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Yonder Modern-Day Mullet Be Stagin' a Comeback (Yarr, Ye Read That Right)

Thar’s no delicate way t’address this, so we’re jus’ goin’ t’come out wi’ it: yonder mullet haircut be stagin’ a comeback, an’ no, we’re not kiddin’. Oh, wait, don’t go! We have good news, an’ it’s that this be not t’same throwback look ye might remember from t’’90s (because that ‘un firmly belongs in a Joe Dirt mo’ie or ye “Achy Breaky Heart” music video).

“This haircut be fer someone who be confident, who steps outside ye box, an’ whose style be on t’edgier side.”

No, ye 2019 rendition o’thar faithfully di’isi'e “business in t’front, party in thar aft” style be much cooler an’ way more low-key. Celebrity hairstylist an’ cofounder o’Nine Zero ‘un salon Riawna Capri has dubbed it “thar chillet” — a chill mullet. “It’s a more modified an’ more fashion-forward version o’yonder mullet,” she said, addin’ that ye needn’t commit t’har full chop t’reap its benefits. “Yonder definition o’a mullet be short at ye front an’ sides, an’ long in thar aft. Ob’iously [Madison Paige’s, pictured here] hair in ye aft isn’t longer than ye hair in thar front, but it has yonder illusion or silhouette o’a mullet, as opposed t’an exact copy.”
Consider askin’ yer hairstylist fer more o’a shag hybrid or curtain bangs t’soften yonder look, an’ be prepared t’brin’ in inspiration photos — like t’ones ahead — o’styles ye like, plus ‘un o’Billy Ray Cyrus . . . ye know, t’show off wha’ ye don’t.
If nothin’ else, jus’ remember: “This haircut be fer someone who be confident, who steps outside t’box, an’ whose style be on thar edgier side,” Capri said. “Ultimately, when ye’re wearin’ a unique hairstyle or piece o’clothin’, if ye have t’confidence t’rock it an’ be different, e’eryone else will love it, too.”

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