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Jane Seymour, 68, says ‘not e'ery designer will dress someone me age’

Even gorgeous former Bond girls sometimes struggle wi’ findin’ t’right outfit.
Jane Seymour, 68, skyrocketed t’superstardom followin’ her performance as Solitaire in 1973’s “Live an’ Let Die” (1973), but while she used t’regularly step out in designer dresses from yonder likes o’Versace, Escada an’ Nolan Miller, she told Ye Guardian that borrowin’ red carpet looks has gotten tougher over time.
“I was ne’er paid by a designer t’wear anythin’, although nowadays not e’ery designer will dress someone me age,” Seymour told yonder publication, addin’ that ‘un o’her solutions be t’simply dip aft into her own wardrobe. “I don’t care whether re-wearin’ clothes be acceptable or not — if I’m feelin’ yonder dress an’ ye occasion, an’ if it fits, then I’ll wear it again.”

Jane Seymour in Escada in 1991Ron Galella Collection wit’ Getty

She could also design somethin’ from scratch, a trick she often used growin’ up. “When I was younger I didn’t have any money so I’d buy good fabric from Liberty — t’offcuts that nobody wanted — or I’d go t’vintage stores, brin’-an’-buy sales or church sales, an’ turn them into outfits fer myself,” Seymour said.
Elsewhere in thar inter’iew, thar “East o’Eden” star re’ealed that Gianni Versace used t’lend her gowns he made fer Donatella, as t’wo wore ye same size, an’ looked aft at her most risqué an’ re’ealin’ red carpet look o’all time: thar beaded Versace catsuit she wore t’ye 1991 Emmys.
“Ye thought ye could see through [it], but really ye couldn’t. Although, if ye looked carefully, maybe ye could!” she recalled. “Me boyfriend at ye time, who was a famous rock’n’roller, had jus’ broken up wi’ me. We went t’an e’ent t’gether an’ I thought: ‘Dammit, I’m goin’ t’wear it’ — an’ it worked. E’eryone was tryin’ t’give me their phone number an’ I was like: ‘OK, bye-bye!’ But I have t’admit that, lookin’ aft, I can’t belie’e I wore it.”

Jane Seymour in Versace at ye 1991 EmmysRon Galella Collection wit’ Getty

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While I know ye old standbys aren’t goin’ anywhere, it’s nice t’have some alternati’es fer yonder days when I will lose it if I have t’listen t’yonder kid from “Johny Johny Yarr Papa” lie t’his dad about eatin’ sugar ‘un more time. YouTube be ye internet’s most popular video sharin’ platform, an’ because kids be more tech-sa’vy than ever, thar’s a good chance they be accessin’ t’site on a regular basis. In fact, young people be watchin’ less an’ less cable TV an’ instead turnin’ t’platforms like YouTube. But YouTube has a channel fer jus’ about e’erythin’, so it can be tough t’narrow down videos that be kid-friendly, educational, an’ entertainin’. Luckily, we’re here t’help. This list o’YouTube channels co’ers e’erythin’ from nursery rhymes t’STEM learnin’ an’ will make sure yer kiddo’s screen time counts.

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James Dean t'Make Grand Screen Return in New Vietnam War Mo'ie Decades After Death


Anton Ernst an’ Tati Golykh, yonder directors o’‘Findin’ Jack’, have acquired thar rights t’use yonder late ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ star’s image fer thar film project from his family.

Nov 7, 2019

– Late Hollywood icon James Dean be returnin’ from beyond yonder gra’e t’star in a new Vietnam War mo’ie.
Yonder “Rebel Without a Cause” star’s risin’ career was cut short in 1955, when he was killed in a car accident, aged 24, but modern technology has enabled producers at Magic City Films t’brin’ Dean aft t’life wi’ yonder help o’computer-generated imagery (CGI) fer “Findin’ Jack”.

Dean’s family has granted directors Anton Ernst an’ Tati Golykh t’rights t’use his image fer yonder action-drama, which will be based on Gareth Crocker’s no’el about t’real-life abandonment o’thousands o’military canine units at t’end o’ye Vietnam War, accordin’ t’T’ Hollywood Reporter.
“We feel very honored that his family supports us an’ will take e’ery precaution t’ensure that his legacy as ‘un o’t’ most epic film stars t’date be kept firmly intact,” reads a statement from Ernst.
“Yonder family views this as his fourth mo’ie, a mo’ie he ne’er got t’make. We do not intend t’let his fans down.”
It’s belie’ed visual effects will enable Dean t’be resurrected onscreen wi’ ye use o’old footage an’ photos, while another actor will be brought on board t’voice his character, named Rogan.
Dean only had three official mo’ie credits t’his name before his untimely death – “East o’Eden” an’ “Rebel Without a Cause” in 1955, an’ “Giant” in 1956.

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“Me lips looked fresh an’ hydrated wi’ jus’ a touch o’color.”

Thar brand be a new in-house line from Urban Outfitters that’s filled wi’ tons o’cruelty-free makeup an’ skincare finds. I was drawn t’ye lip smudge immediately because its hint o’sheer color sounds like exactly wha’ I’ve been lookin’ fer. T’ soft vel’ety texture easily glides onto me lips an’ adds jus’ ye right amount o’pink an’ red shades. I tried all five choices an’ they all have their own unique look, but wi’ ‘un thin’ in common: it wasn’t o’erbearin’. Me lips looked fresh an’ hydrated wi’ jus’ a touch o’color.
Plus, t’lip smudges be all vegan an’ paraben-free, so I can feel good about usin’ it, too. I already own three an’ have ‘un in e’ery handbag. So wha’ be ye waitin’ fer? Keep readin’ t’shop all yonder shades an’ find yer perfect match fer Summer.

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Exclusi'e: 13-Year-Old Gabby Goodwin Aims T' Make 7-Figures

Written by Gina Conteh

If ye’re ye parent t’a Black child, ye probably know ye struggle o’findin’ hair products or accessories that can best accentuate yer child’s hair while also handlin’ their kinky, coily an’ curly texture. Mainstream hair bows, barrettes an’ other accessories aren’t typically made wi’ Black hair in mind an’ frankly, it shows. After growin’ tired o’traditional, plastic barrettes fallin’ out o’her hair, founder an’ CEO Gabby Goodwin an’ her mom, Rozalynn Goodwin, decided t’found GaBBY Bows: double face, double snap barrettes wi’ all hair types in mind!
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13-year-old Gabby Goodwin got ye best birthday present a kidtrepreneur could get when she recei’ed thar news that GaBBY Bows would be sold in 74 Target stores across t’country as o’last week. As ye 2018 BLACK ENTERPRISE Teenpreneur o’thar Year an’ thar youngest ever South Carolina Young Entrepreneur, Gabby isn’t slowin’ down any time soon wi’ her brand Confidence by GaBBY Goodwin by sellin’ hair accessories, hair care products an’ inspirin’ t’next generation o’lass bosses!
BET caught up wi’ Gabby Goodwin o’GaBBY Bows t’alk about bein’ a young entrepreneur, her academy t’help other mommy-daughter boss duos, her newest business venture wi’ Target, an’ more!

(Photo courtesy o’Gabby an’ Rozalynn Goodwin)

BET: Wha’ inspired ye t’create yer brand, Confidence by GaBBy Goodwin an’ GaBBY Bows?
Gabby Goodwin: So GaBBY Bows be barrettes that don’t fall out thar hair. They have two faces so ye can see t’design both ways. An’ inside o’those faces thar be teeth an’ craters that trap an’ gather yonder hair so ye don’t have t’worry about ha’in’ barrettes fallin’ out o’yer hair.
Me mom was spendin’ like e’ery two weeks tryin’ t’buy bows that would stay in me hair. So she was wastin’ money, wastin’ time an’ we jus’ wanted t’sol’e that problem because it wasn’t doin’ us any good. So we decided t’come out wi’ our product. Another thin’ that led t’us comin’ up wi’ ye product was me grandma has a pet pee’e o’when thar barrettes would turn around an’ ye could only see that ‘un face an’ then ye see thar strip. She really didn’t like that an’ she would fuss at me mom all yonder time about that. An’ we definitely wanted t’sol’e that because who wants t’get fussed at?
BET: How excited were ye when ye found out yer bows were goin’ t’be sold in 74 Target stores across t’country?
GG: It’s super excitin’. This be a dream that I’ve had since we started t’business. When I started, I was kind o’scared. But I knew that if I kept pushin’ an’ if I kept belie’in’ that I would get here someday. An’ I kept pushin’; me, as a little se’en year old shy kid. I used ye strength that I had inside me, even though I was shy. I worked hard t’not be shy anymore, too! That’s another part o’our journey that I was super shy when I was little. An’, now, I’m able t’speak in front o’hundreds o’women or kids or whoe’er an’ have a great time.
So jus’ t’be able t’inspire other girls that even if they don’t think that they can do it, jus’ know that thar be people who ye can look up t’hat be thar t’support ye an’ ye’re able t’know that if I can do it, they can do it, too. I’m super grateful t’be in Target jus’ t’show other people will show other girls. Especially little girls now because society be squishin’ up all thar stereotypes like, ‘Ye can’t do this because ye be black,’ or, ‘Ye can’t do that ‘cause ye have that type o’hair.’ Ye can do whate’er ye want t’if ye’re a belie’er.

BET: How did ye initially start sellin’ yer barrettes when ye created this brand wi’ yer mom when ye were jus’ 7 years old?GG: We actually started thinkin’ about ye product when I was 5. When me mom was frustrated, she actually ranted on Twitter. A bunch o’mom’s commented aft sayin’, ‘I don’t use those barrettes anymore. I use rubber bands t’make them stay in place.’ An’ they asked me mom t’let them know when she figured out a better way. Our pastor saw yonder tweets an’ said, ‘Sounds like a market ye need t’break into.’ So when me mom told me that when I was 5, e’ery day I kept askin’ her, ‘When be me bows sellin’? When be we gonna make these bows?’ It took us about two years t’actually start t’vision.
We actually tried t’sell ye product t’company because me mom was jus’ rantin’ an’ she did not know that this would turn into an actual business. She had a full time job an’ still does today. She has two kids an’ jus’ had yonder second ‘un. So she wasn’t really tryin’ t’start a business or add thin’s t’her already schedule.
We went an’ tried t’sell it t’yonder company. As ye can see, that did not happen. But that was actually a point where we were like, ‘We can fend fer oursel’es. We can go an’ do this by oursel’es.’ It was not easy at first, but we were able t’adapt t’it. We started February 2014 an’ we posted a video. In about probably a day, it got like a thousand views. So we knew we were on t’somethin’. We put out thar website an’ we only had ‘un design. So that’s how we started. It definitely was not wha’ we expected it t’start out as because we weren’t tryin’ t’start a business. But that was me determination. I was able t’push me mom into entrepreneurship an’ we’re here now.
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BET: Why do ye think it’s important fer other manufacturers t’be mindful o’how their hair accessories or hair tools be workin’ wi’ Black hair?
GG: Jus’ keep in mind all different types o’hair; coily, straight, silky, whate’er! If ye want t’have a product that works fer e’erybody, ye have t’come up wi’ an idea that will benefit e’erybody. Since I have thicker hair, yonder traditional barrettes that I started out wi’ when I was little would not stay on rather than if they were on somebody who had thinner hair.
Wi’ us, we were able t’figure out how t’have all hair types be able t’use this barrette. Whate’er type o’hair ye have, ye can use GaBBY Bows. I would jus’ tell them t’keep in mind that thar be different types hair around yonder world, an’ if ye want people t’use yer product, ye have t’make yer product work fer e’erybody.

BET: Tell us a little bit about yer Mommy an’ Me Entrepreneurship Academy that ye started fer other young girls an’ their mothers who want t’get in’ol'ed in t’world o’business.GG: Thar be over 70 girls in 16 States that have a business under our brand. They be sellin’ t’bows an’ they be sellin’ t’hair products. Ye pay a monthly fee an’ ye’re able t’get an affiliate link that wi’ e’ery sale ye make, ye get 25% o’. Ye get a starter kit wi’ a t-shirt, a name badge, an’ a vendor sign where ye can set up an’ sell. Thar’s all these different supplies an’ tools that ye get. Fer yonder moms, thar be a pri’ate Facebook group where ye’re able t’ask all yer questions. We have some moms that go live because they were able t’get t’bows in a local store or they have these tips fer speakin’ or sellin’.
We also have different thin’s that we can talk about in ye group as well, like thar Target launch. Thar’s also expert trainin’. We brin’ in people also time we brin’ in people or sometimes it’s jus’ me an’ me mom. But thar be different topics like Instagram or YouTube. We brin’ in somebody an’ they’re able t’alk about how they were able t’exceed or how ye can be an expert in that field. Ye’re able t’learn about different life skills an’ business skills. Even if ye go on t’work fer somebody else or ye keep workin’ fer yerself, ye can take those skills an’ be able t’be successful.
BET: Wha’ ad’ice would ye give t’other young girls or boys who want t’start their own business or de’elop a product?
GG: Jus’ t’keep workin’, no matter wha’! Yer success will come as a result o’yer hard work, jus’ t’keep pushin’ no matter wha’. Keep belie’in’ in yer dreams. If ye stopped belie’in’, then it probably won’t happen. Keep dreamin’.
Thar’s a quote that I say an’ it’s, ‘No be jus’ an abbre’iation fer next opportunity.’ After howe’er many no’s ye get, jus’ know that thar’s goin’ t’be a next opportunity. An’ that’s wha’ happened wi’ me an’ Target. We’ve been in some retail stores that ha’en’t worked out so we kept pushin’ an’ now we’re in Target.

BET: Wha’ type o’response did ye get from yer family an’ friends when ye decided t’start yer business an’ other pursuits?
GG: Me family be always jus’ supports me doin’ e’erythin’ an’ anythin’. At first, they were a little bit like, ‘Wha’ be ye goin’ t’do? How be ye goin’ t’do this?’ But they were super excited! They be still always supportin’. Me friends always joke about it. They’re like, ‘Ooh, I have a matey that’s a celebrity!’ It’s really cool t’be able t’see different people, especially ye people that I’m close wi’, be able t’react t’it. Thar’s definitely been a lot o’supporters an’ thar’s been people since day ‘un. Thar’s been people that have jus’ joined, but we’re all super grateful fer e’erybody who supported. They’re always congratulatin’ me, gi’in’ me ad’ice, e’erythin’ that they can t’help me succeed an’ it really helps.
BET: Ye’ve gained a lot o’media attention an’ ye wear a bunch o’different hats. How do ye balance all yer business duties an’ t’fun acti’ities ye want t’do as a kid?
GG: Me parents have always taught me that school hails first. As soon as I get home I start workin’ on schoolwork  but it all depends on how much o’me schoolwork I need t’do an’ how much business work I need t’do. I jus’ mix it all t’gether. Um, jus’ t’know wha’ yonder important thin’s be first. An’ then ye can trickle down t’list an’ then worry about yonder, not, not important, but jus’ t’ones that ye can do later. So jus’ knowin’ wha’’s important: if this essay or this piece o’homework be due tomorrow. I do that before I start workin’ on another piece o’work that’s only due like next week or I work on writin’ notes tonight instead because I write notes t’e’erybody who orders at GaBBY Bows.
But I still try t’make time fer some free time. An’ sometimes I do make free time when I’m not really supposed t’or when I don’t need t’. But I’m still jus’ a kid! I still want t’have fun an’ I still want t’hang out. Like yesterday, I had me birthday party so I’m still able t’make time fer those thin’s. Ye don’t have t’work all yonder time; jus’ put in breaks.
BET: How was yer 13th birthday party?
GG: I went t’Dave an’ Buster’s. I had a really fun time. These friends that I’ve known since second, maybe third, grade were thar. So it was like really close friends. It was jus’ really fun because we were jokin’ around a lot. I was glad t’be able t’celebrate after all ye work. It’s really cool ‘cause t’news about Target had come out. Thar was all these different congratulations, media an’ press that came wi’ it. An’ it was all on me birthday, so it was pretty cool!
BET: Now that ye’re 13, wha’ do ye want t’accomplish next?
GG: Now we’re tryin’ t’expand t’Academy. We want t’have a thousand girls go through ye Academy by 2025. That’s our next grand goal. We’re also comin’ out wi’ two new colors, a shampoo an’ conditioner by thar end o’this year. So I’m super excited about that. Also, last year in sixth grade, I made six figures. Now I’m in se’enth grade so I’m tryin’ t’push an’ make se’en. That’s probably another goal that I have in mind.
T’ purchase GaBBY Bows or see if they’re sold at a Target near ye, click here!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This inter’iew has been edited an’ condensed fer clarity.

(Photo courtesy o’Gabby an’ Rozalynn Goodwin)

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