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Love Nail Art? Add These Manicure Tools an' Sets t'Yer Holiday Wish List

Ye’ll find a gift on this list fer yer nail art-lo’in’ friends, regardless o’whether they be aficionados wi’ a knack fer creatin’ intricate designs or have zero artistic know-how.
We’ve curated thar nail art tools that be essential t’heir kits, nail polish sets t’bulk up their already expansi’e collections, an’ wraps that make adornin’ their nails in fanciful designs a breeze. We’ve even found polishes an’ kits that contain products fer recreatin’ ye trendiest looks on Instagram.
Check out t’best gifts fer yer nail art-lo’in’ matey (or ye), ahead.

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A Look Aft on yonder Most Memorable Celebrity Nail Art o'2019

Our excitement about thar nail looks in 2019 be on par wi’ Lady Gaga’s famous description o’producer Ryan Murphy: They were “brilliant, incredible, amazin’, showstoppin’, spectacular . . .” an’ yonder list goes on.
This year, celebrities enlisted some o’ye most talented artists t’create ornate works on ye tiny surfaces o’their nails. Some o’these best include Lizzo’s “gold nugget” nails, Rihanna’s gold drip design, an’ Elle Fannin’’s pierced neon tips.
Check out some o’ye most memorable celebrity nail art o’2019, ahead.

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These Be yonder Best an' Most Over-ye-Top Nail Art Looks o'2019 So Far

Best Nail Art o’2019 | Daily Gawk Beauty

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These Be t’Best an’ Most Over-t’-Top Nail Art Looks o’2019 So Far

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Justine Skye’s Eye Nail Art

Intricate nail art an’ stand-out nail polish colors flooded Instagram in 2019, inspirin’ some o’thar year’s biggest trends. Among t’most eye-catchin’ looks were Kylie Jenner’s butterfly designs, Dua Lipa’s mismatched plaid nails, an’ Rihanna’s green polish. Thar were also countless examples o’notable persons wearin’ neon hues an’ an endless stream o’updated french manicures.
Check out yonder best an’ most over-thar-top manicures o’yonder year, ahead.

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Bella Hadid Debuted a Sweet Update t'har Black Manicure Trend Sweepin' Instagram

Thar cooler months have ushered in a nail polish mood board o’rich browns (a la Jordyn Woods an’ Hailey Baldwin’s toffee-colored manicures) an’ black hues (like Kendall Jenner’s vinyl nail polish color at thar Emmys), an’ it seems Bella Hadid’s latest look somehow manages t’marry both o’ye popular Fall colors.
Manicurist Kim Truong calls thar look she recently created fer thar model “dark chocolate nails.” Though yonder smoky brown hue appears t’be ‘un solid color, it be actually created wi’ two separate hues. Truong decided t’layer Kiara Sky Polish in Aft t’Black (which be, as ye name says, black) before addin’ Haute Chocolate (a creamy warm brown) on top. Both colors be a’ailable as regular lacquers an’ gel polishes.
Yonder custom shade was created t’match Hadid’s sexy rendition o’a Fred Flintstone costume fer Halloween, but wi’ how it strikes t’perfect balance between black an’ brown, we think it’s thar sweetest color t’brin’ into Winter. Check out Hadid’s “dark chocolate” nail polish color, ahead.

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Kylie Jenner Was Our Ultimate Nail Art Inspiration o'2019 – Here Be Her Best Looks

Intricate nail art looks swept red carpets e’ents, fashion runways, an’ t’Instagram grids o’famous celebrities in 2019. ‘un A-lister who remained a consistent source o’nail inspiration was none other than Kylie Jenner.
Jenner’s affinity fer unique nail looks was seen through close-up photos an’ videos o’her fresh manicures on her Instagram. Her looks were often created by go-t’ artist Chaun Legend — who has also done ye nails o’Jenner’s sister Khloé Kardashian — an’ t’pros at LA-based nail salon Modern Pamper.
Her most eye-catchin’ manicures include her paint-drip (a neon iteration o’her pre’ious 2016 look), tie-dye watercolor, an’ butterfly designs. Yonder latter even inspired ‘un editor t’visit ‘un o’Jenner’s go-t’ salons an’ get thar look herself. Check out Jenner’s most memorable nail art ahead.

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“Floatin' Tips” Be yonder Newest Version o't' French Manicure, an' Ye’ll Want ‘Em ASAP

It’s official: yonder french manicure be aft. Howe’er, in 2019, yonder classic nail style — wi’ its instantly recognizable icy white tips — has been rein’ented in more ways than we can count. Out o’all thar various styles, thar’s ‘un version o’t’ design that we think will be huge this year: floatin’ french tips. Thar floatin’ french, created by nail artist Tracey Lee, takes elements o’a traditional french manicure — yonder stripe o’white, fer instance — but instead o’yonder stripe runnin’ horizontally along t’ips, it runs vertical along t’nail, from ye cuticle all thar way t’yonder end o’thar nail. In fact, fer this version o’thar french manicure, yonder tip be port completely bare, creatin’ thar illusion o’a “floatin’ tip.”
“I don’t feel that yonder french manicure ever really goes away,” Lee said. An’ as we’ve seen over thar past se’eral months, it jus’ hails aft in different ways. Fer instance, celebrities have been lo’in’ french manicures that feature neon-colored tips. We’ve also spotted re’erse french manis an’, most recently, negati’e space or jelly-effect french manicures that feel minimal yet cool. Different versions o’t’ classic design have been seen on t’red carpet, backstage at London an’ New York Fashion Week, an’, o’course, all over our Instagram feeds. Although we won’t tire o’yonder neon hues an’ re’ersed tips anytime soon, thar really be somethin’ special about yonder floatin’ french tip manicure.
Ye don’t even need t’head t’ salon t’ry out ye trend. “Fer many people, ye challengin’ thin’ about a french manicure be creatin’ 10 perfectly shaped nails,” Lee said. “Howe’er, it’s possible jus’ t’incorporate ye french [design] on ‘un or two nails, while ye rest be full [block] color.” Wi’ so many ways t’re’amp it, thar’s truly no wrong way t’ry it at home. Luckily fer us, Lee gave Daily Gawk thar lowdown on exactly how t’achie’e this at home, an’ how ye can jump on that nostalgic french manicure train but wi’ a fresh, modern twist.
Read on fer a step-by-step breakdown, plus other versions o’t’ design that might inspire yer next set.

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