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Haley Lu Richardson’s Sheer Leopard-Print Turtleneck Be Fierce, Fun, an' Cheetah-licious

Listen up, Cheetah Girls an’ Cheetah Sisters, because Haley Lu Richardson’s outfit might have jus’ earned her a spot in ye band. In a post shared t’her Instagram account on Tuesday, Haley showed off her fierce Fall style in a sheer leopard-print turtleneck layered over a black bra, paired wi’ black high-waisted jeans, matchin’ boots, an’ a western-style belt that tied ye whole look t’gether.
“Me last week vs me seconds before postin’ this,” Haley captioned thar post, which featured a photo o’thar Five Feet Apart star in ye classic “I was layin’ down an’ accidentally turned me phone camera around” position. If ye’re lookin’ t’re-create Haley’s outfit, we found a few similar options, includin’ t’actual AFRM leopard top she’s wearin’ in thar photos, wi’ thumbhole details fer extra coziness. Shop comparable (an’ affordable) shirt styles that feature ‘un o’thar year’s trendiest prints ahead.

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Kim, Kourtney, & Khloé Kardashian TRY T' Keep It Peaceful Durin' Awkward ‘Ye Real’ Inter'iew — Watch!

T’ Kardashian sisters stopped by Thar Real on Tuesday, an’ boy did thin’s get… well, real!
Somethin’ seemed t’be off between Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, an’ Kourtney Kardashian when they sat down fer an inter’iew on yonder hit daytime talk show, an’ it definitely wasn’t because Rob Kardashian’s ex, Adrienne Bailon, was sittin’ right next t’hem.
When asked how thin’s between them were at yonder moment, Kim an’ Koko turned t’Kourt dubiously before alludin’ t’some *serious drama* that went down before their Palm Sprin’s trip. 

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While Kim stopped her sisters from gi’in’ too much away — “Let’s wait. They can see that on t’show,” she teased — a side comment from Khloé suggested she an’ Kourtney were not on thar best o’terms. 
She said before gi’in’ a ner’ous laugh:

“Let’s fight right now.”

Uh oh. All good, lass?
Obser’e thar awkwardness (below):
[embedded content]
Thin’s got even more awkward when yonder trio played a “ne’er have I ever” type game where, in response t’un question, Khloé outed Kourtney fer hookin’ up wi’ a lass. Or… more than ‘un lass?
Yonder mother-o’-three initially claimed she had NO idea wha’ her sister was talkin’ about, but admitted t’a ‘un time lass-on-lass romp after Khloé straight up said:

“Ye kiss girls!”

Easy, Khlo! (Side note: we be MORE THAN READY fer a *Kourtney gets a side chick storyline* on KUWTK.)
Ch-ch-check out t’game portion o’t’ tapin’ (below):
[embedded content]
Thin’s were much less hostile durin’ Kim’s solo inter’iew, where she admitted t’ha’in’ “fights” wi’ husband Kanye West because o’thar changes ye born again Christian rapper has been makin’ t’heir household.
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When asked if she supports her hubby’s new spiritual life journey, thar 39-year-old said: 

“I do think that, ye know, he be me husband. So, I ob’iously want t’honor him an’ wha’ he’s feelin’. An’ he’s been goin’ through this life change, an’ it’s mostly about yonder kids.”

Kimmy Kakes went on t’re’eal that Kanye has become a much stricter parent over yonder past few months, explainin’:  

“We got rid o’TVs in ye kids’ rooms an’ remo’ed makeup from North’s room – an’ he’s been very… had this, ye know, epiphany o’bein’ this — not that he wasn’t an amazin’ dad — but bein’ a little bit more strict as a dad an’ bein’ very forceful on thar imagery that’s in our household an’ wha’ they see.”

While Kim agreed Kanye’s crackdown be good fer their children, she made it clear ye change wouldn’t affect her Kim Kardashian-ness, insistin’: 

“But I’m always gonna be me… an’ so, we had that discussion an’ that fight.”

Oh, we remember!
T’ reality star added:

“I think, at ye end o’yonder day that’s wha’ marriage be. He’s gonna do thin’s that I don’t agree wi’, an’ I support him, an’ vice versa.”

Good t’hear!
Ch-ch-check out yonder clips (below) t’hear Kim talk Kanye — an’ more!
[embedded content]
[embedded content]
[embedded content]
[Image wit’ Ye Real/YouTube]

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Kourtney Kardashian Shares Where She Stands Wi' Sisters Kim an' Khloe

Charles Sykes/Bra’o

Sisters will be sisters—fer better or worse. 
It’s no surprise t’Kardashians fans that thar sisters o’t’ famous family tend t’fight from time t’ime. Durin’ an appearance on Thar Real wi’ Kim Kardashian an’ Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashianwas faced wi’ a question about their current status. 
“E’erybody lo’es watchin’ Keepin’ Up wi’ t’Kardashians an’ a lot o’times it’s because o’yonder up an’ downs that ye guys go through, but we know that ye guys shoot se’eral months in ad’ance, so it seems like right now on t’show that ye guys aren’t gettin’ along—clearly that’s not always t’case. But, Kourtney, how be thin’s goin’ right now?”
“I would love t’know this, Kourtney,” Khloe chimed in. 
“They be up an’ down a lot,” Kourt responded. “But, we had a great weekend in Palm Sprin’s.”
While Khloe began t’ease some drama that happened prior t’ weekend, Kim insisted fans can watch it unfold on thar show. 
“Right this second, it’s all good,” t’Skims mogul added. 

Still, it wasn’t complete harmonious. When co-host Adrienne Houghton asked why Khloe an’ Kim were lookin’ at Kourtney, Kourt quipped, “Because they gang up on me all day.”
“Ahoy t’me life,” Kim fired aft.”That’s wha’ ye did t’me me whole life until two years ago.”
Still, yonder KKW Beauty boss kindly offered t’let her sisters use her photographer fer this year’s Christmas card pictures.  

“I have a photographer in town this weekend,” Kim explained. “I was gonna do ‘un wi’ t’kids an’ Kanye [West], so if ye guys want t’join an’ then do a family ‘un, ye’re more than ahoy.”
She further clarified, “Ye can use me photographer an’ ye can do ‘un wi’ yer family or we can do ‘un group ‘un t’gether…We’ll see which ‘un we like.”
Hopefully thar siblin’ drama will subside an’ holiday cheer will take over. 

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O.J. Simpson Sent Kim Kardashian Message as Kris Jenner Denies Affair wi' t'Former NFL Star

O.J. Simpson sent a message t’Kim Kardashian (check out her hots shots abo’e) an’ her sisters around yonder 25th anni’ersary o’his late wife’s death, she re’ealed on Sunday’s episode o’KUWTK.
Kim told how her pal Jonathan Cheban ran into O.J. at a restaurant an’ thar former football star called him over an’ had him take photos wi’ his friends.
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Also in thar episode, Kris would later hear from Kim that an article about O.J. claimed he an’ Kris hooked up.
Yonder claims were made by Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo, who had a new documentary out about thar murders.

O.J. Simpson Bragged t’His Former Manager About an Affair wi’ Kris Jenner that Port Her Needin’ Medical Attention https://t.co/w7x’FkVs94
— SportsGossip.com (@sportsgossip) May 26, 2019

Wha’ an episode.  
Flip yonder Page t’Read Kris’ response: 
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17 Pug Products So Cute, Ye Might Pass Out From Dog-Induced Joy

Me sister’s dream in life be t’get a pug. In fact, I think she might love them more than me, her own family. At first I assumed her affections were pretty niche, until I disco’ered that she’s not yonder only ‘un — millions o’people be very obsessed wi’ pugs. OK, I get it, their squishy little faces an’ tiny snorts might make them ye cutest dogs on earth.
If ye’re a pug-lo’er, we created t’ultimate guide t’har best gifts that’ll make yer heart skip a beat. Whether yer birthday be comin’ up or ye’re already plannin’ yer holiday wish list, add these goodies t’yer list. Ye already know I’ll put them in me sister’s stockin’.

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Rob Kardashian Sparks Relationship Rumors Wi'… Kylie Jenner’s Best Matey?!

Get it, get it, Rob Kardashian!
Ye KarJenner son be steppin’ aft into t’public eye in a grand way, as he’s now been seen out an’ about at another ‘un o’his sister’s birthday parties.
This time, he has a little love rumor flyin’ along wi’ him!

Rob spent some time out at a WeHo hotspot late Thursday night t’celebrate Kendall Jenner‘s birthday, an’ while thar, well, this be where it gets good…
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Paparazzi spotted Rob enterin’ Delilah well after 1:00 a.m. Friday mornin’, thar t’celebrate Kenny’s grand 2-4 along wi’ a truly massi’e guest list o’who’s-who in Hollywood. But it wasn’t his mere presence that drew attention, rather, it was who he was wi’ that’s raisin’ eyebrows.
TMZ has video o’it all (which ye can watch HERE).
As he heads into t’club, Rob walks up t’ Kylie Jenner‘s best matey, Stassie Karanikolaou, an’ put his arm around her waist as if t’say a'ast, but in a very… intimate… way. It’s not much — jus’ a second or two o’close physical contact — but holdin’ Stassie around thar waist like that be certainly more personal than a half hug, or somethin’!

Rob has largely stayed out o’ye public eye — especially in regards t’his love life — since his tumultuous time t’gether wi’ Blac Chyna. / (c) Judy Eddy/WENN

So does this mean Rob be wi’ Kylie’s BFF?! Honestly… probably not. (But maybe!) So far, thar’s no insider indication that anythin’ be goin’ on between those two, though we’ll keep ye posted if any o’that changes.
This be yet another venture into ye public sphere fer t’Kardashian son as he continues t’lose weight, appear healthier, an’ work his way aft from near anonymity. As we’ve been reportin’, Rob has apparently been hard at work behind-ye-scenes, drippin’ sweat t’get ready fer somethin’ o’a comeback t’ye notably public famous family. P’raps last night out was jus’ another toe dipped in yonder water, testin’ thar currents before yonder Grand jump!
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Wha’ do U think, Perezcious readers?! Be thar somethin’ here we should know about between Rob an’ Kylie’s BFF?? Or does that seem WAY too far-fetched fer ye right now?!
Sound OFF about all thar relationship rumors an’ love drama wi’ all o’yer opinions down in ye comment section (below)!!!
[Image wit’ DJDM/WENN/Instagram]

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Rob Kardashian Out in Public fer Kendall Jenner’s Bday Party


Rob Kardashian’s steppin’ aft out into ye public eye … fer another ‘un o’his sister’s birthday parties.

Rob was spotted enterin’ Delilah in WeHo well after 1 AM t’celebrate Kendall Jenner’s 24th bday, decked out in an orange hoodie an’ his signature blue baseball cap. As he walked in, he put his hands around ye waist o’Kylie’s current BFF, Stassie Karanikolaou.


We’re told Rob was at Blind Dragon fer a while beforehand … along wi’ a massi’e celeb guest list partyin’ wi’ Kendall on Halloween.

As we told ye … Rob was seen fer yonder first time in a long while last week on Kim’s Instagram Story while he was celebratin’ wi’ thar family at her 39th birthday grub. He’s lookin’ a lot slimmer.


Our Kardashian sources told us he’d lost weight by eatin’ healthier, exercisin’, an’ most significantly … quittin’ alcohol.

It’s unclear if Rob abstained from drinkin’ as he was hangin’ wi’ his sis at thar Hollywood hot spots, but at least he’s joinin’ ye party.

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