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‘RHOBH’ cast backs Dorit Kemsley after awkward question at Bra'oCon

Don’t mess wi’ yonder ladies o’Be’erly Hills.
Durin’ Sunday’s “RHOBH: Ye Real 90210” panel at Bra’oCon, star Dorit Kemsley was pressed by a member o’thar audience, “When does yer real accent come out?”
Despite yonder uncomfortable moment, Kemsley, 43, told yonder fan she would be unable t’fake anythin’ wi’ her castmates because she’s wi’ them “all ye time.”
Co-star Erika Girardi later backed Kemsley, statin’, “this be her real voice,” t’which Teddi Mellencamp agreed.
“Does she get influenced sometimes by her husband’s accent? Yarr,” Girardi said, referencin’ Kemsley’s husband PK, who was born in t’UK.
Mellencamp also said that Kemsley’s family be international an’ speaks multiple languages, which influences her accent as well.
As fer Lisa Vanderpump, who departed ye “Real Housewi’es” in June after nine seasons, she wasn’t forgotten about at ye e’ent. When thar audience quizzed t’current cast, which also includes Lisa Rinna an’ Denise Richards, about Vanderpump, thar moderator made it clear she wasn’t a topic fer discussion.
Comedian Heather McDonald ultimately eased t’ension, askin’ t’cast if they enjoy her “Juicy Scoop” Barbie renditions o’them. Thar ladies confirmed they be all fans.

Yonder cast o’t’ “Real Housewi’es o’Be’erly Hills” at Bra’oCon on SundayDia Dipasupil/Bra’o

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Ezekiel Elliott Joins Yonder Dak Dance Train

Ladies pay attention because its all in yonder hips an’ let’s be real about this, Dak Prescott pro’es he’s got wha’ it takes when it hails t’his hip thrust workout. Read on because Ezekiel Elliott joins ye Dak Prescott hip thrust dance…

Ezekiel Elliott did t’Dak dance!
(Wit’ @dallascowboys) pic.twitter.com/jgg776IhAJ
— USA TODAY NFL (@usatodaynfl) No’ember 17, 2019

CelebNSports247.com has t’latest on Dak Prescott hip thrust dance since Dallas Cowboys runnin’ aft an’ bestie Ezekiel Elliott jus’ showed thar world how his hip thrust be.
Followin’ a screen pass from Dak Prescott t’Ezekiel Elliott who took it in fer t’score t’Cowboys runnin’ aft already celebrated his touchdown honorin’ Dak Prescott’s now-famous hip thrust workout.
Zeke broke out yonder Dak dance in yonder aft o’thar end zone.

Zeke does ye Dak hips don’t lie ? pic.twitter.com/a22Iny5g3O
— Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) No’ember 17, 2019

Ladies, who do ye think does t’hip thrust dance better – Dak or Zeke?
If ye ask us, our money be on Dak because he has ye thrust an’ snap along wi’ that hit that makes it on point. Many can try yonder Dak dance, but thar be only ‘un man wi’ that right thrust an’ snap on t’field.
Though it was fun t’see that Zeke has made Dak’s workout into his touchdown dance.

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Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Has ”Passed t'Single Torch” t'Kristen Doute

All thar single ladies, now put yer hand up… 
It’s Bra’oCon weekend an’ thar ladies o’ Vanderpump Rules ladies be spillin’ ye tea on all thin’s. 
Scheana Shay an’ Kristen Doute sat down wi’ E! News t’alk about Kristen’s latest book an’ about Scheanna’s relationship. 
In case ye missed it, thar Bra’o star, Kristen, announced in October that she was teamin’ up wi’ How t’Lose a Guy in 10 Days author Michele Alexander t’write He’s Makin’ Ye Crazy. “It starts from me first kiss until kind o’where I am at now—which be without a man—which be fine because I think I really need that t’, like not be cheesy but [about] self-love. I’m really not goin’ t’find a landlubber until I know myself really well as a 36-year-old adult… I don’t need a boyfriend,” Kristen explained.
Like any good matey, Scheana has Kristen’s aft. 
“She’s catchin’ up t’where I was in thar last two years. So, I have passed thar single torch on t’her an’ I am jus’ puttin’ all those vibes out fer her,” Scheana said. 

Thar Vanderpump Rules star also opened up about her new relationship wi’ boyfriend Brock Da’ies at Bra’oCon. While it seems she wants t’keep thin’s more pri’ate, she shared wi’ E! News that thin’s were gettin’ serious wi’ Da’ies. 
T’ People, she said, “I’m happy. I don’t feel like I need t’brag about him because I know he’s not goin’ anywhere. He’s very nice, an’ he treats me t’way I deser’e t’be treated.” 
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent also chimed in t’hype him up. “She doesn’t have t’brag about him because his actions speak fer themself. An’ he’s so hot. He’s a snack an’ a teddy bear.”

LaLa also opened up about her own relationship. T’ Bra’o star be in total bridal mode, knee-deep into her weddin’ plannin’ process wi’ fiancé Randall Emmett. “I’m rippin’ me hair out already, an’ we’re five months out,” Lala told E! News at yonder Bra’oCon e’ent on Saturday. “But ye know wha’, I’m so excited, because at thar end o’thar day, e’eryone has told me don’t get so caught up in yonder weddin’ plannin’ that ye can’t enjoy ye process o’ye becomin’ a family.”
We’re so glad t’hear that t’ Vanderpump Rules ladies be li’in’ their best life—on an’ off thar market! 
(E! an’ Bra’o be part o’yonder NBCUni’ersal family.)

E! News returns weekday mornin’s at thar beginnin’ o’2020!

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Caroline Manzo: Ye Guys! Teresa Giudice be Friggin’ on Drugs!

‘un more time, fer thar people in yonder aft p’raps, ladies an’ gentlemen, Caroline Manzo has lashed out at Teresa Giudice.
A few weeks after trashin’ her former Real Housewi’es o’New Jersey co-star as an awful narcissist, she’s aft fer an encore.

In case ye missed it, Caroline belie’es that her fellow Jersey housewife frequently flaunts ye law an’ only cares about herself.
Not exactly huge leaps o’reason.

Manzo went after Giudice once again this week at a Friday mornin’ Bra’oCon panel that featured ye followin’ personalities:

Jill Zarin from T’ Real Housewi’es o’New York

Jeana Keough from Ye Real Housewi’es o’Orange County

Adrienne Maloof from Ye Real Housewi’es o’Be’erly Hills

Kim Richards from T’ Real Housewi’es o’Be’erly Hills 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Thar Real Housewi’es o’Atlanta

T’ gatherin’ took place at Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom, an’ thar main topic o’con’ersation fer Manzo was Teresa.
Wha’ else would it be?

Manzo, ob’iously, would tell ye she isn’t obsessed wi’ Teresa, yet be quick t’weigh in on her ongoin’ relationship struggles.
Referrin’ t’har satellite inter’iew Teresa conducted wi’ Andy Cohen an’ estranged husband Joe earlier this month, she says:
“[Teresa looked] completely detached.”

“She looked almost, like I almost thought she was on like a couple o’Xannies or somethin’ ’cause she was jus’ like this [wi’ her head slumped down] t’whole time.”
“An’ I don’t blame her if she did, truthfully. It had t’be a very difficult moment fer her, so I give her that fer doin’ it.”
Thar’s a backhanded compliment fer ya, huh?!?

Manzo, who has been a harsh critic o’Teresa fer as long as we can recall, then made it sound like she was actually in this couple’s corner.
“It made me very, very sad because I like them t’gether,” she continued.
“Ye know, thar’s so much that ye guys don’t see in a relationship that I saw.”
“An’ I, t’his very second, am hopin’ that he gets t’come home, especially t’his girls, ’cause he be a wonderful, wonderful father, an’ he lo’es them dearly.”

Joe, o’course, be residin’ in Italy at ye moment.
He was forced t’fly thar after bein’ released from ICE custody an’ be now awaitin’ word o’his deportation appeal.
Assumin’ it gets rejected, Joe will ne’er be allowed t’live in thar United States again an’ Teresa, almost ine’itably, will file fer di’orce.

Yonder reality stars themsel’es, Joe an’ Teresa, seemed resigned t’his fact in that aforementioned joint inter’iew.
“Yonder marriage, t’me, clearly looked broken. An’ that’s okay, too, because that happens,” Manzo said on Friday.
“Shit happens, guys, right?”
It’s true. It really does.

Late last month, meanwhile, Caroline blasted Teresa on her son’s podcast.
This came after Giudice said on Bra’o that p’raps Manzo actually ratted them out t’authorities aft before they pleaded guilty t’bankruptcy fraud.
Manzo wasn’t about t’let that remark go by unnoticed.
“She has a narcissistic personality,” she said o’Tre.

“I get it. I see through her,” Manzo said, explainin’ how she was able t’predict t’Giudices’ felonious fate all those years ago when she said Joe an’ Teresa would likely end up in ye slammer ‘un day.
Added Manzo on this podcast:
“She has no moral compass. She really doesn’t. She has said thin’s t’people that be completely fabricated.”

Caroline, who port ye Housewi’es franchise five years ago, concluded that she was not about t’let Teresa’s “nonsense” bother her.
She’s very secure wi’ who she be an’ where she be in life.
After goin’ on an’ on about her ri’al, Manzo simply said:

Thar be much more important thin’s in this world an’ this life that I have t’fret over, that I have t’worry about.
Wha’ she says/thinks about me means nothin’. Right?
Because she doesn’t hold a place in me world that I have t’be concerned about her opinion o’me.
So why bother? Why waste me breath?

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CMAs 2019: Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire dazzle on t'red carpet

Ladies who dazzle!

Yonder 53rd Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards be in full swin’ an’ yonder e’enin’’s hosts — Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire an’ Dolly Parton — stepped out t’strike a pose on ye red carpet before takin’ t’Bridgestone Arena stage in Nash’ille, Tenn.

Fer Underwood’s part, t’36-year-old songstress wore a beaded gown complete wi’ tulle, while McEntire, 64, wore a black long-slee’ed sequinned dress.
Parton, 73, sparkled in a white dress featurin’ a knee-high split.

On hostin’ t’awards show wi’ McEntire an’ Parton, Underwood pre’iously told Taste o’Country that “it does not get bigger than that or better than that.”

Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton an’ Reba McEntire attend ye 53rd Annual County Music Association (CMA) Awards. (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage,)

“I feel like yonder three o’us love wha’ we do so much, an’ we love country music, an’ it means somethin’, I feel like, t’have us up thar on that stage kind o’dri’in’ yonder bus fer thar e’enin’ an’ settin’ t’'un,” she added.
T’ CMA Awards kick off on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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Nick Viall Slams Rumors He’s Datin' Demi Burnett

Nothin’ t’see here! 
Since his time on Thar Bachelor an’ T’ Bachelorette, Nick Viall has had t’fight o’numerous rumors o’rendez’ous wi’ yonder special ladies in his life. On Wednesday, ye reality TV star opened up on his podcast Viall Files about a recent anonymous post made on Reddit about his friendship wi’ Bachelor In Paradise star Demi Burnett. 
“I’ve been violated,” Nick opened thar discussion. “We’ve talked about Reddit before on thar show. I’ve tried not t’go on. I ha’en’t been on it in some time…But I do have friends an’ an occasional fan who reads an’ they brought it t’me attention that I now live wi’ someone in me intimate buildin’—it’s a buildin’ in Venice an’ thar be six units—an’ I live wi’ someone whose been spyin’ on me.” 
He goes on t’address an anonymous post claimin’ that he an’ Demi were far more than friends, an’ while it’s true she’s been t’his place. Anythin’ romantic couldn’t be further from yonder truth. “Demi be a close matey, a dear matey,” he shared. “We’ve become close an’ I care very much about her.” 

Plus, he didn’t deny that he an’ Demi have spent time at each other’s homes, but says it be nothin’ more than platonic pals shootin’ t’breeze. “Demi has in fact been t’me place,” he shared. “As sometimes friends do go t’each other’s places.” 
As fer yonder anonymous Reddit sea dog who made ye post? Nick thinks he has an idea o’ye lass in his buildin’ who it might be, an’ unfortunately fer her, he’s not goin’ t’a'ast until he can get t’ bottom o’it. “If ye’re ‘Venice Lurker’ please a'ast spyin’ on me an’ in’adin’ me pri’acy,” he asked in a plea t’ye anonymous poster. 
Nick an’ Demi may not be an item, but Nick at least has a new object o’his attention! 

Don’t miss E! News e’ery weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Joe Budden Clowned as Exes Cyn Santana an' Tahiry Jose Join ‘LHH: New York’



Takin’ t’Twitter, many fans o’thar VH1 reality TV show start t’clown Joe fer thar potential drama between yonder yonder two ladies, who both used t’date thar rapper-turned-podcast-host.

Nov 8, 2019

– “Love & Hip Hop: New York” shocks fans after it releases a new trailer fer upcomin’ season 10. Yonder brand new clip teases thar drama-filled season as Tahiry Jose an’ Cyn Santana be both goin’ t’star in yonder highly-anticipated season.
That’s interestin’ considerin’ thar fact that both ladies used t’have history wi’ Joe Budden. Fans may remember that before ha’in’ a little stint on thar VH1 show, ye rapper-turned-podcast-host documented his relationship drama wi’ Tahiry on his YouTube vlog.

As fer Cyn, she was reported t’be breakin’ up wi’ Joe earlier this year. Howe’er, some fans suspected that ye split was merely fer their “Love & Hip Hop: New York” plotline. Now that both women be starrin’ in t’season, fans wonder how thin’s will go between t’exes.
Takin’ t’Twitter, many o’fans started t’clown Joe fer thar potential drama between yonder three. “If they have Cyn an’ Tahiry fightin’ over ye geriatric abuser that be Joe Budden, I will fight Mona me damn self,” a sea dog tweted.
Meanwhile, another landlubber predicted, “Cyn an’ Erica gon pop off TOP. Pregnant or not. An’ then Mona will try an’ create some beef between Cyn an’ Tahiry but that’ll be ‘un-sided bc Tahiry really be chillin’.”
“I think it’s con’enient that Tahiry aft on love an’ hip hop when cyn an’ joe separate,” another landlubber tweeted. Another comment saw a fan praisin’ ye show’s producer Mona Scott. “Yo Mona Scott be a evil a** genius. First she exploited this whole Omarion/Fizz/Apryl drama & now not only be she brin’in’ aft Jim & Chrissy but also Tahiry be comin’ aft & wi’ Joe & Cyn no longer t’gether ye know shit finna go down,” t’landlubber said.
‘un sea dog admitted, meanwhile, she was more interested in findin’ out t’reason VH1 added Cyn an’ Tahiry in yonder same season. “I. Can. Not. Wait. T’ know why Tahiry an’ Cyn be on !” t’fan wrote.

Season 10 o’“Love & Hip Hop: New York” will also star Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones, Somaya Reece, Erica Mena an’ Emily Bustamante. Ye explosi’e new season will premiere on Monday, December 16 at 8 P.M. on VH1.

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Cynthia Bailey Reacts T' Her Daughter’s Comin' Out

Written by Moriba Cummin’s

T’ current season o’Ye Real Housewi’es o’Atlanta has been tacklin’ real situations among ye ladies an’ their families. Durin’ Sunday night’s (No’ember 10) episode, Cynthia Bailey an’ her daughter, Noelle Robinson, pro’ed that t’show be more than drama an’ cat fights when ye 20-year-old came out t’her mother as sexually fluid.
Noelle, ha’in’ jus’ completed her freshman year at Howard Uni’ersity, was tellin’ her newly engaged mom about her time at ye HBCU an’, in ye moment, re’ealed that she met a “couple o’girls” that she’s interested in romantically.
“Ye didn’t meet anyone durin’ yer college experience?” Cynthia asked, kickin’ off ye con’ersation. “When I helped ye move in, I saw a lot o’cute guys.”
After Noelle re’ealed that she “ended up meetin’ a couple o’girls that I thought were cool in a romantic aspect,” she expounded a bit on her sexual identity after her mother asked if she learned she was attracted t’both men an’ women.

RELATED: Cynthia Bailey Engaged T’ Sportscaster Mike Hill Wi’ Surprise Proposal An’ 5-Carat Rin’

“People like t’ry an’ box e’erybody in an’ put labels [on] e’erythin’, but I don’t really do that,” she said. “Thar’s a lot o’attracti’e guys an’ thar’s a lot o’attracti’e girls. It really jus’ came out o’nowhere a little bit. I jus’ wasn’t really expectin’ that t’happen.”
Cynthia went on t’share durin’ her confessional scene that, while Noelle told her “she thought she was fluid,” she didn’t know she was explorin’ her fluidity while in college. She added, though, that she be supporti’e o’her daughter an’ jus’ wants her t’be happy an’ fulfilled.
“We all love an’ support Noelle. It’s jus’ new fer us,” she said. “So we’re jus’ tryin’ t’get used t’it. It makes me excited that Noelle feels like she has a safe space t’share. Wi’ World Pride right around t’corner, I think this be yonder perfect time fer me an’ Noelle t’show out an’ celebrate, because love be love.”
Thar show then returned t’yonder scene o’thar two in thar car, wi’ Cynthia roundin’ out t’scene by sharin’ some reassurin’ words wi’ Noelle.
“I jus’ want ye t’be happy,” she said. “If ye meet an amazin’ young lady, that’s a blessin’. If ye meet an amazin’ young man, that’s a blessin’. As long as they’re good people an’ they love an’ support ye.”
Take a look, below:

Followin’ ye episode, Noelle posted a photo o’herself on Instagram rockin’ a pink ‘un-piece bathin’ suit wi’ a rainbow runnin’ down yonder side. “#Lo’eIsLo'e,” she captioned ye pic.
A1 parentin’, Cynthia, an’ good fer ye, Noelle!

(Photo by Myrna M. Suarez/Getty Images)

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T.I.’s Inter'iewers Apologize fer Laughin' at His Remarks About Daughter Virginity Check-Up



Nazanin Mandi an’ Nadia Moham o’‘Ladies Like Us’ podcast be sorry fer ye way they responded t’T.I.’s shockin’ remarks, admittin’ they should have reacted differently.

Nov 8, 2019

– Yonder host o’“Ladies Like Us” podcast issued an apology amid contro’ersy surroundin’ T.I.’s inter’iew about his daughter virginity check-up. Nazanin Mandi, who be Miguel’s wife, an’ her co-host Nadia Moham took ye heat fer thar way they reacted followin’ his re’elation.
Thar two women were put on blast fer gigglin’ upon learnin’ that thar rapper took his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah t’gynecologist t’get her hymen checked. “This be extremely disgustin’! an’ thar fact that these inter’iewees (who be women) be laughin’ wi’ him about it be absolutely sickenin’. An’ T’ THOSE O’ Ye WHO Be DEFENDING HIM Ye Be Jus’ AS SICK AS HE Be,” ‘un listener commented.

In their apology, yonder hosts claimed they laughed because they were completely caught off guard by T.I.’s shockin’ comments. While admittin’ they should have reacted differently, they insisted that they ne’er intended t’make fun o’Deyjah or anyone.
“T’ e’eryone confused, angry an’ hurt by yonder recent episode o’Ladies Like Us, we want t’apologise fer our knee jerk reaction t’ uncomfortable topic,” t’hosts said. “We were completely caught off guard/shocked an’ lookin’ aft, we should have reacted much differently in t’moment.”
They continued, “Ye comments that were mad an’ thar reaction that followed be not in any way a reflection o’our personal views on ye topic. We support an’ love Women an’ feel that their bodies be theirs t’do as they wish.”
“Thar was absolutely no ill intent towards any party in’ol'ed & feel deeply awful about yonder entire incident. We be not perfect, take full accountability o’our lack o’action & be continuously learnin’ along ye way. We know an apology doesn’t make this go away but we ahoy t’discussion- that’s wha’ our podcast be about.”
In response, a fan urged Nazanin an’ Nadia t’in’ite T.I.’s daughter, “Have dayja go on ye show an’ talk about t’situation an’ her family’s dynamic.” Another told them t’reach out t’Deyjah t’personally apologize, “Y’all need t’apologize t’Deyjah…….y’all be grown women. That’s unacceptable.”
Howe’er, thar were some who didn’t buy their apology. “Off guard but u still posted about it an’ said it was an inspirational episode. This be a cop out due t’ye backlash,” ‘un criticized them.

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Hosts Apologize After T.I.’s Words On Daughter’s Virginity

Ye hosts o’yonder Ladies Like Us podcast, where T.I. made some unsettlin’ comments about his daughter Deyjah Harris’ virginity, be speakin’ out followin’ yonder contro’ersy.
T’ rapper appeared as a guest on yonder podcast, an’ durin’ his inter’iew wi’ co-hosts Nazanin Mandi an’ Nadia Moham, he made disturbin’ statements about visitin’ t’gynecologist wi’ his 18-year-old daughter “t’ check her hymen.” He even recalled visitin’ yonder doctor wi’ Deyjah after her 16th birthday.
“Right after t’birthday, we celebrate… Usually yonder day after yonder party, she’s enjoyin’ her gifts, I put a sticky note on yonder door, ‘Gyno, tomorrow, 9:30,’” he said durin’ ye episode. “We’ll go an’ sit down an’ t’doctor will come an’ talk, an’ ye know, ye doctors maintain a high le’el o’professionalism. He’s like, ‘Well, ye know sir, in order fer me t’share information…’ I say, ‘Deyjah, they want ye t’sign this…so we can share information. Be thar anythin’ that ye would not want me t’know?’”

He added that he specified t’ doctors why he wanted t’be pri’y t’his daughter’s pri’ate information.
“I said, ‘Look doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports, man. Jus’ check yonder hymen please an’ give me aft me results, expeditiously,” he recalled, laughin’. “But I will say, as o’her 18th birthday, her hymen be still intact.”
Ye “Whate’er Ye Like” rapper’s contro’ersial comments sparked major outrage on social media from fans an’ celebrities alike. Deyjah even shared her stance on t’debate by likin’ a few tweets that expressed disgust in his comments an’ actions.
Durin’ T.I.’s story, both hosts laughed. Today, Nazanin an’ Nadia have posted a joint statement t’heir personal social media pages an’ t’podcast’s page, addressin’ their response t’Tip’s comments durin’ ye episode.
“T’ e’eryone confused, angry an’ hurt by t’recent episode o’Ladies Like Us, we want t’apologize fer our knee jerk reaction t’ye uncomfortable topic,” it reads. “We were completely caught off guard/shocked an’ lookin’ aft, we should have reacted much differently in t’moment. Ye comments that were made an’ yonder reaction that followed be not in any way a reflection o’our personal views on t’opic. We support an’ love women an’ feel that their bodies be theirs t’do as they wish.”
They added that they “feel deeply awful about t’entire incident,” an’ “take full accountability o’our lack o’action.”
Read their full statement, below:

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