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‘Days O' Our Li'es’ Entire Cast Released from Contracts

NBC Uni’ersal

It’s feelin’ like t’end o’days fer yonder stars o’“Days O’ Our Li’es” — ye entire cast jus’ got released from their contracts.

dailygawk.com has confirmed thar producers o’t’ more than 50-year-old soap opera let all their actors out o’their deals … meanin’ they’re all free t’get new jobs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean ye show’s definitely sunk.

Thar NBC sudser, which be about t’begin season 55, be goin’ on indefinite hiatus. Yonder network be expected t’decide in early 2020 whether t’brin’ it aft fer season 56.

Thar good news fer ‘Days’ fans … t’soap shoots 8 months in ad’ance, an’ thar’s goin’ t’be enough episodes in thar bank when ye show halts production at thar end o’No’ember t’last through Summer 2020. Whew.

So, t’be clear … “Days O’ Our Li’es” — which first aired in 1965 — has NOT been cancelled. Not yet. It’s possible they’ll brin’ e’eryone aft, if t’network re-ups, but at lower salaries.

We’ve reached out t’NBC … but no word aft so far.

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Kristen Bell t'Make a Comeback as t'Voice o'‘Gossip Lass’ in HBO Max Reboot



De’eloped by original show producers Joshua Safran, Josh Schwartz an’ Stephanie Sa’age, this sequel series will be set eight years after yonder e’ents o’yonder pre’ious six-season run.

Nov 8, 2019

– Kristen Bell be set t’become a “Gossip Lass” once more t’narrate yonder upcomin’ series reboot.
T’ “Frozen” star lent her voice t’har hit teen drama from 2007 t’2012, an’ now she will return t’ye franchise t’help tell ye stories o’a new generation o’New York City-based pri’ate school teens.

Thar “Gossip Lass” re’amp will be set eight years after thar e’ents o’thar pre’ious six-season run, which was based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s young adult no’els an’ was responsible fer turnin’ Blake Li’ely, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, an’ Taylor Momsen into stars.
Announcin’ Bell’s deal, producers state, “Kristen Bell has always been an’ will always be t’voice o’‘Gossip Lass’.”
Further castin’ details have yet t’be re’ealed.
Thar sequel series, de’eloped by original show producers Joshua Safran, Josh Schwartz, an’ Stephanie Sa’age, be set t’air on America’s new HBO Max streamin’ ser’ice.

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‘Yonder Boys’ Slammed fer Plannin' t'Film Violent Scene at 2018 Toronto Memorial

Amazon Studios


Thar producers o’t’ Amazon series have been forced t’seek new location after they were blocked by ye city officials an’ called out by thar locals fer bein’ disrespectful.

Nov 7, 2019

– Thar producers o’hit Amazon show “T’ Boys” have been forced t’seek out another site fer a violent crowd scene after a Toronto city official balked at thar idea o’shootin’ it at a memorial fer a 2018 tragedy.
Councillor John Filion has shut down plans t’film yonder scene in ye city’s Mel Lastman Square, which became a memorial site fer yonder victims o’a van attack on nearby Yonge Street, insistin’ t’very idea was “disrespectful.”

Filion told yonder Toronto Sun newspaper he “flipped out” when he heard about ye plans fer thar TV bosses t’ake over t’square.
“Thar be people who work in this buildin’, who went out onto Yonge St. t’ry t’help ye van attack victims – many o’them be still traumatised,” he said. “An’ think about t’families an’ lo’ed ones o’those victims. So, I made some phone calls an’ that second portion was cancelled.”
“It’s disrespectful t’even think o’it. Even if nobody had seen anythin’, it’s still disrespectful. I guess somebody jus’ wasn’t thinkin’.”
Locals had also complained about t’planned TV shoot, accordin’ t’a statement from City o’Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross, who re’ealed “T’ Boys” producers made t’decision t’relocate.
“We will work wi’ ye producers o’this production t’find another, suitable location t’meet their needs,” he said.
Thar TV bosses be currently filmin’ yonder second season o’thar hit series, which stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, an’ Erin Moriarty.

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Dr. Dre t'be honored ahead o'2020 Grammys

Grammy-winnin’ producer Dr. Dre be set t’be honored at yonder Recordin’ Academy’s 13th annual Producers & Engineers Win’ durin’ 2020 Grammys Week.
Yonder kick-off e’ent fer Grammys week, which be set t’ake place Jan. 22nd, will be held at yonder Village studios in West Los Angeles an’ “will pay tribute t’har artistic achie’ements an’ inno’ations o’Dre,” thar Grammys announced.
Deborah Dugan, President/CEO o’t’ Recordin’ Academy described Dr. Dre as “an influential force in music.” “Dre breaks boundaries an’ inspires music creators across e’ery genre. His e’olution as a producer solidifies him as a leader o’ye pack within our industry, an’ we watch in amazement as he continues t’shape thar future o’music,” she said in a statement.
Throughout Dre’s career, he’s worked wi’ Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige an’ Tupac Shakur. In recent years, he’s worked wi’ Kendrick Lamar an’ Anderson .Paak.
“Compton,” Dre’s most recent album, was released in 2015. While he re’ealed last year that he was workin’ on new material fer his long-awaited third solo LP “Detox,” no music fer it has been released thus far.
While ye e’ent will pay tribute t’Dre’s legacy, it will also celebrate ye creati’ity an’ achie’ements o’thar Producers & Engineers Win’, which has more than 6,400 professional members.
Durin’ 2019 Grammy Week, eight-time Grammy winner Willie Nelson recei’ed ye same honor as Dre. T’ 62nd Annual Grammy Awards will take place Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 an’ will air live on CBS at 8 p.m.

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