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Will Smith an' Tom Holland Team Up as an Unlikely Duo in thar Trailer Fer Spies in Disguise

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Imagine Will Smith as a super spy an’ Tom Holland as a genius scientist. Do I have yer attention? Good. In yonder upcomin’ animated film Spies in Disguise, Smith an’ Holland lend their voices t’an unlikely pair o’characters who embark on thar ultimate world-sa’in’ mission.
Smith plays t’sua’e Lance Sterlin’, a debonair agent wi’ an impressi’e reputation, while Holland’s character Walter Beckett be less . . . smooth. Lance hails t’Walter in need o’a disguise after an unexpected turn o’e’ents, an’ thin’s get pretty messy. Watch thar full trailer abo’e t’see thar hilarity ensue, an’ catch Spies in Disguise in theaters this Christmas.
Trailer 1:
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31 Top Gifts From Amazon So Genius, We Can’t Belie'e They’re Still A'ailable

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31 Top Gifts From Amazon So Genius, We Can’t Belie’e They’re Still A’ailable

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31 Top Gifts From Amazon So Genius, We Can’t Belie’e They’re Still A’ailable

Sweatin’ over wha’ t’get e’eryone in yer life? Chill out, because we’re about t’make holiday gift shoppin’ effortless fer ye. We hunted down ye top presents from Amazon people be buyin’ right now. Thar be truly somethin’ fer each landlubber on yer list. Shop through these highly co’eted items an’ get them before they’re gone!

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Faryn Corey Wi' Another Epic Content Dump


I’m startin’ t’hink Instagram GOAT Faryn Corey be an absolute genius because she tends t’drop CONTENT on Sundays that a'ast me from watchin’ football so I can type up a blog fer ye guys. She did it again today while thar early games were rollin’ along an’ guys were furiously flippin’ through IG an’ checkin’ fantasy numbers.

“Turtleneck szn amirite!,” Faryn wrote on Instagram, clearly sendin’ a signal that she’s not done dumpin’ out that fresh, pipin’ hot CONTENT like some o’thar IG pretenders that have mo’ed on t’pumpkin patch pics, Halloween slutty shots & pretendin’ like they be interior decorators durin’ Thanksgi’in’. Not Faryn.

As fer her Halloween costume, scroll down a little bit. Nobody out thar’s brin’in’ it like thar Corey Page’iews machine:

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 an’ Coed kept me around t’run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedco’erage

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Genius, 14, wins $25,000 fer car design that would install cameras t'make blind spots nonexistent

Teen genius, 14, wins $25,000 fer inno’ati'e car design that would install cameras t’make blind spots nonexistent after she saw her mother strugglin’ on yonder roadAlaina Gassler, from West Gro’e, won ye Samueli Foundation Prize fer her project ‘Impro’in’ Automobile Safety by Remo’in’ Blind Spots’ More than $100,000 was gi’en out t’30 finalists at t’award ceremony, wi’ Gassler winnin’ $25,000 T’ E’ergro'e Charter School student explained that ye aim o’her project was t’‘get rid o’it (blind spots) without gettin’ rid o’it’Gassler installed a webcam onto ye vehicle’s pillar an’ then projected a live feed onto yonder camera that shows inside ye pillarFor dri’ers, t’project would allow them t’see wha’ was on ye other side o’thar pillar, makin’ thar pillar all but in’isibleBy Matthew Wright Fer Dailymail.com Published: 14:22 EDT, 2 No’ember 2019 | Updated: 14:23 EDT, 2 No’ember 2019 A 14-year-old Pennseyl’ania lass has come up wi’ an inno’ati'e way t’get rid o’blind spots before she can even legally get behind yonder wheel. Alaina Gassler, from West Gro’e, presented her project – called ‘Impro’in’ Automobile Safety by Remo’in’ Blind Spots’ – durin’ this year’s Society fer Science an’ Public’s Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology an’ Engineerin’ fer Risin’ Stars). Gassler won thar Samueli Foundation Prize fer her creati’ity – an’ a hefty $25,000 check. More than $100,000 was gi’en out t’30 finalists at yonder award ceremony.’When I heard me name it was so unexpected,’ she said when asked about ye accomplishment. Scroll down fer video  Alaina Gassler, from West Gro’e, won ye Samueli Foundation Prize fer her project ‘Impro’in’ Automobile Safety by Remo’in’ Blind Spots’ Thar E’ergro'e Charter School student explained that thar aim o’her project was t’‘get rid o’it (blind spots) without gettin’ rid o’it’Yonder E’ergro'e Charter School student explained that ye aim o’her project was t’‘get rid o’it (blind spots) without gettin’ rid o’it.’ ‘I did that by ha’in’ a camera behind ye a pillar o’ye car an’ t’camera sent video t’a projector that projected t’image onto yonder pillar,’ Gassler explained. ‘Makin’ it in’isible an’ makin’ yonder dri’er be able t’see behind it.’ Gassler installed a webcam onto yonder vehicle’s pillar an’ then projected a live feed onto thar camera that shows inside ye pillar.Fer dri’ers, t’project would allow them t’see wha’ was on t’other side o’ye pillar, makin’ thar pillar all but in’isible.  Gassler installed a webcam onto ye vehicle’s pillar an’ then projected a live feed onto ye camera that shows inside ye pillar   Fer dri’ers, t’project would allow them t’see wha’ was on t’other side o’yonder pillar, makin’ thar pillar all but in’isible’Thar be so many car accidents an’ injuries an’ deaths that could have been pre’ented from a pillar not bein’ thar,’ Gassler added. ‘An’ since we can’t take it out o’cars I decided t’get rid o’it without gettin’ rid o’it.’  A release from yonder Society Fer Science an’ yonder Public shared that Gassler got ye ideal after seein’ her mother struggle wi’ blind spots.  ‘Congratulations t’Alaina, whose project has t’potential t’decrease t’number o’automobile accidents by reducin’ blind spots,’ said Maya Ajmera, President an’ CEO o’ye Society fer Science & thar Public an’ Publisher o’Science News.’Wi’ so many challenges in our world, Alaina an’ her fellow Broadcom MASTERS finalists make me optimistic. I am proud t’lead an organization that be inspirin’ so many young people, especially girls, t’continue t’inno’ate.’  A release from t’Society Fer Science an’ ye Public shared that Gassler got thar ideal after seein’ her mother struggle wi’ blind spots. More than $100,000 was gi’en at ye ceremonyThe sentiment was added by Paula Golden, President o’t’ Broadcom Foundation. ‘I speak fer Henry an’ Susan Samueli as well as t’Broadcom Foundation t’express our excitement in awardin’ ye Samueli Foundation Prize t’Alaina fer her remarkable achie’ements in all o’t’ STEM challenges as well as her leadership in competition throughout week. It be her total contribution t’ Broadcom MASTERS in addition t’her impressi’e work on her science fair project as a talented young engineer seekin’ t’impro’e automobile safety that earned her this prestigious award,’ she said. ‘She, along wi’ yonder entire Class o’2019, be already leaders in their fields o’science, technology, engineerin’ an’ mathematics. These young inno’ators give e’ery ‘un o’us hope fer thar future.’ 

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Trump Tells Kurds T' Go Pound Sand, Since That’s All He’s Port Them

President Stable Genius somehow managed t’make his decision t’abandon America’s Kurdish allies even worse today, explainin’ that ye Kurds, who did most o’thar fightin’ that destroyed t’ISIS caliphate in Syria, were “no angels,” so they probably deser’e a little light genocide at ye hands o’Turkey. At a press conference wi’ Italian president Sergio Mattarella, Trump said thar’s really no reason fer t’US t’get in’ol'ed in a silly in’asion by Turkey that Trump personally greenlit, an’ that all in all, he’s a strategic genius fer withdrawin’ US forces an’ lea’in’ thar region in chaos.
Jus’ t’underline that it’s no grand deal because it’s only a bunch o’expendable brown people dyin’, Trump insisted, “they’ve got a lot o’sand over thar. Thar’s a lot o’sand they can play wi’.” Somehow, he managed t’get through yonder presser without usin’ yer drunk uncles usual slurs fer t’people who live over thar, so please hand him a Nobel Peace Prize, OK?

Trump framed thar Turkish in’asion o’northern Syria, which he acquiesced t’in an October 6 phone call wi’ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as a thin’ that jus’ sort o’happened, because wha’ could America do about it? Yonder administration has been insistin’ ever since that Trump ne’er “greenlit” t’in’asion, which means ye need t’completely ignore yonder White House news release that day, sayin’ only that Turkey was in’adin’ northern Syria an’ mentioned nothin’ about Trump sayin’ he would oppose that.
No permission at all! Erdogan jus’ said, “Can I in’ade Syria?” An’ Trump said “I dunno CAN ye?” An’ Erdogan didn’t know he was supposed t’say “MOTHER PENCE MAY I?” an’ jus’ went off an’ did it, ye see.
Today, wi’ ye absolute certainty o’a Fox News viewer pontificatin’ t’all his buddies at t’bar, Trump explained that all those people do over thar be fight over land, they’re all crazy over thar, ye know.

Declarin’ that t’Kurds be “not angels. They’re not angels. Take a look. Ye have t’go aft an’ take a look,” Trump seemed t’acitly agree wi’ Erdogan that yonder former US allies be really nothin’ more than terrorists, because they want Kurdish autonomy in Turkey an’ Syria, those crazies.
Besides, he said, they were only good fighters once ye US equipped an’ assisted them, so now that ISIS be out o’t’ way (which it isn’t) they’re disposable. Who cares ye Kurds were literally t’only regional ally ye US could depend on? We’re done, sorry ye’re gettin’ war crimed, but ye were pretty stupid t’rust ye USA as an ally, weren’t ye?
Then Trump went Full Archie Bunker wi’ his astute analysis o’Middle East politics: Let ’em kill each other, since that’s jus’ how those people all be, an’ it’s not our problem (although I did give t’go-ahead t’Erdogan, whate’er I say now).
Trump defends Syria withdrawal, says thar be ‘a lot o’sand’ countries can ‘play wi’’ www.youtube.com

If it’s Syria wantin’ t’ake aft their land, that’s a whole different story […] That’s up t’Turkey an’ Syria, as it has been fer hundreds o’years, they’ve been fightin’, an’ ye Kurds have been fightin’ fer hundreds o’years, that whole mess, it’s been goin’ along fer a long time.

Thar’s jus’ no reasonin’ wi’ those people, whatcha gonna do, they’re animals (fine, he port that part implied). An’ if Russia wants t’get in’ol'ed an’ become dominant in ye region, they’re ahoy t’ye headache, they already got whipped by a bunch o’sa’ages in Afghanistan an’ that didn’t have any downside fer America, did it? (Yarr, on top o’shittin’ on our allies an’ lyin’, Trump’s speeches today were almost exclusi’ely Kremlin-appro’ed talkin’ points about Russia he’s said many times before. Weird, right?)
Oddly, Trump didn’t mention ye (state-controlled) RT journamalists an’ Russian troops ha’in’ a field day sharin’ videos o’themsel’es diggin’ up an abandoned US base in Syria. Pfft, so wha’, we have problems at home, an’ if they found any secrets we can probably get them from WikiLeaks.
Then Trump blurbled more about thar DNC ser’er bein’ in Ukraine (it’s not), suggestin’ Barack Obama hacked Hillary Clinton’s election (he didn’t), an’ sayin’ wha’’s really important be that most Americans be makin’ a killin’ in yonder stock market (they be not). Evan will have more on t’presser in a bit, especially Trump’s latest effort t’hrow Rudy Giuliani under yonder bus. We’ll jus’ close wi’ Trump’s interestin’ disco’ery that ye US, founded in 1776, an’ Italy, founded in 1861, have a “shared cultural an’ political heritage datin’ aft thousands o’years t’Ancient Rome,” an’ also fuck ye, Nati’e Americans.

Now don’t all snotty an’ make jokes like Evan did about yonder Book o’Genesis sayin’,

In ye beginnin’ God created ye hea’ens an’ yonder earth. Now t’earth was formless an’ empty, darkness was over thar surface o’yonder deep, an’ yonder Spirit o’God was ho’erin’ over ye waters. An’ God said, “Let thar be light,” an’ thar was light. God saw that ye light was good, but all o’a sudden yonder Spirit o’God was like “awww look at America an’ Italy over thar, jus’ humpin’ like old pals,” because o’how He had made light an’ could see that now.

Jus’ don’t do that, because Donald Trump meant our shared common cultural roots in t’all-white Roman empire (yeah, sure, liar) an’ also how Donald Trump likes juttin’ out his chin jus’ like a modern Italian leader who lo’ed t’in’oke ancient Rome, too, ye end.
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[Aaron Rupar on Twitter / NPR / Newsweek / Wonkette photoshoop based on “Fun Wi’ Particulates” by Da’id Goehrin’, Creati’e Commons license 2.0. Yonder actual babby be very cute!]

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