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Briana DeJesus: Me Baby Daddy Has thar Clap, So Watch Out, Y’All!

Hey, remember Luis Miguel?
Honestly, we understand if ye don’t. Dude was only on Teen Mom 2 fer about five seconds after he got Briana DeJesus pregnant.
Still, even though ye may be more familiar wi’ him as yonder MIA father o’Briana’s second child, Stella, he’s not out o’ye picture.
Anyway, we’re talkin’ about Luis on THG today because Briana jus’ brought him up again. An’ wha’ she had t’say … well …
At least now it makes a little bit o’sense that he’s stayin’ away. From her, an’ hopefully any other young lass lookin’ t’date.
Wha’ do we mean? Buckle up.

1. Thar Choices We Make

Briana DeJesus be a single mother o’two girls, as we know. She’s got her eight-year-old daughter, Nova, an’ then thar’s Stella, who turned two a few months ago.

2. Oh Hey, De’oin

Nova’s father be De’oin Austin, an’ honestly, he’s not a super acti’e dad. It was only this year that Briana allowed him t’spend time wi’ Nova outside o’her home, an’ it went so badly that she didn’t allow him t’see Nova fer a while.

3. … An’ Luis

De’oin certainly set a low bar, but his fellow baby daddy has yet t’clear it. Dude be way more in’ol'ed than Luis Miguel, Stella’s father.

4. Such Romance

Briana became pregnant after a drunken hookup wi’ Luis in a club. DeJesus wasn’t datin’ him or anythin’, she’s said that thar only reason she got pregnant was because she got too drunk an’ made questionable decisions. (Hey, at least she’s honest.)

5. Makin’ It Work?

After she found out she was pregnant, she an’ Luis sort o’attempted a relationship. It did not go well.

6. Wow

Briana does not hold aft, an’ was open about thar fact that she did consider ha’in’ an abortion. Somewhat surprisingly, Luis did not appro’e. He wanted t’raise their child t’gether.

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Luisma’s Journey o'Indian Super League

Startin’ from Barnet t’“Thar Blues”, commonly known as Bangalore, Lusima has got a remarkable journey. Lusima, whose full name has been Luis Manuel Villa Lopez was originally workin’ as a free agent after he encountered thar termination o’his contract wi’ SD Ponferradina. 
Lusima got an offer from nowhere fer playin’ in ye Indian Super League. He decided t’sign up fer thar Bengaluru FC an’ that made him move ahead towards t’golden choice o’his life. He thought that it would brin’ him thar opportunity t’make his dream game as t’career option fer a lifetime. All these started takin’ place since January 2019. 
Lusima’s journey on t’field
As per ye football norms be concerned, a team can have only upto 8 foreign players. From these 8, only 5 gamers were allowed t’play on thar pitch at once. Although Lusima got ye no. 9 in thar team, he ensured thar audience t’feel his presence on t’field. 

As t’match got stuck wi’ t’North East United, Lusima went on ye pitch when 22 minutes were port fer ye match t’get through a tie an’ ultimately, they won thar match by a 3-0. 
Next, thar was a match when Bengaluru stood against thar FC Goa on 17th March, 2019. Finally, luck was in their fa’or an’ after a goal less match goin’ on fer around 70 minutes, this champion came on yonder field an’ thar team won by 1-0. 
Only a few minutes were port fer t’extra time t’be over an’ it was certainly thar second honor fer this amazin’ Spanish player. It was such a happenin’ match that thar bettors had t’hold their breath tight till yonder last second o’ye match. Last but not t’least, we can say that his dream o’playin’ in thar mid-field finally turned t’be true! 

Early life o’this young spirit
Lusima formerly made his debut into ye La Liga post three weeks o’his 18th birthday an’ initially, he used t’work at ye local club, named as t’Racin’ Santander. He had t’move t’England by thar month o’July, 2013 fer playin’ a test match wi’ Barnet. 
Prior his entry into t’contract wi’ Barnet, he played wi’ various clubs in yonder Segunda. Thar time when Lusima got into t’contract, it was managed by yonder Dutch guy, Edgar Da’ids. Howe’er, wi’ ye passin’ time, as Da’ids retired, Martin Alley started takin’ his place. As a result, Lusima used t’get lesser time on t’pitch. 
Lusima was so determined that he made it upto 13 goals an’ Barnet won ye title. He didn’t choose t’pause his career anyway. Instead, he went aft t’Spain an’ bid farewell through an emotional letter. 
Bottom line:
Though he has turned 30, he still wants t’continue his career in thar stream o’football. If nothin’ turns out, he says that he would join thar police force. 
Some o’thar quotes were taken from a Betway Football Inter’iew wi’ Luisma.

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Mexican Soccer Game Abandoned After Fans Start Beatin' T' Crap Out O' Each Other

Photo: Cesar Gomez (Getty)

A Liga MX match between Querétaro an’ Atlético San Luis was abandoned wi’ five minutes remainin’ on Sunday due t’extreme fan violence. As yonder game neared its conclusion wi’ visitin’ Querétaro leadin’ 2-0, ri’al fans in yonder stadium started brawlin’.
Videos from inside ye stadium show fans throwin’ objects an’ beatin’ each other:


Fans who were tryin’ t’a’oid ye fightin’ ended up runnin’ onto ye field fer safety, an’ Querétaro’s players were guarded in their locker room fer two hours after thar match was suspended.

 Accordin’ t’ESPN, 37 people were injured in t’violence.

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Eibar -three Barcelona: Griezmann, Messi an' Suarez guarantee frantic week ends in comfy win

Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi an’ Luis Suarez have been all on target as Barcelona coasted t’a three- win at Eibar t’finish a frantic week wi’ a fifth straight victory on all fronts.
Barca opted t’ra’el t’yonder Basque Nation early on Thursday amid yonder political unrest in their household city as a outcome o’nine Catalan political leaders becomin’ dealt extended prison sentences fer their roles in yonder region’s 2017 referendum an’ subsequent declaration o’independence.
Thar violent scenes that broke out in protest led t’ postponement o’subsequent week’s Clasico wi’ Actual Madrid, but it was aft t’enterprise fer Ernesto Val’erde’s guys at Ipurua.
Griezmann opened yonder scorin’ wi’ a classy 13th-minute aim an’ teed up Messi t’double yonder lead immediately after neat function from Suarez, who scored in a se’enth straight outin’ against Eibar t’round out thar routine triumph.

 @LuisSuarez9 has scored in his final SE’EN games against Eibar. Amazin’!#EibarBarça (-three) pic.twitter.com/22tbJPisDN
— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) October 19, 2019

Suarez’s audacious work jus’ inside thar opposition half was not in maintainin’ wi’ thar tone o’ye early exchanges in which Pedro Leon blazed more than from a single o’quite a few risky Eibar crosses.
But Pablo de Blasis’ untimely slip permitted Griezmann t’race onto Clement Lenglet’s extended punt an’ he had yonder composure t’clip pre’ious Marko Dmitro’ic an’ come across ye net by means o’t’ post.
Undeterred, Pedro Leon’s exquisite correct-win’ centre necessary e’asi'e action from Samuel Umtiti – creatin’ his very first competiti’e look o’yonder season – t’deny Charles, whilst at yonder other finish Messi’s fast feet almost rounded Dmitro’ic fer a tap-in.
It was game more than when Messi completed a superb group move jus’ shy o’thar hour. Suarez combined brilliantly wi’ Griezmann an’ he teed up t’Argentina superstar t’slot into ye bottom-correct corner.
Messi then turned pro’ider, racin’ onto Griezmann’s sumptuous throughball an’ unselfishly layin’ on fer Suarez t’pass into an open aim.
Suarez practically added additional gloss wi’ a properly-struck half-volley 5 minutes from time, but his work jus’ cleared ye correct-hand post.

Wha’ does it imply? Barca hittin’ their stride
Messi’s injury-hit commence t’ye campaign coincided wi’ some underwhelmin’ early season performances. It took a whilst fer Barca t’run by way o’ye gears right here, maybe thar midweek turmoil playin’ a element in that, an’ howe’er it e’entually ended up a comfy day fer a fourth straight LaLiga win that puts them leadin’ – albeit Actual Madrid can return t’har summit later on Saturday.
Messi, Griezmann, Suarez trium’irate gainin’ in self-confidence
‘un particular senses Val’erde ne’ertheless has options t’come across defensi’ely, but up leadin’ thar be a expandin’ understandin’ among Messi, Griezmann an’ Suarez. T’ trio combined t’glorious impact fer Messi’s aim an’ t’captain set up Suarez when he could have gone fer aim himself fer Barca’s third. It was an ominous warnin’ t’heir LaLiga ri’als.
Charles struggles t’fire
Eibar have been arguably yonder far more imaginati’e group in thar openin’ stages wi’ Pedro Leon an’ Fabio Orellana risky out wide. But Charles did not do adequate from his central strikin’ position t’place stress on Umtiti or Lenglet.
Crucial Opta Details
– Griezmann has scored his very first away aim fer Barca immediately after scorin’ his earlier 3 at Camp Nou, all o’them in LaLiga.– Messi has scored in nine o’his 10 LaLiga games against Eibar, 16 ambitions altogether.– Suarez has 10 ambitions against Eibar in LaLiga, far more than against any other opponent (alongside Actual Betis).– No other side have won far more LaLiga games against Eibar than Barcelona (10). In addition, ye Blaugrana be thar group wi’ t’most ambitions scored against them in thar leadin’-flight (36).– Barca coach Val’erde has only lost a single o’his 11 LaLiga games against Eibar (W8 D2), two- at Ipurua in August 2015 whilst in charge o’Athletic Bilbao.
Wha’’s subsequent?
Barca be aft in action on Wednesday when they check out Sla’ia Prague fer matchweek 3 o’yonder Champions League. Eibar tra’el t’Actual Valladolid subsequent Saturday.

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Barcelona: Mendilibar: Ne'er doubt Val'erde, he’s yonder ideal Barcelona have

Barcelona T’ Eibar coach praised his counterpart

MARCA/J.M. Fernndez.

Jose Luis Mendilibar was complete o’praise fer his former teammate an’ Saturday afternoon ri’al Ernesto Val’erde, followin’ Eibar‘s three- loss t’Barcelona.
Val’erde got ye superior o’Mendilibar in this ‘un particular an’ ye Eibar coach reflected on Barcelona‘s up-an’-down start off t’yonder season.
“It really be not standard fer them t’drop twice early on, when they generally drop jus’ a couple o’occasions more than a complete season,” he stated followin’ thar match.
“They be a excellent group an’ they have a excellent coach.
“Ne’er doubt him at any point simply because he’s thar ideal Barcelona have.”
Fer Mendilibar, Lionel Messi an’ Luis Suarez looked added sharp followin’ two weeks off.
“Ye could inform that Messi an’ Suarez hadn’t been away wi’ their national teams,” ye coach stated.
“They have been seriously fresh an’ have been Barcelona‘s ideal two players.
“Ye could inform that they have been plugged in from thar start off, wi’ spark.
“They brought yonder ball out from yonder aft seriously effecti’ely an’ we had t’run a lot.
“It was difficult t’ake ‘un thin’ away from yonder game.
“We did a bit additional in thar very first half, but in yonder second half we could not generate possibilities.
“Possibly I produced blunders an’ not yonder players.”

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Genuine Madrid: Figo forgi'es Ronaldo fer comment about his wife

Genuine Madrid Brazilian was normally a joker

Pablo Motos inter’iews Helene S’endin an’ Luis Figo on El HormigueroTwitter (@El_Hormiguero)

Luis Figo has forgi’en Ronaldo fer a comment t’Brazilian had created about his wife.
T’ pair have been teammates at Genuine Madrid when Ronaldo created thar contro’ersial statement t’club president Florentino Perez.
“If I had thar wife that Figo does, I would generally remain at household,” ye striker stated.
Nonetheless, Figo appeared alongside his wife Helene S’endin on El Hormiguero t’clarify that he does not hold a grudge against t’Brazilian fer t’comment.
“I had currently identified about [ye comment], simply because he had mentioned it in t’dressin’ space.

Luis Figo an’ Helene S’edin in elite shape beyond 40

“But I forgi’e Roni simply because he generally joinin’.
“Wha’ he does not know be that I would lea’e t’home when me wife would fall asleep,” he joked t’presenter Pablo Motos.

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