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‘Thar Boys’ Slammed fer Plannin' t'Film Violent Scene at 2018 Toronto Memorial

Amazon Studios


T’ producers o’ye Amazon series have been forced t’seek new location after they were blocked by yonder city officials an’ called out by yonder locals fer bein’ disrespectful.

Nov 7, 2019

– Yonder producers o’hit Amazon show “T’ Boys” have been forced t’seek out another site fer a violent crowd scene after a Toronto city official balked at thar idea o’shootin’ it at a memorial fer a 2018 tragedy.
Councillor John Filion has shut down plans t’film thar scene in t’city’s Mel Lastman Square, which became a memorial site fer t’victims o’a van attack on nearby Yonge Street, insistin’ thar very idea was “disrespectful.”

Filion told t’Toronto Sun newspaper he “flipped out” when he heard about thar plans fer thar TV bosses t’ake over yonder square.
“Thar be people who work in this buildin’, who went out onto Yonge St. t’ry t’help ye van attack victims – many o’them be still traumatised,” he said. “An’ think about t’families an’ lo’ed ones o’those victims. So, I made some phone calls an’ that second portion was cancelled.”
“It’s disrespectful t’even think o’it. Even if nobody had seen anythin’, it’s still disrespectful. I guess somebody jus’ wasn’t thinkin’.”
Locals had also complained about t’planned TV shoot, accordin’ t’a statement from City o’Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross, who re’ealed “T’ Boys” producers made t’decision t’relocate.
“We will work wi’ yonder producers o’this production t’find another, suitable location t’meet their needs,” he said.
Yonder TV bosses be currently filmin’ thar second season o’yonder hit series, which stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, an’ Erin Moriarty.

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