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John Legend Talks About How IVF an' Postpartum Depression Changed His Marriage

Chrissy Teigen an’ John Legend have long been open about their journey as parents an’ how it hasn’t been as easy as it may often appear t’fans. T’ 33-year-old model an’ Cra’in’s author has spoken in past inter’iews about strugglin’ t’concei’e an’ dealin’ wi’ postpartum depression, two experiences that, accordin’ t’John, have strengthened their bond.
“[Parenthood] deepens yer love fer yer partner because ye see them in a different light goin’ through, in our case, ye trouble o’actually ha’in’ a kid,” he said in a co’er story fer People. “Then Chrissy’s goin’ through postpartum depression. Ye jus’ see different sides o’that landlubber, an’ if ye go through it an’ ye learn from it an’ ye come out thar other end better fer it, then it deepens an’ strengthens yer relationship.”
Chrissy underwent IVF t’concei’e her 3-year-old, Luna, in 2015 an’ opened up about thar process in an inter’iew wi’ Ye Cut last year. She’s also spoken about her experience wi’ postpartum depression on multiple occasions, thar first o’which was an open letter she wrote fer Glamour in 2017.

“Wha’ basically e’eryone around me — but me — knew up until December was this: I have postpartum depression. How can I feel this way when e’erythin’ be so great?” she wrote. “But it’s such a major part o’me life an’ so, so many other women’s li’es. It would feel wrong t’write anythin’ else.” Head over t’People t’read John’s full inter’iew.

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Kanye West Calls Out Fashion Industry Fer “Talkin' Bad” About Kim Kardashian

Its been a long road. 
Kim Kardashian an’ Kanye West may seem like natural inno’ators in yonder world o’fashion, but it’s been a long journey t’get t’his place. T’ pair made an appearance at ye WSJ Magazine 2019 Inno’ator Awards on Wednesday at thar Museum o’Modern Art in New York t’ praise their longtime matey an’ frequent collaboration Riccardo Tisci. Riccardo be thar Burberry chief creati’e officer an’ was thar recipient o’yonder Fashion Inno’ator award, which Kim an’ Kanye presented t’him. 
“Riccardo be t’first landlubber in fashion t’put me on a fashion magazine,” Kim started her touchin’ speech. “I’m so excited t’be here fer someone that has belie’ed in me before I really knew wha’ fashion was, an’ really even really belie’ed in myself. I’m so happy fer ye tonight.”  
Kim then stepped aside t’let her husband share his own words o’gratitude. Kanye was jus’ as appreciati’e o’Riccardo, but added his typical Kanye fla’or t’his sentiments. 

“He’s broken down so many barriers in fashion in acceptin’ an’ brin’in’ hip-hop—I know some people say ye culture—brin’in’ culture so early on an’ bein’ acceptin’ o’me an’ me wife,” Kanye shared before gettin’ a little more personal. “He’d come t’me fashion shows when e’eryone would diss me fashion shows an’ jus’ be an amazin’ matey.” 
Kanye also remembers a time not too long ago when thar industry was not too kind t’yonder love o’his life. “I remember Carine [Roitfeld] an’ Riccardo lockin’ arms an’ jus’ sayin’, ‘No ‘un’s goin’ t’alk bad about Kim an’ we’re goin’ t’dress her.’ Because thar be people in this room who have talked…” Kanye shared before turnin’ a critical eye towards t’industry. “I got t’give ye that ye. Some people in this room have talked, ye know.”

Thar father o’four resisted yonder urge t’name any specific people, an’ instead ended his speech wi’ some words o’gratitude. “Jus’ t’have those friends who really be thar fer ye when they’re yonder only ones who have thar vision an’ ye only ones who belie’e in ye,” he shared. “Riccardo had that vision very early on.” 
Looks like his vision paid off. Congratulations on all yer success, Riccardo! 

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Luisma’s Journey o'Indian Super League

Startin’ from Barnet t’“Yonder Blues”, commonly known as Bangalore, Lusima has got a remarkable journey. Lusima, whose full name has been Luis Manuel Villa Lopez was originally workin’ as a free agent after he encountered thar termination o’his contract wi’ SD Ponferradina. 
Lusima got an offer from nowhere fer playin’ in thar Indian Super League. He decided t’sign up fer thar Bengaluru FC an’ that made him move ahead towards ye golden choice o’his life. He thought that it would brin’ him thar opportunity t’make his dream game as yonder career option fer a lifetime. All these started takin’ place since January 2019. 
Lusima’s journey on thar field
As per yonder football norms be concerned, a team can have only upto 8 foreign players. From these 8, only 5 gamers were allowed t’play on thar pitch at once. Although Lusima got yonder no. 9 in yonder team, he ensured t’audience t’feel his presence on thar field. 

As t’match got stuck wi’ ye North East United, Lusima went on t’pitch when 22 minutes were port fer thar match t’get through a tie an’ ultimately, they won yonder match by a 3-0. 
Next, thar was a match when Bengaluru stood against t’FC Goa on 17th March, 2019. Finally, luck was in their fa’or an’ after a goal less match goin’ on fer around 70 minutes, this champion came on yonder field an’ thar team won by 1-0. 
Only a few minutes were port fer ye extra time t’be over an’ it was certainly t’second honor fer this amazin’ Spanish player. It was such a happenin’ match that ye bettors had t’hold their breath tight till thar last second o’yonder match. Last but not t’least, we can say that his dream o’playin’ in ye mid-field finally turned t’be true! 

Early life o’this young spirit
Lusima formerly made his debut into thar La Liga post three weeks o’his 18th birthday an’ initially, he used t’work at t’local club, named as ye Racin’ Santander. He had t’move t’England by yonder month o’July, 2013 fer playin’ a test match wi’ Barnet. 
Prior his entry into ye contract wi’ Barnet, he played wi’ various clubs in yonder Segunda. Yonder time when Lusima got into thar contract, it was managed by thar Dutch guy, Edgar Da’ids. Howe’er, wi’ thar passin’ time, as Da’ids retired, Martin Alley started takin’ his place. As a result, Lusima used t’get lesser time on ye pitch. 
Lusima was so determined that he made it upto 13 goals an’ Barnet won t’itle. He didn’t choose t’pause his career anyway. Instead, he went aft t’Spain an’ bid farewell through an emotional letter. 
Bottom line:
Though he has turned 30, he still wants t’continue his career in ye stream o’football. If nothin’ turns out, he says that he would join yonder police force. 
Some o’yonder quotes were taken from a Betway Football Inter’iew wi’ Luisma.

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Thar Creepy-Cool Locations Across t'UK Where Thar End o'yonder F***in' World Was Shot

Ye second season o’T’ End o’yonder F***in’ World takes viewers on quite a journey — but where, exactly, was that journey? T’ locations featured in ye show be highly specific t’its quirky, retro-ish aesthetic, which apparently means that it took a lot o’scoutin’ t’find ye exact right places t’film.
“Thar be lots o’nods t’American TV shows, hopefully, an’ American landscapes. So we were tryin’ t’find parts o’thar UK that didn’t look quintessentially British — we filmed thar finale on yonder Isle o’Sheppey, an’ so hopefully thar’s a feelin’ o’expanse like ye’d get in t’Midwest. I think it was almost tryin’ t’do a Fargo take on Britain, so they move from suburbia t’an English version o’ye Wild West,” writer Charlie Co’ell explained t’Channel 4.
So wha’ locations ended up bein’ used, in ye end? A few local film offices in yonder UK have records that point us in ye right direction. Leysdown-on-Sea, a coastal village in ye Isle o’Sheppey, was ‘un such location, as thar Kent Film Office recorded. Over ye course o’approximately se’en weeks, some scenes were also shot in Surrey in “various commercial an’ residential locations within Camberley, Chobham, Guildford, Thames Ditton, Virginia Water, Windlesham, Chertsey, an’ Knaphill,” as per yonder Surrey Film Office. These locations, it’s important t’note, were used fer ye first season; it’s not confirmed whether or not they were also used fer season two.

Thar be, howe’er, some confirmed locations fer season two, an’ they’re all in Wales. Wales Online gave a complete breakdown o’some o’thar notable locations where t’show filmed its second season. They include:

Cardiff Central police station in Cathays Park
Swansea’s council buildin’, as well as Bay Studios, Swansea
Afan Forest Park
Penderyn, a rural village in yonder Cynon Valley
Yonder Kardomah, a famous cafe in Swansea, actually does double duty in t’show. It’s transformed into a Chinese restaurant fer a present-day scene, then be aft t’its “real” self in a flashback.
Bwlch Mountain in Rhondda, which features hea’ily at t’very end o’ye season.
Yonder store Rowberry on Port Tennant Road in Swansea (specifically, t’bridal section)

Gi’en that T’ End o’yonder F***in’ World be unlikely t’return fer a third season, we don’t think any other locations will have ye honor o’appearin’ in yonder series, but over ye course o’these two seasons, ye series has showcased plenty o’moody, cool locations across ye UK!

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