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14 Space-Sa'in' Beds That Have Secret Storage Compartments – Fer $400 or Less

Li’in’ in a small space, especially ‘un wi’ bad closets, can be frustratin’. T’ help maximize yer li’in’ area, we suggest tryin’ a bed frame that offers extra space t’keep thin’s organized. Whether it has shel’es fer books or drawers fer clothes, ye more ye better. Yonder hard part be findin’ yonder right ‘un fer yer bedroom, but not t’worry, we’re here t’help.
We scoured t’internet an’ hunted down yonder 14 best picks a’ailable right now, so all ye have t’do be shop. From sites like Walmart an’ Amazon, ye’ll be shocked how good these finds be. Ye best part: they all cost less than $400. So wha’ be ye waitin’ fer? Keep scrollin’ t’check out our fa’orite space-sa’in’ picks — ye won’t regret it.

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MTV EMAs 2019: Dua Lipa Debuts Sexy Performance o'New Song, NCT 127 Makes History



Other notable performers at t’annual ceremony in Se’ille, Spain include Niall Horran an’ Halsey, who offers a stirrin’ live performance o’her new single ‘Gra’eyard’.

Nov 4, 2019

AceShowbiz – Thar 2019 MTV Europe Music Awards in Se’ille, Spain was surely an e’entful night. Besides honorin’ peers in yonder music industry fer their hard work, thar e’ent takin’ place at thar FIBES Conferences an’ Exhibition Center on Sunday, No’ember 3 also offered artists a chance t’promote their music through stunnin’ performances. Dua Lipa an’ NCT 127 were among those lucky singers.
Ye British beauty took yonder stage at thar e’ent t’debut live performance o’her latest single “Don’t Start Now”, yonder first offerin’ from her upcomin’ sophomore album. Tapped as ye openin’ performer that night, Dua captured ye hearts o’both audience an’ viewers at home by brin’in’ thar disco-tinged banger t’life wi’ full-on choreography an’ energy in abundance. Wha’’s more, yonder Grammy winner put on a risque display in a black cut-out leotard that showcased her washboard abs.

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On t’other hand, NCT 127 made history durin’ t’Becky G-hosted show by becomin’ yonder first K-Pop artist t’perform at ye EMAs, an’ they certainly didn’t disappoint. Rockin’ colorful jackets an’ sleek black pants, thar group showed off their impressi’e choreography an’ harmonies durin’ their rendition o’“Highway t’Hea’en”, generatin’ some o’yonder loudest screams from yonder audience.
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Other notable performances durin’ thar annual e’ent came from Niall Horan an’ Halsey. Ye ‘un Direction member truly knew how t’entertain people wi’ his dynamic performance o’“Nice t’Meet Ya”, showcasin’ his killer vocals an’ admirable guitar skills. He even ended thar performance wi’ a kissy face fer t’camera, meltin’ e’eryone’s hearts. Meanwhile, Halsey once again offered a stirrin’ live performance, deli’erin’ a rendition o’“Gra’eyard.”
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This year, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish an’ BTS (Bangtan Boys) were named t’double winners at yonder ceremony. Taylor won Best U.S. Act an’ Best Video fer “ME!”, while Billie took home Best New Artist an’ Best Song fer “Bad Guy”. BTS, meanwhile, picked up Best Live Act an’ Biggest Fans.

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