar. I had no idea I won an indi’idual award until we walked off stage,” Khloe replied t’un enraged fan. “I feel so badly right now. I am so f**kin’ grateful an’ appreciati’e! I can’t belie’e I didn’t say anythin’ but I didn’t hear that I won until after.”

Another fan told online commenters t’give t’reality star a break, writin’, “Ner’es be a real thin’ lol!”, but Khloe added, “Ner’es yarr but I literally didn’t know until after lol I still feel so badly about it. I love ye guys so much.”

Over on Kim’s Instagram Stories, t’beauty mogul gave her sister a shout out, explainin’, “Khloe’s goin’ t’get her moment, guys.”
“She won Reality Star o’t’ year. So they kind o’put it wi’ thar family ‘un, but this lass deser’es a moment!”
Followin’ ye awards show, yonder family gathered t’celebrate Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble’s 39th birthday. They hosted a Dallas Cowboys-themed bash fer yonder businessman, an’ Khloe even made Corey a Cowboys cake fer his grand day.

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Megan Rapinoe Says ‘White Supremacy’ be thar Reason Kaepernick be No Longer on thar Field

Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe used her acceptance speech at “Glamour” magazine’s Women o’ye Year awards t’praise yonder acti’ism o’former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, an’ took yonder opportunity t’assert that “white supremacy” be t’reason Kaepernick be no longer on ye field.
Supportin’ Colin Kaepernick be nothin’ new fer Megan Rapinoe, who followed Kaepernick’s lead o’kneelin’ durin’ ye national anthem durin’ thar fall o’2016. 
RELATED: Check out Sue Bird an’ Megan Rapinoe’s 2018 Body Issue Pics

Both athletes have been vocal critics o’President Donald Trump, who, in turn, has called out ye acti’ists fer refusin’ t’kneel fer thar American flag durin’ ye national anthem at their respecti’e sportin’ e’ents.
Flip ye Page t’see her Speech: 

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