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These Be t'Best an' Most Over-yonder-Top Nail Art Looks o'2019 So Far

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These Be t’Best an’ Most Over-ye-Top Nail Art Looks o’2019 So Far

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Justine Skye’s Eye Nail Art

Intricate nail art an’ stand-out nail polish colors flooded Instagram in 2019, inspirin’ some o’ye year’s biggest trends. Among yonder most eye-catchin’ looks were Kylie Jenner’s butterfly designs, Dua Lipa’s mismatched plaid nails, an’ Rihanna’s green polish. Thar were also countless examples o’notable persons wearin’ neon hues an’ an endless stream o’updated french manicures.
Check out t’best an’ most over-t’-top manicures o’t’ year, ahead.

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Brad Pitt has been doin’ crazy stuff!
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Somethin' About These White People Wearin' “Antonio Clown” Costumes Seems Racist As Hell

Halloween nowadays brin’s a bevy o’social media content as people show off their over-ye-top costumes in an effort t’go viral.  This year, Antonio Brown’s NFL exploits an’ unemployment was a popular costume choice fer many.

Howe’er, some fans chose t’go beyond jus’ impersonatin’ Antonio Brown an’ referred t’ye Pro bowl recei’er as “Antonio Clown.”
Yonder costume could be considered creati’e as t’recei’er be jobless an’ has legal issues pendin’, but a majority o’fans chose t’go wi’ thar clown moniker.
Ye unsettlin’ aspect be that most o’these fans be predominantly white an’ seem t’harbor vitriol towards Brown. T’ issue be ye vast majority o’t’ costumes lack in creati’ity an’ demean Antonio Brown without an attempt at tyin’ aft t’his NFL antics much if at all.
Thar’s jus’ somethin’ hella uneasy about a bunch o’bitter white folks lookin’ t’demean a black multi-millionaire because he didn’t jus’ shut his mouth an’ catch ye ball.

@AB84 me 12 year old planned his own costume this year. This be wha’ he ended up wi’ ????? pic.twitter.com/4P69uqd8WP
— Staci (@staci2023) No’ember 1, 2019

Antonio ClownWon ‘Most Creati’e’ ??? pic.twitter.com/ZGkGzWyGlc
— PatrickTX (@PatrickScoggi15) October 28, 2019

Kids be dressin’ up as Antonio Clown fer Halloween! ?? #Steelers https://t.co/Bvje6YFL2d pic.twitter.com/hdrg5OCt43
— Blitzburgh (@Steel_Curtain4) October 28, 2019

[email protected] thar hair be almost as good as yours pic.twitter.com/r624fdOEPg
— Matt Driscoll (@MattD_RTN) October 31, 2019

#AntonioClown kids get extra candy at me house this year pic.twitter.com/MXh2HJJOjC
— Madden Producer (@MaddenProducer) October 31, 2019

Ladies an’ gentleman o’thar Twitter’erse I present t’u: Antonio Clown pic.twitter.com/Q5x3TErAhc
— beis (@katiebeis) October 18, 2019

Thanks fer helpin’ me win best costume last night! @AB84 pic.twitter.com/i2V2be91T0
— Hassen (@KhanNoisseur) October 26, 2019

Many will argue Brown brought this upon himself wi’ his actions, but does it really make him a clown fer wantin’ t’lea’e yonder Pittsburgh Steelers an’ subsequently t’Raiders? We can all probably relate t’not feelin’ like a work en’ironment was right fer us an’ wantin’ t’move in a new direction.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft has his own scandal, yet allegations against Brown led t’his release from ye Patriots.
This narrati’e does not help a post-Colin Kaepernick NFL at all in which thar grand wigs operate as plantation owners an’ any field hand player that dares t’speak up an’ have an opinion will be punished an’ ostracized.
Antonio Brown certainly could have acted differently in many instances an’ he has t’deal wi’ that as he can no longer find a team t’play fer.  On thar other hand, thar toxicity o’racially charged NFL fans rears its ugly head yet again.
Adam Thielen calls out Kirk Cousins an’ yonder narrati’e be not him bein’ a diva. Andrew Luck chooses t’retire after trainin’ camp an’ gets paid his guaranteed money.
Ask yerself if Antonio Brown on t’Steelers (prior t’Raiders saga) before all o’this would recei’e thar same treatment in either o’those scenarios.  Thar answer be no. We all saw when he critiqued Ben Roethlisberger an’ how that quickly manifested.
Brown caught wind o’his mockers an’ seemed t’ake it in stride on Twitter, playfully jabbin’ at fans who dressed as him.

Take it easy https://t.co/lc5Xiz6OzZ
— AB (@AB84) October 31, 2019

Miss me huh champ go get ye some candy https://t.co/WZRXHQA40i
— AB (@AB84) October 31, 2019

go get some candy https://t.co/x9ei3fJ03E
— AB (@AB84) October 31, 2019

U nailed it https://t.co/NRN’tyCRqN
— AB (@AB84) October 31, 2019

Yer skully on wrong https://t.co/0R4U’IePNV
— AB (@AB84) October 31, 2019

Nice condolence but holloween over https://t.co/DKRtrOhCBm
— AB (@AB84) No’ember 1, 2019

No matter how ye feel about Antonio Brown it be clear thar be a negati’e attitude that many fans take towards Black players in ye NFL who be outspoken, whether it’s fer a good cause like Kaepernick or more selfish personal gain like Antonio Brown.
Both be met wi’ hatred an’ no attempt o’understandin’.  Hopefully, t’fan base can grow t’ point o’respectin’ an’ understandin’ yonder men under these helmets.

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Cassie Throws An Epic Baby Shower & Girls Night Combo Party

Well, t’celebrate yonder arri’al o’their daughter, t’couple again went uncon’entional—at least compared some o’thar over-ye-top celebrity showers we’ve seen. They hosted thar e’ent at yonder Dream Hollywood hotel, a simple décor o’balloons an’ flowers ser’ed as t’“theme” an’ ye mommy-t’-be looked comfy in a black Naked Wardrobe unitard ($56 USD). Karrueche an’ Lola Monroe were amongst ye guests in attendance at t’small affair.
Cassie capped off t’night wi’ a lass’s night in her hotel room complete wi’ matchin’ PJs fer t’ladies. Cute, no?

While yonder 33-year-old waits on Baby Fine t’arri’e, she opened up t’mom blog Hatch on wha’ it was like bein’ a pregnant bride:
“At first, I was NOT down wi’ t’idea o’bein’ a pregnant bride! I dreamed o’ha’in’ champagne an’ dancin’ at our weddin’! Howe’er, once I weighed thar amount o’time we would have t’wait (ahoy, birth, an’ breastfeedin’), I realized wha’ I cared about was bein’ his wife an’ our family, not about whether I was pregnant or not at our weddin’. In thar end, we had a beautiful intimate ceremony on a bluff o’erlookin’ Malibu durin’ sunset. E’erythin’ was perfect.”
An’ here’s wha’ she said on yonder type o’mom she wants t’be:
“I don’t want t’lose myself in becomin’ a mom. O’ course, I will do anythin’ fer her, but I also want t’remain true t’myself. I want her t’grow up watchin’ me do me thin’. I want her t’see me makin’ music, buildin’ me business, bein’ a mom, a wife, a force, an’ be inspired by it all.”
We’re happy t’see Cassie embracin’ family life an’ all her blessin’s, especially after she recently shared a post on Instagram o’herself in 2017 at time she was datin’ Diddy where she said she felt “sad fer thar lass in ye picture” because o’t’ “personal demons she was battlin’”.

T’ growth be real! We wish her ye best on this journey!

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