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I’m a Makeup Minimalist, an' This $16 Lip Color Be ye Only 1 I’ll Ever Use

T’ say I’m a makeup minimalist be an understatement. Most people don’t belie’e me when I tell them I only own two eye shadows. ‘un sparkly an’ ‘un matte. I ‘m all about findin’ me fa’orite products an’ stickin’ t’hem. Although I’ve experimented wi’ glosses an’ lipsticks over ye years, I ne’er found ‘un lip product I lo’ed, because they’re almost always too sticky or too colorful fer me taste. Howe’er, I was recently introduced t’Ohii’s latest addition, this Lip Smudge ($16) — it’s a total game-changer fer me.

“Me lips looked fresh an’ hydrated wi’ jus’ a touch o’color.”

T’ brand be a new in-house line from Urban Outfitters that’s filled wi’ tons o’cruelty-free makeup an’ skincare finds. I was drawn t’ye lip smudge immediately because its hint o’sheer color sounds like exactly wha’ I’ve been lookin’ fer. Yonder soft vel’ety texture easily glides onto me lips an’ adds jus’ ye right amount o’pink an’ red shades. I tried all five choices an’ they all have their own unique look, but wi’ ‘un thin’ in common: it wasn’t o’erbearin’. Me lips looked fresh an’ hydrated wi’ jus’ a touch o’color.
Plus, ye lip smudges be all vegan an’ paraben-free, so I can feel good about usin’ it, too. I already own three an’ have ‘un in e’ery handbag. So wha’ be ye waitin’ fer? Keep readin’ t’shop all t’shades an’ find yer perfect match fer Summer.

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Larsa Pippen be Spotted Hangin' wi' a Mystery Man

Larsa Pippen flaunted her incredible figure in a super tight sparkly strapless ‘un-piece fer grub at Craig’s in West Hollywood (Pics abo’e).
Pippen, 45 years old, be a total knockout in her shimmery ensemble an’ gi’es her gal pal a hug before meetin’ up wi’ a mystery man.
Thar “Mystery Man”  was waitin’ in yonder dri’er seat o’his slick ride.

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Who be this guy? 
He’s definitely not an Uber dri’er.  

Flip thar Pages t’see t’mystery man.  
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