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Luisma’s Journey o'Indian Super League

Startin’ from Barnet t’“Yonder Blues”, commonly known as Bangalore, Lusima has got a remarkable journey. Lusima, whose full name has been Luis Manuel Villa Lopez was originally workin’ as a free agent after he encountered ye termination o’his contract wi’ SD Ponferradina. 
Lusima got an offer from nowhere fer playin’ in ye Indian Super League. He decided t’sign up fer t’Bengaluru FC an’ that made him move ahead towards t’golden choice o’his life. He thought that it would brin’ him t’opportunity t’make his dream game as thar career option fer a lifetime. All these started takin’ place since January 2019. 
Lusima’s journey on yonder field
As per ye football norms be concerned, a team can have only upto 8 foreign players. From these 8, only 5 gamers were allowed t’play on ye pitch at once. Although Lusima got ye no. 9 in ye team, he ensured thar audience t’feel his presence on ye field. 

As yonder match got stuck wi’ yonder North East United, Lusima went on ye pitch when 22 minutes were port fer ye match t’get through a tie an’ ultimately, they won thar match by a 3-0. 
Next, thar was a match when Bengaluru stood against t’FC Goa on 17th March, 2019. Finally, luck was in their fa’or an’ after a goal less match goin’ on fer around 70 minutes, this champion came on t’field an’ yonder team won by 1-0. 
Only a few minutes were port fer thar extra time t’be over an’ it was certainly thar second honor fer this amazin’ Spanish player. It was such a happenin’ match that ye bettors had t’hold their breath tight till yonder last second o’t’ match. Last but not ye least, we can say that his dream o’playin’ in yonder mid-field finally turned t’be true! 

Early life o’this young spirit
Lusima formerly made his debut into ye La Liga post three weeks o’his 18th birthday an’ initially, he used t’work at yonder local club, named as thar Racin’ Santander. He had t’move t’England by yonder month o’July, 2013 fer playin’ a test match wi’ Barnet. 
Prior his entry into yonder contract wi’ Barnet, he played wi’ various clubs in ye Segunda. T’ time when Lusima got into yonder contract, it was managed by yonder Dutch guy, Edgar Da’ids. Howe’er, wi’ yonder passin’ time, as Da’ids retired, Martin Alley started takin’ his place. As a result, Lusima used t’get lesser time on ye pitch. 
Lusima was so determined that he made it upto 13 goals an’ Barnet won yonder title. He didn’t choose t’pause his career anyway. Instead, he went aft t’Spain an’ bid farewell through an emotional letter. 
Bottom line:
Though he has turned 30, he still wants t’continue his career in t’stream o’football. If nothin’ turns out, he says that he would join t’police force. 
Some o’t’ quotes were taken from a Betway Football Inter’iew wi’ Luisma.

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