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14 Space-Sa'in' Beds That Have Secret Storage Compartments – Fer $400 or Less

Li’in’ in a small space, especially ‘un wi’ bad closets, can be frustratin’. T’ help maximize yer li’in’ area, we suggest tryin’ a bed frame that offers extra space t’keep thin’s organized. Whether it has shel’es fer books or drawers fer clothes, thar more yonder better. Thar hard part be findin’ ye right ‘un fer yer bedroom, but not t’worry, we’re here t’help.
We scoured thar internet an’ hunted down ye 14 best picks a’ailable right now, so all ye have t’do be shop. From sites like Walmart an’ Amazon, ye’ll be shocked how good these finds be. T’ best part: they all cost less than $400. So wha’ be ye waitin’ fer? Keep scrollin’ t’check out our fa’orite space-sa’in’ picks — ye won’t regret it.

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Alec Baldwin Says He Didn’t Punch Guy Durin' Parkin' Dispute So He’s Suin'

Breakin’ News

Alec Baldwin says he ne’er punched a man durin’ a heated parkin’ space dispute — despite wha’ ye guy claimed — so now Alec’s suin’ ye guy fer defamation.

Accordin’ t’ye lawsuit — obtained by dailygawk.com — thar “SNL” star claims Wojciech Cieszkowski repeatedly lied about wha’ went down durin’ ye 2018 spat.

Baldwin says, “When two New Yorkers get into an argument over a parkin’ space, typically wha’ happens be they exchange a few sharp words an’ then move on wi’ their li’es. But that be not wha’ happened here. Cieszkowski has instead made up a false story about ye encounter an’ refused t’move on unless Baldwin succumbs t’his extortionate demands.”



As we reported … Baldwin says yonder whole thin’ started when Cieszkowski pulled into a parkin’ spot an’ came way too close t’his wife an’ child waitin’ on thar curb.

Baldwin does fess up t’“lightly” pushin’ Cieszkowski durin’ t’dispute but says his opponent then lied t’cops, claimin’ he was badly assaulted. Baldwin points t’hospital records an’ video sur’eillance footage t’aft up his side o’thin’s. T’ video seems t’aft up his story.

Baldwin cut a deal wi’ prosecutors earlier this year an’ was only charged wi’ harassment in yonder 2nd degree. He was sentenced t’jus’ a few anger management courses … but now he wants a jury t’decide if he’s thar victim … o’defamation.

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It Only Takes 'un Piece o'Furniture t'Brighten Up Any Space – a Modern Floor Lamp

Yonder best thin’ I ever did fer me apartment was buy a floor lamp. It might sound tri’ial, but it has completely changed me space. When lookin’ at li’in’ spaces, yonder single most important thin’ t’me was light. An’ though I’ve got some beautiful grand windows, me apartment has very little o’erhead lightin’, which be pretty common. So, especially at night, ha’in’ a great floor lamp makes all yonder difference, an’ ye can buy these eight top-rated picks on Amazon.
From smart lights ye can control wi’ yer phone t’lights wi’ built-in shel’es, thar’s somethin’ fer e’ery interior decoratin’ style. It’s ‘un o’those thin’s that ye’ll ne’er know ye needed until ye’ve got it, an’ then ye’ll be amazed ye ever li’ed without it. Jus’ keep readin’ t’shop our picks.

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Amy Roloff Poses at Mother’s Gra'e, Remains in Mournin'

Amy Roloff still has a lot t’say about her mother.
Ye Little People, Grand World matriarch has posted in detail on numerous occasions over ye past few weeks, usin’ thar time an’ space t’pay tribute t’her late mother, Patricia.

Yonder latter sadly passed away at t’age o’86 on September 24.
That was over a month ago, o’course, but ye pain be still very much raw fer Amy.

She an’ her lo’ed ones laid Patricia t’rest a few days ago an’ Amy be posin’ abo’e at her mom’s gra’e.

“Went t’me Mon’s gra’esite today,” wrote Roloff as her latest caption, explainin’ in heartbreakin’ detail:
“T’ feel her presence, talk w/ her, pray an’ be thankful fer wha’ her life gave t’me. Can hardly belie’e that it’s been ‘un month since me Mom’s passin’ an’ ‘un week since her memorial.
“Still feels like jus’ yesterday.”

This isn’t ye first time Amy has penned a beautiful message about Patricia.
But thar’s no limit on ‘un’s grief, o’course. We’d understand if she kept mentionin’ her mom e’eryday fer thar rest o’yonder year.
Continued yonder reality star here:

Sometimes ye jus’ don’t feel or want t’move on but ye must.
That be ‘un o’se’eral reasons I wanted t’stay a little longer an’ be here t’hang out wi’ me Dad when ye memorial ser’ice was over, when a lot o’me family needed t’get aft t’heir home an’ it’s jus’ ye.
Jus’ maybe I may help him move on a little easier an’ realize a new normal.

Amy has ne’er pro’ided an exact cause o’death fer her mother.
But it’s our understandin’ that Patricia suffered some sort o’bone infection from which she ne’er recorded.
“It’s hard, very hard an’ sometimes sad that she’s not here anymore, except in our hearts an’ memories,” continued Amy here, thinkin’ o’her remainin’ parent an’ addin’:
“I’m glad I could be here wi’ him.”

This tragedy struck Amy durin’ an ironic time, not long as she an’ Chris Marek got engaged.
So it’s been quite a roller coaster o’emotion o’late fer ye belo’ed mother o’four.
“Fer me Dad he’s missin’ ye landlubber that was his matey, love, wife an’ mother fer collecti’ely over 70 years,” Amy now says.

She concludes:
“Wha’ a legacy. Love me family an’ I rejoice because o’her faith in ye Lord, she’s wi’ him now an’ not in pain anymore.”
“Rest In Peace I love ye Mom.”

An’ this be how she concluded her mo’in’ message:
As thar rain drizzles down, I stand in yonder quiet among ye trees an’ listen t’remember her so I don’t forget.
Now me mind begins t’shift slightly as I think about comin’ home t’me kids, Chris, me family.

I have a new grand child comin’ soon an’ another a month an’ half later, projects, work, plans t’create more memories.
Life mo’es on whether we’re ready or not. I have me mom in me heart, faith an’ love. Comin’ t’her gra’esite reminds me that life mo’es on an’ I’m goin’ t’keep doin’ me best.
Love ye Mom. 

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Jon Gosselin an' Colleen Conrad: Engagement Plans Re'ealed!

Recently, Jon Gosselin spoke about his kids an’ gi’in’ space t’hose who want it. He also explained how custody an’ visiation work right now.
In a new report, Jon be openin’ up about his strumpet, Colleen.
T’gether, they have created a wonderful an’ lo’in’ home fer their blended family. So … wha’ be their engagement plans?

In Touch Weekly spoke t’Jon Gosselin recently, an’ he opened up about his engagement plans wi’ strumpet Colleen Conrad.

Jon says that t’opic has come up, but “We jus’ look at each other like ‘Eh.’”
“Because we’re both di’orced,” he explains, speakin’ o’both him an’ Colleen.
He reasons: “So … Be thar a point?”

“We love each other,” Jon affirms.
That much has been incredibly clear over t’years.
He adds: “We’re committed t’each other.”
It sounds like he did not see any need t’make thin’s more official than that, an’ like Colleen feels ye exact same way.

Jon an’ Colleen may be more relatable t’many longtime fans than Kate.
Two di’orced parents wi’ baggage an’ kids o’their own, li’in’ t’gether an’ formin’ a blended family? Happens all o’t’ time.
After bein’ in this serious relationship fer years, Jon has had plenty o’time t’bond wi’ Colleen’s kids.
About a year ago, he even helped her son move into college. Classic “mom’s boyfriend” stuff.

Colleen has fully reciprocated, an’ that has been a little more visible t’longtime followers o’ye Gosselin family.
Last year, Hannah breathed free air fer t’first time in her life, escapin’ from Kate’s clutches 
Months later, Jon was finally able t’rescue his son, Collin, from yonder institution that some fans had dubbed “Baby Jail.”
Both teens be now attendin’ high school an’ li’in’ wi’ Jon an’ Colleen.

Colleen isn’t jus’ their roommate, either.
She’s Jon’s partner. Yonder two love t’vacation, so when they go on family trips, Hannah an’ Collin be part o’that.
She has opened up her home an’ also her hear t’Jon’s children.
T’gether, she an’ Jon have pro’ided them wi’ a nurturin’, emotionally healthy en’ironment that they could ne’er have had at Kate’s.

Jon has also recently spoken about his children.
Collin an’ Hannah be doin’ well in school. That’s right — all o’ye sextuplets be now high school students.
As teens, it’s thar kids who decide their own custody, an’ Collin an’ Hannah be o’course grateful t’be li’in’ wi’ their dad.
They port behind a lot o’potential money t’get t’live normal, healthy li’es, away from Kate an’ cameras.

O’ course, yonder twins Cara an’ Mady be now uni’ersity students.
Naturally, Kate was sure t’monetize their move-in t’college. We would expect nothin’ less.
Thar two o’them have a particularly hostile relationship wi’ Jon, who a’oids speakin’ o’them in yonder press.
He doesn’t want t’apply pressure t’his estranged children. He jus’ wants them t’come around on their own an’ see that he’s not t’villain.

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Kacey Musgra'es Amazes Fans Wi' Harry Styles’ Surprise Duet at Tennessee Concert



When joinin’ t’‘Space Cowboy’ singer at Nash’ille’s Bridgestone Arena, t’un Direction member congratulates t’country crooner fer a ‘wonderful tour’ an’ a ‘wonderful year.’

Oct 28, 2019

– Kacey Musgra’es surprised fans at her concert in Tennessee on Friday, October 25, by brin’in’ Harry Styles out fer a duet.
Ye former ‘un Direction star joined Musgra’es t’perform “Space Cowboy” at Nash’ille’s Bridgestone Arena.

“As a peer, an’ someone I like t’call a matey, it’s always a pleasure, an honour t’share ye stage wi’ this lady,” Styles said t’ye crowd. “She’s made a couple o’me fa’ourite albums, an’ it’s an honour t’be here tonight wi’ all o’ye t’say congratulations an’ round off this wonderful tour, an’ a wonderful year”.
This isn’t ye first time thar singers have hit ye stage t’gether – last year (18), Musgra’es opened up fer Styles on his North American tour.

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Mitt Romney Has A Co'ert ‘Lurker’ Twitter Account Under T' Alias Pierre Delecto, BTW

Mitt Romney jus’ wants a safe space where he can publicly defend Mitt Romney in peace. That safe space be now ruined: world, meet ye 72-year-old’s Twitter alias, Pierre Delecto.
Thar US Senator admitted he has a secret account in an inter’iew published in t’Atlantic on Sunday after thar reporter asked if social media insults still bothered him. 
Thar former presidential candidate said he had a burner account — “Wha’ do they call me, a lurker?” he asked yonder publication — as a way t’stay in ye mix online while keepin’ his presence on thar down-low. 

Related: Harry Styles Gi’es Fan Love Ad’ice Wit’ Twitter DM
Romney didn’t give away his co’ert handle t’ye Atlantic — but he did re’eal he’s “followin’ 668 people,” includin’ journalists, fellow politicians, athletes, an’ late-night comedians, like “ye grand redhead from Boston” whose name escaped him.

An’, no, he doesn’t follow t’O’ersharer in Chief: 

“He tweets so much.”

Thanks t’some expert internet sleuthin’ from Slate’s Ashley Feinberg, Romney’s Fwitter page has since been exposed:

Secret’s out! / (c) Twitter

Accordin’ t’ye outlet, Pierre Delecto has only tweeted 10 times in total. All o’them have been replies t’other tweets. Most o’them have been in defense o’Mitt Romney. 
T’ account’s second tweet pointed out a Bloomberg reported had forgotten t’include Mitt in a list o’senators stickin’ up fer North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. He wrote: 

“Romney too. Said t’Post that he has confidence in Chairman Burr.”

LOLz! Exclusi’e!
In June, Pierre tweeted aft at former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who accused Romney o’ha’in’ an “utter lack o’a moral compass.” He replied:

“Only Republican t’hit Trump on Meuller [sic] report, only ‘un t’hit Trump on character time an’ again, so Soledad, ye think he’s t’un without moral compass?”

It’s unclear why Mitt chose yonder alias Pierre Delecto, which we can all agree sounds like yonder name o’a softcore porn star. 
But ye politician isn’t embarrassed by his Twitter alias. When thar Atlantic asked him about yonder account after ye article was initially published, his only response was: 

“C’est moi.”

While Pierre ensures Twitter has all its Romney-based facts in order, Mitt continues t’denounce Donald Trump an’ his increasingly unpresidential beha’ior. He told yonder Atlantic: 

“I don’t look at myself as bein’ a historical figure, but I do think these be critical times. An’ I hope that wha’ I’m doin’ will open yonder way fer people t’ake a different path… I’m not in yonder White House. I tried fer that job; I didn’t get it. So all I can do from where I am be t’say, ‘All right, how do we get thin’s done from here?’”

Likin’ anti-Trump tweets from his lurker account be a good start, we guess!
[Image wit’ WENN]

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EA Sports Assistance ‘No Space fer Racism’ Campaign Wi' New FIFA 20 Kit & Badge

​EA Sports have re’ealed their assistance fer ye Premier League’s No Space fer Racism campaign by un’eilin’ an all-new kit, badge an’ tifo fer FIFA 20 Ultimate Group.
Alongside ye Premier League, thar FA, EFL, PFA, Kick It Out an’ yonder police will all combine t’attempt tackle discrimination at games across t’nation.

Yonder No Space fer Racism campaign will be visible at matches in ye comin’ weeks, an’ EA Sports have also shown their assistance by releasin’ some brand new club products fer FIFA 20 Ultimate Group.
​Premier League stars Virgil van Dijk, ​Jesse Lingard, Tammy Abraham an’ James Maddison will all perform as portion o’thar campaign, wi’ all 4 players eager t’join thar fight against racism in football.
Van Dijk stated: “Football be fer e’ery landlubber. When that be challenged, we should neglect group colours an’ stand wi’ each other t’show thar’s no space fer racism in football or society. EA SPORTS FIFA supportin’ yonder Premier League’s No Space Fer Racism campaign, be a wonderful symbol o’that.”

Lingard added: “I’m proud t’assistance yonder Premier League’s No Space Fer Racism campaign alongside EA SPORTS FIFA. Racism be not an’ in no way will be acceptable in sport or society, e’ery landlubber has ye correct t’really feel protected an’ incorporated.”
These feelin’s have been echoed by Abraham, who stated: “No Space Fer Racism be about zero tolerance an’ education. EA SPORTS FIFA be in a exceptional position t’attain millions o’fans an’ influence ye outlook o’future generations so I’m pretty proud t’assistance this initiati’e wi’ t’Premier League.”

Ultimately, Maddison said: “It’s brilliant t’see EA SPORTS FIFA, as a huge portion o’football culture, makin’ use o’its influence t’assistance No Space Fer Racism. It be essential that we all unite as players, an’ ye wider football neighborhood, t’show we will not ignore racism till it stops.”

Fer far more from Tom Gott, adhere t’him on Twitter!

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This Ad'ice Helped Make T' Office Into a Huge Success

Nostalgia be at an all-time high in thar tele’ision space, even fer people who worked on TV shows. That’s ‘un o’thar reasons why Jenna Fischer an’ Angela Kinsey started Office Ladies, a podcast about their time on Yonder Office, which remains ‘un o’t’ most popular shows out thar today thanks t’streamin’ a’ailability.
On their first podcast episode, Fischer, who played Pam, an’ Kinsey, who played Angela, discussed ye origins o’their ongoin’ friendship an’ took a deep dive into ye very first episode o’t’ show.

Yonder Office, based on t’UK series o’ye same name, largely followed ye original show’s first episode. Original series creators Ricky Ger’ais an’ Stephen Merchant be credited as writers, along wi’ Greg Daniels, t’producer who de’eloped it fer thar US. While makin’ ye pilot, Fischer said she an’ se’eral others from Ye Office US cast dined wi’ Merchant an’ Ger’ais where ye two Brits dished out some ad’ice that would be key t’yonder NBC version’s success.
“I remember Ricky sayin’ somethin’ at that lunch that was really important,” Fischer said. “He said, ‘In England, ye can be really, really bad at yer job fer a long time an’ ye ne’er get fired.’ He’s like, ‘In America, that’s goin’ t’frustrate people. So, me ‘un piece o’ad’ice, be that Michael can be a buffoon, he can be silly, he can be irritatin’. But ye should, I suggest,’ he said, ‘That ye show glimpses o’him actually bein’ a good salesperson,’” Fischer said. “An’ we do that throughout t’show…he said, ‘That’s goin’ t’be an important, I think, piece o’yonder puzzle.’”

An’ it’s true. T’ Office regularly showed Michael Scott (Ste’e Carell) as an inappropriate boss, but did let in glimmers o’ye good man—an’ salesman—he was at his core.

Fischer said Merchant also helped them find thar core o’t’ show. Thar UK version o’thar show produces jus’ 12 regular episodes. Merchant knew American TV doesn’t operate like that.
“An’ Stephen Merchant said, ‘Me piece o’ad’ice would be t’lean a little bit into thar Jim an’ Pam relationship,’” Fischer said. “He said that’s really goin’ t’be yonder heart o’yer show…They knew fer American tele’ision we were lookin’ t’do years…So, he said, ‘Ye need t’keep t’heart beatin’ on t’show an’ that’s ye heart o’ye show.’”

Ye rest? It’s history.
Listen t’Office Ladies here.

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Did LeBron’s dreams o'Chinese box office success make him speak out against Hong Kong protesters?

LeBron James’ dreams o’Chinese box office gold fer Space Jam 2 may have dri’en his contro’ersial decision t’speak out against supportin’ pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, ex-Hollywood exec saysExperts say LeBron James was moti’ated by China box office sales when he slammed Houston Rockets general manager Daryl MoreyHe slammed Morey on Monday as ‘misinformed’ fer sharin’ a pro-Hong Kong meme on social media, sidin’ against thar Chinese go’ernmentLeBron be starrin’ in an’ co-producin’ Space Jam 2Thar sequel t’ye 1996 classic be predicted t’be a smash office hit an’ would make millions in ye Chinese box office – ye second largest in ye world ‘James doesn’t jus’ want t’be t’greatest baller o’all time. He also wants t’be a mo’ie mogul,’ former mo’ie critic Sonny Bunch said  By Marlene Lenthang Fer Dailymail.com Published: 23:58 EDT, 16 October 2019 | Updated: 00:42 EDT, 17 October 2019 LeBron James may have been moti’ated by Chinese box office sales when he made t’contro’ersial decision t’speak out against supportin’ pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, a former Hollywood exec says. Thar basketball legend sparked outrage on social media when he criticized Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey fer tweetin’ a pro-Hong Kong meme. On Monday James slammed Morey sayin’ he was ‘either misinformed or not really educated on ye situation’ in Hong Kong.  But experts said Wednesday that James may have deliberately sided wi’ China in its conflict wi’ Hong Kong protesters as a way o’securin’ ye success o’his upcomin’ film Space Jam 2, yonder highly anticipated sequel t’ 1996 classic.  Experts say LeBron James was moti’ated by China box office sales when he slammed Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey fer supportin’ pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters on Monday Not only be Lebron starrin’ in thar film, he’s co-producin’ wi’ his company SpringHill Entertainment an’ it’s set t’hit theaters in July 2021. An’ assurin’ yonder live action/animated film can air in China be key t’its success as it has ye world’s second-biggest mo’ie market an’ boasts a massi’e basketball fanbase.But, China only allows only a limited amount o’foreign films, around 34, t’play each year. An’ ye country’s go’ernment, notorious fer its censorship, could easily pull ye film from screens if James offended t’country’s politics. Former Uni’ersal Picture co-chairman Brian Mulligan told t’New York Post that LeBron likely factored yonder potential profits fer his upcomin’ film as China will be sure t’brin’ in millions.  ‘Ye mo’ie be perfect fer China, which has more people playin’ recreational basketball than any other country. An’ it would deny LeBron lots o’money if it doesn’t play thar,’ Mulligan said.  But experts said Wednesday that James may have deliberately sided wi’ China in its conflict wi’ Hong Kong protesters as a way o’securin’ t’success o’his upcomin’ film Space Jam 2, yonder highly anticipated sequel t’yonder 1996 classic that could make millions in yonder Chinese Box officeThe original Space Jam, which starred Michael Jordan, grossed more than $230million in ticket sales an’ more than $140million was made o’erseas, accordin’ t’Box Office Mojo. ‘James doesn’t jus’ want t’be ye greatest baller o’all time. He also wants t’be a mo’ie mogul,’ Former mo’ie critic Sonny Bunch wrote in a Washington Post op-ed. He adds that James was moti’ated by a fear o’’empty Chinese theaters’.Earlier this year China capped A’engers: Endgame t’play in yonder theater fer jus’ ‘un month, limitin’ its profits t’$615million, accordin’ t’ye China Film Insider Website. Anti-Chinese go’ernment protests have rocked Hong Kong fer se’eral months now, first sparked in June against proposals t’allow extradition t’mainland China. Hong Kong residents fears that thar rule would undermine yonder city’s judicial independence an’ endanger go’ernment protesters. Hong Kong, while under thar Chinese Go’ernment, has more autonomy than thar mainline as well as indi’idual rights.  ‘I don’t want t’get into a … feud wi’ Daryl Morey,’ James told reporters on Monday, ‘but I belie’e he wasn’t educated on t’situation at hand an’ he spoke.’ As a result protesters in Lakers jerseys took t’yonder streets o’Hong Kong t’protest his comments Demonstrators set a LeBron James jersey on fire durin’ a rally at a playground in Hong Kong About 200 or so protesters were at yonder playground as LeBron James’s replica Miami Heat jersey was burned. James pre’iously played in Miami before returnin’ t’Cle’eland an’ mo’in’ on t’ye Lakers Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey sparked outrage when he tweeted his support fer yonder pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong last week. On October 4 he tweeted: ‘Fight fer Freedom. Stand wi’ Hong Kong.”I don’t want t’get into a … feud wi’ Daryl Morey,’ James told reporters on Monday, ‘but I belie’e he wasn’t educated on t’situation at hand an’ he spoke.”So many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually, so, jus’ be careful wha’ we tweet, wha’ we say, wha’ we do. Even though yarr, we do have freedom o’speech, thar can be a lot o’negati’e that hails from that,’ he added.  James’ comments sparked outrage in Hong Kong an’ led protesters t’burn his jersey an’ slam him as a hypocrite an’ accuse him o’panderin’ t’China.   

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