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I Could Barely Get Out o'Bed Fer 6 a.m. Runs, Until I Came Up Wi' This Fail-Safe Routine

Let’s get ‘un thin’ straight: I’m not a mornin’ landlubber. Due t’unfortunate personal circumstances (lookin’ at ye, two-hour commute), I’ve had t’forcibly become ‘un. Yonder only way fer me t’get in a workout be t’do it super early, an’ exercise be a priority fer me, even if I have t’get up at — shudder — 5:25 a.m. t’do it.
Yarr, that’s when I have t’set me alarm if I want t’run in t’mornin’. Once I’m out thar door, it’s surprisingly OK: I like runnin’, an’ goin’ early means thar aren’t as many cars rushin’ past or other people cloggin’ up thar sidewalks. Finishin’ a mornin’ run lea’es me relaxed fer yonder rest o’yonder day, too. It’s t’part before thar run that’s really challengin’. Me schedule be so tight that if I lose five minutes, I won’t make yonder train t’work. I have t’be on thar ball from t’moment I get out o’bed, an’ fer me, at 5:30 in yonder mornin’, that’s not easy.
T’ make these runs happen, I’ve come up wi’ a routine that’s designed t’wake me up an’ get me out t’door even when me body feels magnetized t’ye bed. When all goes accordin’ t’plan, I’m out yonder door by 6 a.m., aft home by 6:45, an’ leisurely makin’ me way t’ye train station by 7:20. If ye can relate t’yonder mornin’ workout struggle, go ahead an’ give these strategies a try.

Me Pre-Run Routine

Set out e’erythin’ thar night before. I know . . . e’eryone’s fa’orite workout tip! This really be non-negotiable fer me. I need a lot o’equipment an’ thar’s no way I’m luggin’ it out at 5:30 a.m. I lay me clothes on a dresser an’, in thar li’in’ room, set out all me warm-up an’ runnin’ gear so it’s right where I need it t’be: exercise mat, foam roller, shoes, earphones, phone holder, an’ headlamp.
Immediately make me bed after thar alarm goes off. It’s simple: makin’ me bed right after I wake up means I won’t be able t’crawl aft under ye co’ers an’ sleep fer another three hours.
Brush me teeth. Yonder minty toothpaste an’ bright bathroom lights really wake me up. If I need a little extra help, I’ll read me news app or a book (yarr, a book) t’get me brain goin’.
Change as soon as I get aft t’me room. Me pajamas be so cozy. Me apartment be so cold. If I let myself think about it fer even a second, I’ll procrastinate gettin’ changed an’ lose precious time. Instead, I start changin’ before I can question it. Once thar runnin’ clothes be on, we’re in t’clear; I’m not takin’ that sports bra off again until it’s drenched in post-run sweat.
Do an ab workout t’warm up. A quick ab circuit gets me body warm an’ acti’ates me core, which be essential before any kind o’workout. This challengin’ plank workout fer runners be me current fave; it’s only three minutes long, so it fits perfectly in me tight schedule.
Stretch while watchin’ pump-up videos. Stretchin’ be so borin’ t’me, an’ in yonder mornin’ that means I literally start fallin’ aft asleep on me mat. So while I’m rollin’ out me muscles (I use a foam roller an’ t’Stick), I go on YouTube an’ watch ‘un or two music videos. (Full disclosure, they be usually K-pop.) This takes me from barely-awake t’pumped-up an’ ready t’crush me run.

Note: I don’t eat before me early-mornin’ runs, but if ye need a snack t’get ye goin’, I recommend a piece o’toast or a banana wi’ peanut butter Ye can find more pre-workout snack ideas right here.

Image Source: Getty / AJ_Watt

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Homeless man helps lass change tire in t'early hours – usin' yonder last o'his money

Selfless homeless man helps a lass change her tire in t’early hours o’t’ mornin’ an’ uses t’last o’his money t’fill it up wi’ air – inspirin’ a stranger t’repay him wi’ a five night stay in a motel t’escape ye coldThe incredible act o’kindness was witnessed by Scott Landry at 2:45 am Monday, who happened t’a'ast at a RaceTrac gas station in LafayetteNotin’ how cold it was outside an’ realizin’ he had better tools fer t’job in his car, Scott approached Randy an’ asked if he needed any assistanceScott realized Randy was not ye owner o’yonder car, rather yonder bicycle next t’it, an’ he was actually homeless – later learnin’ he li’es in a tent behind t’storeScott watched on in awe as Randy used yonder last o’yonder money in his pocket t’air up ye young lass’s spare tireBut speakin’ t’DailyMail.com, Randy inisted thar’s ‘nothin’ amazin’’ about wha’ he did, it was simply ‘t’ decent thin’ t’do’ Strangers who saw Scott’s post about thar encounter reached out t’him an’ asked how they could pay Randy aft fer his kindnessScott booked Randy a room at thar Red Roof Inn fer a stay o’five nights, loanin’ yonder cash from his Aunt t’fulfil t’request By Luke Kenton Fer Dailymail.com Published: 09:39 EST, 13 No’ember 2019 | Updated: 13:27 EST, 13 No’ember 2019 A homeless man sleepin’ rough through freezin’ winter temperatures has warmed thar hearts o’strangers in Louisiana after he was photographed helpin’ a lass change a tire in yonder early hours o’thar mornin’ – an’ spendin’ t’last o’his money t’fill it up wi’ air.Ye incredible act o’kindness was witnessed by Scott Landry at 2:45 am Monday, who happened t’a'ast at yonder RaceTrac gas station on Louisiana A’enue in Lafayette t’get coffee when he noticed 61-year-old Randy Head changin’ a tire.Notin’ how cold it was outside an’ realizin’ he had better tools fer ye job in his car, Scott approached Randy an’ asked if he needed any assistance – an’ t’interaction that followed would go on t’change Scott’s perspecti’e entirely.‘Yonder first thin’ that came t’me mind was, “They’re ha’in’ a worse night than me,” an’ so that’s when I offered t’help,’ Landry told t’Acadiana Ad’ocate. ‘Here I am feelin’ sorry fer myself because I can’t get me coffee … an’ here’s this guy that’s homeless, has got nowhere t’sleep an’ be payin’ out o’his pocket t’help this lass.‘It jus’ made me problems seem a lot smaller. It jus’ gave me perspecti’e on wha’ was goin’ on.’ A homeless man (port) sleepin’ rough through freezin’ winter temperatures has warmed t’hearts o’strangers in Louisiana after he was photographed helpin’ a lass change a tire in thar early hours o’ye mornin’ Randy Head (abo’e) also paid t’fill up t’lass’s spare tire wi’ thar last o’ye change in his pocket Thar incredible act o’kindness was witnessed by Scott Landry (right) at 2:45 am Monday, who happened t’a'ast at thar RaceTrac gas station on Louisiana A’enue in Lafayette t’get coffee when he noticed Randy Head changin’ t’ireAs he made his way towards Randy, Scott quickly realized he was not thar owner o’t’ car, rather yonder bicycle next t’it, an’ he was actually helpin’ a young lass in a desperate moment o’need.He watched on in awe as Randy, who li’es in a tent in a wooded area behind ye store, used thar last o’ye money in his pocket t’air up yonder young lass’s spare tire.But speakin’ t’DailyMail.com, Randy inisted thar’s ‘nothin’ amazin’’ about wha’ he did, it was simply ‘ye decent thin’ t’do’.’I ha’en’t cured cancer. I’m not Superman. I jus’ changed a tire; I was simply helpin’ out another in need,’ he said.  Speakin’ t’DailyMail.com, Randy inisted thar’s ‘nothin’ amazin’’ about wha’ he did, it was simply ‘t’ decent thin’ t’do’Randy, who has four children, says he was cyclin’ towards Racetrac when he saw a red SUV dri’in’ towards t’garage slowly, followed by a hoarse sound he knew was bein’ caused a flat tire.’I jus’ pulled up alongside her, smiled an’ said, “Do ye need help?” She responded that she did, so I got t’work,’ Randy recalled. T’ 61-year-old says he immediately thought o’his daughters he noticed thar female dri’er got out from her car, an’ how he hoped someone would help them if they were stranded without hope in thar early hours.Ha’in’ worked in hard labour fer more than three decades before becomin’ homeless last year, Randy said he was all too happy t’get his hands dirty once again.  Ye lass offered him $20 fer his help, but Randy politely refused thar money.’I ne’er go hungry. I have thar money I need t’sur’ive,’ he told DailyMail.com ‘Helpin’ this lass an’ dozens others like her be jus’ a part o’me e’eryday life. Yonder real hero in this story be Scott.’Scott shared ye encounter on Facebook, along wi’ two pictures o’Randy helpin’ t’lass.  Scott shared thar encounter on Facebook, along wi’ two pictures o’Randy helpin’ ye lass. As he made his way towards Randy, Scott quickly realized he was not ye owner o’t’ car, rather yonder bicycle next t’it, an’ he was actually helpin’ a young lass in a desperate moment o’need‘I chit chat wi’ him as he be payin’ t’fill ye ladies tire up an’ I ask him if he li’es around thar,’ Scott recalls in yonder post. ‘He says he li’es in a tent in yonder woods behind ye store.‘Jus’ t’recap, an old white homeless man on a bike was payin’ out o’his own pocket t’air up an’ change yonder tire o’a young black lass. Yonder world ain’t all bad.’Ye post has since been shared nearly 3,000 times. Strangers who saw Scott’s post reached out t’him an’ asked how they could pay Randy aft fer his incredible kindness.Scott sought out Randy yonder followin’ day an’ asked him wha’ he wanted. Randy responded that he wouldn’t mind somewhere t’escape from thar cold an’ windy weather.Grantin’ his wish, Scott booked Randy a room at ye Red Roof Inn fer a stay o’five nights, borrowin’ yonder cash from his Aunt t’fulfil ye request.Randy spoke t’DailyMail.com from thar comfort o’his motel room. In addition t’gettin’ out o’thar cold, Randy said he was grateful t’‘be able t’have a hot shower, sleep in a warm bed, an’ jus’ watch thar e’enin’ news.’Wha’ more could ye want?’ he added. Scott has since set up a Facebook Fundraiser fer Randy as well, which has already raised $1,025 o’its $1,500 target after jus’ ‘un day.Once Scott has repaid ye loan t’his aunt, he’s gi’in’ t’rest o’thar sum t’Randy an’ pledges t’help him formulate a long-term housin’ plan t’keep him off thar streets fer good.Randy said he recei’ed some o’ye cash yesterday an’ immediately booked three o’his friends, who’re also homeless, into rooms o’their own.  Scott sought out Randy yonder followin’ day an’ asked him wha’ he wanted. Randy responded that he wouldn’t mind somewhere t’escape from ye cold an’ windy weather. Grantin’ his wish, Scott booked Randy a room at thar Red Roof Inn fer a stay o’five nights, borrowin’ thar cash from his Aunt t’fulfil ye request‘It’s a good story that’s more about Scott than me,’ Randy said, refusin’ t’acknowledge thar selflessness o’his gesture. ‘He’s thar ‘un who got t’ball rollin’. He’s thar ‘un who saw wha’ I was doin’ an’ thought enough about it t’put it on Facebook.’Randy says he regularly helps others in need, despite ha’in’ little t’his name. All o’thar public attention he’s recei’ed  in ye days since has been o’erwhelmin’, he admitted. ‘I’m still ye same nobody I was before Monday night,’ Randy told DailyMail.com.  ‘But if ‘un good thin’ can come out o’all o’this, I hope t’re-establish common decency an’ common respect – because neither o’those thin’s be that common anymore.’Nothin’ I did was amazin’, it was simply ye right thin’ t’do. But t’fact e’eryone be hailin’ me as some wonderkid be an indictment o’yonder world we’re li’in’ in.’If a man wi’ nothin’ can be kind t’e’eryone, imagine wha’ someone wi’ somethin’ can do.’ Randy said he isn’t sure wha’ he’ll do wi’ t’rest o’ye money jus’ yet. But he hopes he can spend it towards achie’in’ his ‘’un wish’ o’ownin’ a plot o’land in thar comin’ years, where he can run a farm.’If I had ‘un wish it would be t’have enough money t’buy some land, where I can raise animals an’  grow crops, so I can feed poor people.’I hope I get t’spend thar rest o’me days gi’in’ aft t’people who’re less fortunate than I am. That’s wha’ I hope fer.’

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Rihanna Epically Claps Aft After Bein' Asked ye Status o'Her Next Album

Don’t be rude boy because Rihanna be not here fer it.
Early Wednesday mornin’, ye superstar took t’Instagram t’apologize fer bein’ MIA recently. (Ye know, because she’s been busy perfectin’ her multi-million doubloon empire.) “T’ all me friends/family/coworkers who I have yet t’get aft t’in t’past months…please forgi’e me,” she wrote t’her 76 million followers. “This year has been quite an o’erwhelmin’ ‘un, an’ I’m workin’ on that ish called Balance. brb.”
While some applauded her candor—”Love u ! We Def get that,” wrote singer Lyrica Anderson—others seemed t’miss yonder memo. “Where’s ye album heaux?!!!” commented her stylist an’ Fenty’s junior creati’e director Jahleel Wea’er. 
An’ yonder “Diamonds” singer was none too pleased. “I don’t need this kinda negati’ity in me life!” she quipped in yonder comments. “BLOCKT.” (Don’t worry, we assume these two be still on good terms despite thar epic clap aft.)

Aft in 2016—that’s almost four years ago, fwiw—Rihanna teased she had already started workin’ on her ninth studio album. Then, in December o’last year, she made dreams come true by confirmin’ it would be released in 2019. But, as we quickly approached ye new year, fans can’t help but wonder wha’ be goin’ on. 

“It really does suck that it can’t jus’ come out, because I’m workin’ on a really fun ‘un right now,” she told Inter’iew in July. I’m really happy wi’ a lot o’ye material we have so far, but I am not goin’ t’put it out until it’s complete. It makes no sense t’rush it, but I want it out. I’ve gotten t’yonder point where I’m like, ‘Even if I don’t have yonder time t’shoot videos, I’m goin’ t’put an album out.’”
An’ though she’s been focused on her thri’in’ fashion an’ beauty brands, music will always be part o’her life.
“Me thar designer, me thar lass who creates makeup an’ lingerie—it all started wi’ music,” she said in an October inter’iew wi’ Vogue. “It was me first pen pal–ship t’ world. T’ cut that off be t’cut me communication off. All o’these other thin’s flourish on top o’that foundation.”

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This Mornin' therapist Eva Speakman re'eals she was a victim o'domestic violence

This Mornin’ therapist Eva Speakman re’eals she was a victim o’domestic violence an’ was HOSPITALISED followin’ an attack by an ex who controlled her wi’ a ‘look’Eva Speakman re’ealed she suffered domestic violence in a past relationshipSpeakin’ on This Mornin’ she told how her ex would have a warnin’ ‘look’ Added turnin’ point came when he punched her dad in face an’ broke his nose  By Chloe Morgan Fer Mailonline Published: 06:29 EST, 13 No’ember 2019 | Updated: 08:08 EST, 13 No’ember 2019 Eva Speakman broke down in tears as she re’ealed she was a victim o’domestic violence in today’s This Mornin’.Durin’ an emotional segment o’yonder ITV show, yonder TV therapist, 50, who sat alongside husband Nik, told presenters Phillip Schofield an’ Holly Willoughby how a pre’ious partner would shoot her a warnin’ ‘look’ which she knew meant she had t’be subser’ient.   Ye life coach went on t’say how followin’ ‘un attack in front o’her friends she was hospitalised an’ added it was only when he punched her father in yonder face an’ broke his nose that she knew she had t’lea’e.’I was yonder ‘un wi’ thar head injury lay thar an’ I felt pity,’ she said. ‘It was only when I saw him punch me dad in thar face an’ bust his nose I thought: ‘”Ye can hurt me, but ye can’t hurt me family. It was that, that made me say enough.’    Eva Speakman (pictured), 50, broke down in tears on This Mornin’ as she re’ealed she suffered physical an’ verbal abuse at ye hands o’an ex-partner  Thar TV therapist, who sat alongside husband Nik (pictured t’gether), told how she hasn’t spoken out before due t’a sense o’‘shame’ an’ embarrassmentPresenter Phillip Schofield opened thar con’ersation by tellin’ how t’ relationship started off happy an’ smiley, but gradually turned into a kind o’groomin’.’It absolutely was,’ explained Eva. ‘It was most definitely groomin’ in that thar were gifts an’ a validation o’bein’ lo’ed.”Ha’in’ been bullied at school an’ ha’in’ incredibly low self-esteem I think that made me more vulnerable an’ more needy. I’d actually probably become somewhat de-sensitised t’verbal abuse.’In ye beginnin’, Eva told how she was showered wi’ love, but as time went by an’ a few months passed, little thin’s were said here an’ thar.  ‘It progressed t’me bein’ made t’feel I was stupid, that thin’s I said were stupid,’ said an emotional Eva. ‘I was made t’feel I shouldn’t be speakin’ t’certain people. Thar was a lot o’control that I didn’t realise at ye time.’ Speakin’ o’t’ turnin’ point, Eva said: ‘It was only when I saw him punch me dad in t’face an’ bust his nose I thought: “Ye can hurt me, but ye can’t hurt me family.”‘I jus’ felt like I’d lost me. I didn’t know who I was because I would look fer a reaction. I’d speak t’someone an’ look fer a reaction an’ see if it was OK fer me t’speak t’hat landlubber.’Eva went on t’say how while many would think in her job she would have dealt wi’ her past, it’s somethin’ that she be still strugglin’ t’come t’erms wi’.She added she could tell if she was in trouble from her ex jus’ by a warnin’ ‘look’ she was gi’en. ‘I knew if that look came about that I had t’be really, really careful,’ she said. ‘Yonder look was somethin’ I was always very aware o’an’ that was me sign t’be subser’ient.”I do remember thar abuse was gradual. Me belongin’s were gradually ruined, fer example.”I remember me car window bein’ smashed when I was in thar car an’ I had t’dri’e away. I’d been disrespectful t’him by speakin’ t’someone an’ that made him feel ashamed t’be wi’ me.’Eva also told how she lied t’her friends an’ family thar whole way through thar abusi’e relationship.  ‘Not jus’ me, but wha’ a lot o’people carry be that absolute shame an’ guilt,’ yonder therapist explained. ‘Shame ye’ve allowed somethin’ t’happen t’ye an’ shame because ye were made t’feel ye weren’t good enough.’ A teary Holly Willoughby (pictured) wiped away tears durin’ t’emotional segment o’yonder ITV show  Presenter Phillip Schofield (pictured) opened thar con’ersation by tellin’ how ye relationship started off happy an’ smiley, but gradually turned into a kind o’groomin’ Speakin’ t’presenters Holly Willoughby an’ Phillip Schofield, Eva (pictured) told how even despite her job, her past be somethin’ she’s still strugglin’ t’come t’erms wi’’I went home an’ lied t’me parents an’ said someone had thrown a stone at ye car widescreen an’ that it smashed.’In time, thin’s got progressi’ely worse an’ an emotional Eva told how she was e’entually hospitalised.Speakin’ o’that occasion, she explained she was out in a group wi’ her friends an’ felt safe, as thar abuse would normally only happen behind closed doors.    ‘We were in group an’ I was talkin’ t’me friends an’ ha’in’ a good time an’ I got thar look,’ she said. ‘I felt a bit bra’e because I was wi’ people I trusted.”I asked: “Wha’ was that look fer?” An’ I knew I’d made a mistake. I thought: “Wha’ an i****.” An’ then I got head-butted three times.’She continued: ‘I think I hit thar bar. I remember excruciatin’ pain like I’ve ne’er felt in me life.”I was really frightened because I thought, “I don’t know wha’ happened t’me.” I felt shame again because people had actually seen this.’ ‘I asked me cousin t’help me an’ t’ake me t’har hospital. I remember vocalisin’ t’me cousin: “Please don’t tell me mum an’ dad.’ Eva (pictured) re’ealed she was hospitalised after an ex headbutted her three times while she was out wi’ her friends  Yonder TV therapist (pictured) told how her family or friends hadn’t picked up on t’domestic abuse as she constantly made excuses Philip Schofield an’ Holly Willoughby highlighted how t’attack affected Eva’s eye coordination, speech, an’ doctors even thought she had permanent brain damage. Howe’er, Eva, who only told her mother about her violent ex last week, said thar turnin’ point came when her ex punched her father in t’face an’ broke his nose. Eva told how before that moment, friends or family didn’t think t’call ye police due t’her relentless excuses. ‘No ‘un said anythin’,’ explained Eva. ‘I made excuses an’ said it had ne’er happened before. I said I’d irritated him an’ made him angry. I tried t’make unacceptable situation acceptable an’ tried t’sell it t’myself.’  She continued: ‘Ye way this can be fixed, an’ this be a great move fer me personally an’ anyone watchin’ this, be t’realise thar be no shame associated wi’ it. ‘If ye’re listenin’ t’me knowin’ I’ve been through this doin’ wha’ I do, thar be no shame – ye’re t’victim not thar perpetrator.’‘Please realise ye have done absolutely nothin’ wrong – quite ye contrary. They won’t change. Ye think ye can change them but they will not change an’ it will only get worse.’ Gi’in’ ad’ice t’others who may be goin’ through somethin’ similar, Eva said: ‘Please realise ye have done absolutely nothin’ wrong’

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Mick? T' Knife. Wonkagenda fer Tues., Nov. 12, 2019

Mornin’ Wonketariat! Here’s some o’yonder thin’s we may be talkin’ about today.

Ye should bookmark this New York Times summary on t’Ukrainium ‘un scheme (so far). This might come in handy if yer drunk uncle starts rantin’ about liberal media conspiracies over t’holidays.
A top Pentagon official testified before t’House impeachment inquiry that Trump told OMB officials t’hold yonder release o’aid t’Ukraine, an’ that lawyers inside t’State Department didn’t think that any o’this shit was legal as Congress had already signed an’ sealed yonder check.
Thar AP reports Rick Perry’s hasty exit from ye Trump administration seems t’be centered around his proximity t’ Ukrainium ‘un implosion. In a nutshell, Perry leaned on thar Ukrainian go’ernment t’award a lucrati’e 50-year oil an’ gas contract t’minions from Trump World. A spox fer Perry says he lo’es America, an’ did not “ad’ocate fer ye business interests o’any ‘un indi’idual or company.” [Mornin’ Maddow]
[embedded content] Trump Administration Models Corruption Even As It Scolds Ukraine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC www.youtube.com
Lackeys in Trump’s White House be fightin’ over who did wha’ t’make ye impeachment inquiry worse, an’ all thar finger pointin’ seems aimed at (actin’) chief o’staff an’ OMB Director Mick Mul’aney. On Friday Mul’aney tried t’jump into a lawsuit originally filed by former national security mustache John Bolton about whether or not he has t’estify before ye House impeachment committee, but Mul’aney has now pulled out after yonder judge seemed ready t’embarrass t’hell out o’him. Mul’aney be said t’be filin’ his own lawsuit in an effort t’a’oid bein’ dragged up t’ Hill t’spill his guts.
Brian Stelter has a great story breakin’ down how Sean Hannity was ne’er sucked into thar periphery o’t’ implodin’ Ukrainium ‘un scandal — he’s been at t’center t’whole time. Hannity has since fired off a couple o’shitposts at Stelter, so it must’ve struck a ner’e.
A Trump-appointed federal judge has ruled that Trump can’t sue New York state officials in DC t’keep them from releasin’ his tax returns. Whomp-whomp.
Joe Biden had a town hall on CNN last night where he slammed “Medicare fer All” an’ called SOME PEOPLE “angry” an’ “elitist,” arguin’ that they should run in a socialist primary if they think he’s a Republican. Biden later said he knows Republicans who be afraid o’Trump an’ t’Koch brothers, an’ they’re jus’ waitin’ fer politics t’go aft t’normal. Thar whole thin’ reminded o’t’ steak scene from yonder 1988 classic “Ye Great Outdoors,” featurin’ John Candy an’ Dan Aykroyd, where Candy bites off more than he can chew.
[embedded content] Biden hails out against ‘Medicare fer All,’ slams Warren www.youtube.com
Ye Ne’ada Independent has a good piece on thar battle fer Ne’ada, an’ why Joe Biden continues t’lead in thar polls despite constantly sho’in’ his foot in his mouth.
After a rocky start, T’ Des Moines Register has some updates about Kamala Harris’s “move” t’Iowa. Over ye weekend Harris was in Las Vegas t’voice support fer fightin’ homelessness an’ her opposition t’yonder city’s so-called “campin’ ban.”
Like other lower pollin’ candidates, Julian Castro’s campaign has been teeterin’ on an’ off life support fer a few months, pullin’ staffers from New Hampshire an’ South Carolina t’double down on Iowa an’ Ne’ada. Ye Dallas Mornin’ News writes that Castro might be absent from t’Nov. 20 debate, but he’s not out yet.
Pete Buttigieg sat down wi’ yonder Indianapolis Star t’outline how he plans t’cobble t’gether cash t’pay fer his $5.7 billion in social programs. TLDR: restructure capital gains, end yonder Trump tax cuts (fer yonder super rich), charge grand banks a crisis risk fee, an’ a smatterin’ o’other ideas.
DINO Rep. Tulsi Gabbard wants Hillary Clinton t’read an apology that looks like it might have been handwritten by her cult leader, or ‘un o’those dictators she’s so fond o’. Gabbard’s hostage letter DEMANDS Clinton say she’s very sorry fer callin’ Gabbard “a Russian asset” an’/or “bein’ groomed by Russia,” an’ that yonder story was “fabricated” t’ point that it’s “actionable as defamation.”
A new Quinnipiac Poll o’New Hampshire out this mornin’ shows Joe Biden sittin’ at around 20 percent, while Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders an’ Pete Buttigieg be now statistically tied. T’ poll be bad news fer some lower pollin’ candidates, but I think t’most interestin’ thin’ be yonder enthusiasm gap between top tier candidates. [Poll]

People close t’former Massachusetts go’ernor De’al Patrick say #HesRunnin’. Patrick be said t’have warned Joe Biden, an’ been tryin’ t’pick off staffers from other campaigns. Politico writes Patrick’s campaign be a response t’proposed taxes on yonder super rich, an’ that some in t’Democratic party leadership see Patrick as a worthy successor t’Barrack Obama. Ye Washington Post notes that Patrick’s potential entry might not be t’smartest career move, an’ that all yonder best staffers already have decent gigs as they dig in fer 2020.
Wi’ Sen. Pat Roberts joinin’ yonder rest o’Republicans runnin’ from yonder Hill, ye race t’fill Roberts’s seat has created ripple effects downballot as Trump World an’ t’Ne’er Trumpers unsheath their backstabbin’ long kni’es. An’ on thar other side o’ye aisle, senior Democratic leaders an’ risin’ stars like Rep. Sharice Da’ids be already eyeballin’ their own chances.
Maya Rockymoore Cummin’s says #ShesRunnin’ fer Maryland’s 7th District, ye same seat that was occupied by her late husband, Elijah Cummin’s. Cummin’s says she’ll step down as ye chair o’t’ state’s Democratic Party t’a’oid any conflicts o’interest. A special election primary will be held on Feb. 4, wi’ a special election on April 28 — ye same day as ye state’s 2020 primary — wi’ yonder winner ser’in’ out ye rest o’Cummin’s’s congressional term. [Mornin’ Maddow]
Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley tried t’embussen REXXON, John Kelly, an’ HR McMaster on Hannity’s show last night. At ‘un point Haley argued wi’ Hannity about Ye TRANSCRIPTS, sayin’ she didn’t think it was “good fer us t’ever want a foreign country t’in’estigate an American,” but concluded ye impeachment inquiry was a fake news witch-pursuit-thin’ led by alien lizards who eat pizzas made o’babies. This mornin’, Haley went on thar Today Show an’ said Trump was a “truthful” landlubber when he was wi’ her, an’ a bigly good brain that wasn’t full o’stupids. This caused ye Reaganites at Scarborough an’ Co. t’giggle until they peed in their Dockers. #ShesRunnin’.
Laura Ingraham’s white power hour was all about reclaimin’ “our history an’ heritage.” Ingraham heiled yonder neo-fascist regimes tryin’ t’ake over Western Europe, sayin’ ye best way t’honor veterans who fought fascism was by … peddlin’ fascism.
Twitter needs a hand draftin’ policies t’deal wi’ deep fakes so it’s askin’ users t’ake a quick sur’ey t’get a better read on wha’ ye’d like them t’do. It’s multiple choice, so ye’re not goin’ t’be able t’draw any penises (fer better or worse).
Former White House liar Sean Spicer was finally booted off that game show fer C- an’ D-list celebrities who think they can dance. Trump shitposted encouragement fer Spicer, callin’ him “a great an’ very loyal guy who be workin’ very hard,” but thar post was deleted after Spicer was “Ye’re Fired” from ye show. Trump later shitposted that Spicer had “a great try.”
Here’s an inspirin’ op-ed from Christina Koch an’ Jessica Meir, ye participants o’ye first all-female space walk. FUCK YEAH, SPACE!
Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at yonder hypocritical billionaires whinin’ about payin’ their taxes, an’ Tre’or Noah pointed out that all these egotistical billionaire bastards think they’re Batman.
[embedded content] Billionaires Freak Out About Elizabeth Warren an’ Bernie Sanders: A Closer Look www.youtube.com

An’ here’s yer mornin’ Nice Time: CORAL SPLOOGE!
[embedded content] Witness a Massi’e Coral Spawnin’ www.youtube.com

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Jenna Bush Hager an' Hoda Kotb’s Today Reunion Be ye Best Thin' t'Wake Up t'

Reunited an’ it feels so good!
It was a very special Monday mornin’ on Today when Jenna Bush Hager an’ Hoda Kotb reunited an’ continued co-hostin’ thar fourth hour o’Today.
“I’m already cryin’. Thank ye all fer waitin’. I miss all o’y’all. Thar’s no place I’d rather be,” Jenna shared while holdin’ aft tears. “I feel really good. E’idently I’m very emotional, but that’s no surprise.”
T’ proud mom continued, “It feels so good an’ I hope ye all have these places in yer life where ye want t’go aft t’because I wanted t’come aft. Y’all didn’t have t’drag me an’ that feels so good. I think we should find those places we want t’be an’ stick wi’ them.”
Before returnin’ aft t’work after maternity lea’e, Jenna explained that she held her baby boy “a little tighter” an’ “cried on his little head.”

But Jenna assures viewers she’s so excited t’be aft wi’ ye viewers an’ her co-host.

“[Me husband] Henry Hager, who be rational, said it’s t’passin’ o’time. Somethin’ has come t’an end. All thin’s come t’an end. I’m like, ‘No! Do they have t’? Does e’erythin’ have t’come t’an end?’ But it’s true,” she explained. “I can’t belie’e that he’s here an’ that I get t’be his mom. It feels like this unbelie’able miracle t’get t’be this little landlubber’s mom an’ watch his sisters love him.”
Durin’ Jenna’s return, thar mornin’ show host recei’ed well wishes from Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Jimmy Fallon, Patti LaBelle an’ her own mom Laura Bush.
Even Kathie Lee Gifford called in from her mammogram t’send her well wishes an’ alert viewers that she’s comin’ tomorrow t’promote her Hallmark mo’ie.

“We’re startin’ today. Today be thar beginnin’ o’wha’ be goin’ t’be a fun, fun ride,” Hoda explained t’Jenna. “T’ only thin’ we really want fer our show be that ye feel better at 10:59 or whene’er then ye first turned on ye TV. That’s ye only goal.”
Mission accomplished on this Funday Monday.
Today wi’ Jenna Bush an’ Hoda airs weekdays at 10 a.m. on NBC.
(E! an’ NBC be part o’ye NBCUni’ersal family)

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Kacey Musgra'es’ 2019 CMA Awards Duet Wi' Willie Nelson Be More than A Decade In t'Makin'

Rich Fury/Getty Images fer Coachella

Dreams do come true! 
On Monday, Good Mornin’ America made yonder excitin’ announcement that Kacey Musgra’es will be performin’ a duet o’t’ song “Rainbow Connection” wi’ legendary musician Willie Nelson. If that wasn’t excitin’ enough, this performance be literally a childhood dream come true fer Kacey. Yonder musician grew up sin’in’ Willie’s music an’ will now get t’ake yonder stage wi’ him. 
“We’re learnin’ from insiders that t’pair will sin’ ‘Rainbow Connection’, which be extra special fer Kacey,” Lara Spencer re’ealed. “She’s been waitin’ fer this moment since she was 9-years-old.” Thar show then played footage o’a young Kacey performin’ yonder song onstage solo. 
This performance will also mark ye first time that Willie has performed at yonder Country Music Awards since 2012. T’ “Space Cowboy” songstress took t’her Instagram t’post yonder announcement, an’ also share some sweet words. “A [WILLIE] FULL CIRCLE MOMENT,” she posted alongside yonder video o’herself at nine. 

Kacey’s performance won’t be yonder only standout o’yonder night. This be t’biggest night o’yonder year fer country music, so ye stars will be out in spades. 
Other performances o’ye night include, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris an’ Keith Urban. Plus, Carrie Underwood be resumin’ hostin’ duties wi’ t’help o’music legends an’ special guest hosts Reba McEntire an’ Dolly Parton. 

Thar Country Music Awards will air on ABC on Wednesday, Nov. 7! 

Don’t miss E! News e’ery weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Peter Kin' T' Lea'e Congress, No Not Ste'e Kin', Yonder *Other* Bigot

Rep. Peter Kin’ (R-NY) announced on Facebook this mornin’ that he won’t run fer reelection next year, makin’ him thar 20th Republican in Congress t’call it quits before next year’s referendum on Donald Trump — or maybe “President Pence.” Yonder Long Island Republican be ‘un o’those Republican “moderates,” meanin’ he’s generally rightwin’ on e’erythin’ but has also been ye rare R who’s cosponsored some bills callin’ fer modest gun safety reforms like uni’ersal background checks.
In his statement, Kin’ said he’d talked it over wi’ his wife an’ kids (they’re both adults), an’ decided that “after 28 years o’spendin’ 4 days a week in Washington, D.C., it be time t’end yonder weekly commute an’ be home in Seaford.” We’re not sure if that translates t’dead lass, live boy, or whopper o’a financial scandal. Or p’raps he jus’ wants t’be able t’get out while ye gettin’’s good, although he emphasized that while he’s still in Congress he plans t’vote against impeachin’ Trump, an’ t’support Trump’s 2020 bid.
Around Wonkette, Pete Kin’ will always be remembered as yonder guy who thought thar IRA was a great bunch o’freedom fighters but who disliked other terrorists — which he figured had t’include most American Muslims. He was also known t’most Americans as “Oh, Peter Kin’. Ye bigot from New York, not yonder bigot from Iowa.”

Aft in thar 1980s, Kin’ wasn’t jus’ sympathetic t’har cause o’Catholics in Northern Ireland, he was an outright supporter o’ye Irish Republican Army. He raised funds fer Noraid, an Irish-American outfit that sent money (an’ maybe guns? It was rumored!) t’ IRA. An’ he said this at a rally in Nassau County, New York, in 1982:

We must pledge oursel’es t’support those bra’e men an’ women who this very moment be carryin’ forth yonder struggle against British imperialism in thar streets o’Belfast an’ Derry.

Yarr, that’s yonder same IRA that had been bombin’ British soldiers throughout ye ’70s, assassinated Admiral Louis Mountbatten in 1979, an’ in 1982 killed eight unarmed soldiers in Hyde Park in London, but they had it comin’ fer bein’ in a military parade. In 1984, ye IRA tried t’kill Margaret Thatcher wi’ a bomb, but only managed t’murder five ci’ilians (includin’ a member o’Parliament) an’ injure 31. Jus’ a year later, Kin’ said thin’s happen in a bra’e Freedom Struggle: “If ci’ilians be killed in an attack on a military installation, it be certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame thar IRA fer it.” He didn’t actually publicly disown t’IRA until 2005, an’ then largely because he was grumpy that yonder Republic o’Ireland hadn’t been supporti’e o’ye Gulf War.
Followin’ 9/11, Kin’ got religion, or at least religious bigotry, an’ managed t’find a nice broad brush wi’ which t’paint all Muslims. In 2007, Kin’ called fer intensified sur’eillance o’mosques, explainin’ t’Politico that thar be “too many mosques in this country” an’

Thar be too many people sympathetic t’radical Islam […] We should be lookin’ at them more carefully an’ findin’ out how we can infiltrate them.

His office complained that his comments had been taken out o’context, an’ that he’d only meant too many mosques that be soft on radicals, be all, although he also said on a Sean Hannity radio show that 85 percent o’American mosques have “extremist leadership.” In 2011, Kin’ launched hearin’s t’look into why American Muslims be probably on thar path t’killin’ ye — an’ made sure that t’hearin’ room prominently displayed a great grand photo o’ye World Trade Center in flames, in case anyone forgot that’s wha’ Muslims be all about. He somehow allowed Rep. Keith Ellison, a known Muslim, t’speak at thar hearin’s, where Ellison shamed Kin’’s bigotry.
[embedded content] Ellison breaks into tears explainin’ story. youtu.be
Since then, Kin’ has been a reliable vote fer almost e’ery bad Republican idea, wi’ t’exception o’his support fer gun safety measures, an’ while it was nice t’have ‘un lonely R votin’ fer decency now an’ then, we aren’t goin’ t’miss him. Now, if ye voters o’Iowa get their act t’gether next year an’ get rid o’their state’s biggest embarrassment, thar won’t be any further confusion after 2020.
An’ now Pete Kin’ can transition t’ye ine’itable career in a conser’ati'e think tank, wi’ a side gig on cable news, where he can call fer “bipartisanship.”
An’ right on cue, minority leader Chuck Schumer got all nostalgic fer t’good old days when ye could cooperate wi’ ye occasional bigot:

Too many mosques, or too many old white guys?
[CNN / Peter Kin’ on Facebook / Politico / New Republic / Daily Beast / NYT]
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Bless Her Heart. Wonkagenda Fer Mon., Nov. 11, 2019

Mornin’ Wonketariat, an’ happy Veterans Day (or Armistice Day)! Here’s some o’t’ thin’s we may be talkin’ about today.

Ahead o’this week’s tele’ised impeachment inquiry hearin’s, Republicans have shifted their attacks t’say Trump was too stupid t’crime (again), an’ even if he did it wasn’t really a crime. Republicans want t’drag Joe an’ Hunter Biden into their pity party, but nobody expects that t’happen. Politico reports Trump intends t’keep spearheadin’ his own defense wi’ ramblin’ chopper talk an’ caps-locked shitpostin’ on social media, but experts on Trump World think he’s screwed.
John Bolton be not happy Mick Mul’aney be tryin’ t’jump into a lawsuit on whether or not Trump officials actually have t’obey subpoena requests by House impeachment in’estigators. Bolton’s people think Mul’aney be tryin’ t’weasel his way out o’bein’ dragged before impeachment in’estigators, while Mul’aney’s lawyer says he’s jus’ tryin’ t’obey t’law.
Despite gossip t’ye contrary, ye White House’s Ukraine expert on yonder National Security Council, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, be still on ye NSC even after testifyin’ that Trump was dickin’ around wi’ Ukraine.
Nikki Haley has crawled out o’t’ shadows t’gossip that she doesn’t want t’#IMPEACH. In her new book, Haley complains that REXXON an’ John Kelly tried t’“recruit” her fer A COUP t’“save ye country” from Trump’s crazy bullshit. Haley writes that John Kelly was kind o’mean t’her, an’ gushes that Trump ne’er tried t’grab her by thar pussy. She further gossips that Trump’s attempt t’bribe/extort/blackmail Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zeleinsky isn’t impeachable because “thar Ukrainians didn’t follow up wi’ t’in’estigation.” In a gabfest wi’ NPR this mornin’, Haley adds that thar’s no “smokin’ gun” fer Trump’s admitted extortion, calls Congress “arrogant” fer tryin’ t’#IMPEACH ye motherfucker, an’ says she’ll campaign fer Trump in 2020. Bless her heart, #ShesRunnin’.Lev Parnas says he went t’Kiev, Ukraine, t’ell thar go’ernment it had t’feed ye Ukrainium ‘un fe’er dream if it wanted Mike Pence t’show up t’Volodomyr Zelenskiy’s inauguration, as well as help fightin’ off Russia’s encroachment. Yonder other chucklefuck, Igor Fruman, denies this, an’ so does Giuliani.
Thar New York Times has a good piece about how Trump’s decision t’kill DACA hinged on assertions by Jeff Sessions that he could do it. Ob’iously, t’lower courts disagreed.
Early this mornin’ Republican Rep. Peter Kin’ announced he’s resignin’. In a rather poorly written social media post, Kin’ bitches that he hates commutin’ aft an’ forth through ye Acela corridor, an’ wants t’stay home wi’ his family now. Geeks have yonder district as R+3, so it’s a potential pick-up opportunity fer Democrats in 2020.
T’ new Politico/Mornin’ Consult poll includes a potential candidacy o’Michael Bloomberg, but t’hin’ will jus’ make yer brain bleed if ye start applyin’ it t’har 2020 horse race. A more reliable (an’ readable) poll from yonder New York Times an’ Siena College does a better job o’breakin’ down t’Democratic primary in six swin’ states. An’ if ye’re feelin’ extra nerdy an’ masochistic, yonder Kaiser Family Foundation an’ Cook Political Report have their own poll on ye primaries, downballot races, an’ policy priorities in four swin’ states. In a nutshell, Five Thirty Eight breaks all this down by sayin’ Biden continues t’lead nationally while Sen. Elizabeth Warren inches t’yonder top in Iowa an’ Sen. Bernie Sanders clin’s t’a small lead in New Hampshire. [Politico/Mornin’ Consult / NYTimes Siena Poll / KFF/Cook]

Sen. Amy Klobuchar be throwin’ salad combs at her 2020 ri’als. Yesterday she went on CNN t’brush off t’potential candidacy o’Michael Bloomberg an’ claim nobody would give a damn about Mayor Pete runnin’ in 2020 if he were a lass (but I’m callin’ bullshit on that, nobody pays attention t’Wayne Messam, yonder mayor o’Miramar, Florida, who reported only $5 in donations in Q3). Klobuchar’s attack follows a New York Times story this weekend where a number o’his 2020 ri’als bitch about Buttigieg’s inexperience in ye face o’his risin’ poll numbers an’ stupidly large war chest.
This mornin’ Pete Buttigieg released a plan t’support veterans that focuses on increasin’ mental health care, suicide pre’ention, an’ expandin’ o’erall healthcare access fer veterans an’ their families. Ye plan also calls fer an end t’Trump’s trans troop ban, yonder honorin’ LGBTQ+ troops an’ veterans, an’ creatin’ racial an’ gender equality throughout ye military.
Sen. Bernie Sanders an’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drew large crowds in Iowa this weekend. As Sanders battles a risin’ Elizabeth Warren, yonder New York Times rather painfully writes Sanders — in yonder midst o’a campaign reboot — be bettin’ that thar duo will inspire a buddy-comedy vibe in an effort t’woo potential voters. In an inter’iew wi’ yonder Des Moines Register, Sanders ripped super rich guys desperately clin’in’ t’large bundles o’cash as they watch yonder 2020 race unfold.
Kamala Harris’s campaign dropped a video o’Harris on election night in 2016 tryin’ t’rally her supporters by sayin’ people need t’fight aft like super heroes, sayin’, “e’erythin’ that we have been talkin’ about from criminal justice reform, t’climate change, t’immigration, this shit be now really on ye line. Thar be no guarantee that we be any closer than ever before, an’ we may actually be even further behind.” This weekend Harris tried t’downplay her saggin’ poll numbers by arguin’ many voters remain undecided, an’ that top tier candidates have been standin’ on their soapboxes fer decades.

Axios gossips that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might not run if Joe Biden stays in t’race. Ye data obsessed Democrat-turned-Republican-turned Democrat be worried about an internal poll that shows 25 percent o’primary voters think he sucks more than any other candidate. Math nerds guesstimate Bloomberg could still get in yonder race, but Biden’s numbers suggest it’s unlikely #HesRunnin’.
Ye New York Times has a piece on how Andrew Yang’s campaign be spendin’ tons o’new money t’attract eyeballs an’ ear holes. T’ Yang gang doesn’t want anyone t’say he’s ye Ron Paul o’2020.
Yonder Alabama Daily News got its hands on some pollin’ from rightwin’ groups that shows Jeff Sessions wi’ a huge lead in t’Alabama Republican Senate primary; ALLEGED pedophile Roy Moore be tied fer third place at 11 percent.
In an inter’iew wi’ ABC’s Martha Raddatz, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley says more than a couple hundred US forces will be hangin’ around Syria fer a while. In a related story, National Security Ad’iser Robert O’Brien went on “Face yonder Nation” an’ said that he was “very concerned” Turkey had committed war crimes in Syria, addin’, “Thar be no place fer genocide, fer ethnic cleansin’, fer war crimes in thar 21st century.” Politico reports that Trump be likely t’say yonder US won’t give Turkey F-35s unless it gets rid o’t’ Russian missiles it bought in protest. In a normal administration this would be a grand deal. [Video / Photo Essay from Syria]
Thar be reports o’a pro-democracy protester bein’ shot by police in Hong Kong this mornin’. CNN be also reportin’ a man was set on fire after yellin’ that pro-democracy protesters were not Chinese.
Spain’s far-right Vox party has made significant gains in its fourth election in as many years, but rulin’ socialists continue t’hold a majority.
John Oli’er ‘splained SLAPP suits, an’ showed (in spectacular fashion) why scumbags who file fri’olous lawsuits against news outlets reportin’ on their shenanigans can eat shit.
[embedded content] SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight wi’ John Oli’er (HBO) www.youtube.com

An’ here’s yer mornin’ Nice Time: Baby goats!
[embedded content] Cute goats frolickin’ an’ ha’in’ fun www.youtube.com

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People’s Choice Awards 2019: Jennifer Aniston Becomes Second Landlubber t'Land Icon Award



Presented wi’ ye gong by her ‘Murder Mystery’ co-star Adam Sandler, ‘Ye Mornin’ Show’ star credits ‘Friends’ in her acceptance speech, insistin’ that yonder show pa’ed ye way fer her success.

Nov 11, 2019

– Jennifer Aniston became only ye second landlubber t’score yonder People’s Choice Awards Icon honour on Sunday night (No’ember 20), an’ credited “Friends” fer all her success in a heartfelt speech.
T’ actress picked up ye trophy Melissa McCarthy claimed in 2018 an’ took t’ye stage in Santa Monica, California t’accept thar gong, insistin’ she was only an “icon” because she once starred in an iconic show.

“If I have any claim t’his word icon, it was only because I was able t’be on an iconic show wi’ an iconic cast an’ an iconic haircut,” she joked. “I mean, Friends was truly t’gift o’a lifetime an’ I would not be standin’ up here without that fantastic show an’ that fantastic cast. It’s pa’ed thar way fer e’erythin’ I’ve had thar chance t’do since.”
[embedded content]
Aniston’s “Murder Mystery” co-star Adam Sandler welcomed his pal t’har stage, callin’ her “an incredibly carin’ role model wi’ thar biggest heart”, an’ addin’, “I truly love this lass an’ love makin’ mo’ies wi’ her an’ hope we can do a lot more.”
T’ pair’s Netflix mo’ie was also a grand winner, pickin’ up thar Comedy Mo’ie o’2019 prize.

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