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Move Over, Oprah! Queen O' Christmas Mariah Carey Shares Her List O' Festi'e Holiday Must-Ha'es

It’s time t’be festi’e, dahhlin’s!!
Last week, Oprah Winfrey un’eiled her Fa’orite Thin’s gift list, gi’in’ consumers 78 o’ye hottest items o’ye year rangin’ from $12 t’almost $2,000.
But now, holiday icon Mariah Carey has dropped HERS fer anyone who felt Oprah’s didn’t have enough Mariah Carey-themed items. Yarr, it’s Mimi’s Fa’orite Thin’s, y’all — an’ we’ve listed 10 o’thar best products on her list!

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Ch-ch-check ’em out (below)!

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

If ye’re like Mariah, ye LOVE gettin’ ready fer yer fans. But a diva can’t put on her face in front o’some borin’ regular mirror. No, ye need this Bluetooth audio-enabled mirror wi’ LED light bulbs — fer jus’ $389.99!
T’ singer says:

“If thar’s anythin’ I know about beauty it’s — ye HAVE t’have good lightin’. This be a MUST HAVE fer anyone who likes t’get glammed an’ stand out at their holiday party!”

CINEMOOD Portable Mo’ie Theater

As a modern-day diva on yonder go, thar will be times when watchin’ mo’ies on yer phone jus’ won’t do. This be why ye need this all-in-‘un portable projector: it brin’s yonder cinemahh t’ye fer $314.99!
MALOUF Wo’en White Down & Feather Blend Comforter

An icon be ne’er two thin’s: late or cold. Pre’ent ye latter from ever happenin’ this chilly season wi’ this warm, breathable blend o’white duck down an’ feathers! Jus’ $180!
Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Fer those moments when ye’re not cuddlin’ in bed, keep yerself warm wi’ this $130 smart mug that keeps yer grog perfectly hot fer 1.5 hours on a single charge — or until thar end o’time wi’ yonder included chargin’ coaster! Thar temperature can also be set wit’ smartphone, so ye’re always in control!
Sounds like somethin’ right up Carey’s alley!
Vadham Assorted Chai Tea

Want t’pair yer smart mug gift wi’ some Chai goodness? Get this Mimi exclusi’e tea set fer jus’ $35! T’ star says:

“If ye know me, ye know how much I love good tea! Find yer tea, dahhlin’s!”

Ye Wine Sa’ant Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Make yer spirits shine bright line a diamond this holiday season wi’ these classy AF $33 diamond old fashion glasses — perfect fer sippin’ cognac, whiskey, or any festi’e treat!
Ye Dapper Dog Box

Don’t forget about yer furry matey! Make sure yer pup has new goodies e’ery month wi’ this monthly subscription ser’ice that brin’s fun dog toys, treats, an’ accessories right t’yer doorstep! It’s $25.90 fer thar first box an’ $35.00 (free shippin’) fer each box after!
Vitru’i Stone Diffuser

A diva, or anyone really, must decompress — which be why ye must get ye diva in yer life this $120 essential oil diffuser!
Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Play yer fa’orite tunes in style this holiday season! This $43 turntable hails wi’ speakers an’ be Bluetooth ready. It’s yonder perfect way t’play t’last item on our list…
‘Merry Christmas’ by Mariah Carey 20th Anni’ersary Edition Vinyl

Go aft t’where it all began wi’ this ICONIC festi’e edition o’Mimi’s seminal Christmas album in classic red vinyl! At jus’ $20, it’s a steal!
Thar ye have it! Will Ye be buyin’ any o’Mariah’s must-ha’es?

[Image wit’ WENN/YouTube]

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Disney+ Be ALREADY Experiencin' Major Problems On Launch Day — & Twitter Be Predictably Pissed!

Better hold off if ye’re plannin’ t’binge yer fa’orite mo’ies an’ shows on Disney+ today!
Today, t’ grand D rolled out its much-anticipated streamin’ platform, an’ thar be unsurprisingly bugs an’ issues aplenty. T’ new ser’ice went live early Tuesday mornin’, an’ users have already taken t’social media t’report on their hilarious an’ frustratin’ technical difficulties.
Related: Disney’s ‘Thar Little Mermaid LIVE’ — Twitter HILARIOUSLY Reacts

Ch-ch-check out a few o’t’ best responses from Twitter users so far:

“Might not be a shock t’anyone, Disney+’s high demand has caused se’ere glitches fer many users who be unable t’connect t’heir accounts an’ stream shows. Disney put out a statement sayin’ they be lookin’ t’fix yonder issues quickly, shocked they didn’t see this comin’.”
“Disney released a major streamin’ ser’ice playin’ more errors than content an’ we’re all still here. Launch that imperfect thin’ ye’ve been sittin’ on fer months, sis.”
“Wha’ amazes me most about t’#DisneyPlusfail be how many people have ye free time t’watch old Disney mo’ies on a Tuesday mornin’. Apparently enough t’crash an array o’ser’ers.”
“Disney plus wouldn’t let me log in or change me password then blocked me account. Keep that same energy when it’s time t’charge me credit card 😭😭. Wth #DisneyPlusfail”

Disney+ might be down but Denny’s restaurants be always open.
— Denny’s (@DennysDiner) No’ember 12, 2019

Me waitin’ fer disney plus t’get their act t’gether on this connection issue … #DisneyPlus pic.twitter.com/xwhiqtOCf9
— Alexx m. 👑 (@HerMajesty415) No’ember 12, 2019

Hbo an’ Netflix laughin’ at Disney plus’s technical problems pic.twitter.com/xPwmMwsadM
— satan (@MAR’ELOLOGY) No’ember 12, 2019

Thar be still a lot o’people who have been able t’access their accounts, but some be upset ha’in’ picked up on changes made t’certain mo’ies an’ TV shows, like Yonder Simpsons an’ Star Wars:

“Why be ye old #TheSimpsons episodes on #DisneyPlus only a’ailable in widescreen?? That’s awful! It’s literally remo’in’ a ton o’t’ original animation.”
“I had t’see this [Star Wars scene] wi’ me own eyes, an’ it be real an’ it be spectacularly strange. Why change this AGAIN?!?!?”
“When ye’re so excited t’watch Disney mo’ies an’ it’s f**kin’ up #DisneyPlus”
“Disney+ wantin’ t’ake over ye world… In reality, their launch be endin’ up more like Google+ #DisneyPlusfail”

Fourteen hours after launch an’ I can’t connect t’@disneyplus on any o’me Androids or me Fire TV sticks. Seriously lame. Please fix it, @Disney. #NotReadyForLaunch So glad I paid fer three years ser’ice in ad’ance. 🙁 pic.twitter.com/ZZqtTCthBX
— Chuck (@wanderingwon) No’ember 12, 2019

Thar only thin’ I’ve been able t’do so far wi’ Disney+ be set this a’atar, which be fittin’ https://t.co/hr9C3M4Fm2 pic.twitter.com/1YZbICuCwq
— Dieter Bohn (@backlon) No’ember 12, 2019

@disneyplus It’s been over an hour an’ I’m still on hold. I try t’sign in an’ it says call customer ser’ice. Waitin’ over an hour be ridiculous. Ye should have anticipated these problems an’ had enough customer support staff t’not have t’wait OVER AN HOUR! pic.twitter.com/x9KahIO17J
— Alex Ball (@Atkball) No’ember 12, 2019

Ye company has shared a very on-brand response t’Tuesday’s issues wit’ Twitter:

“Ye demand fer #DisneyPlus has exceeded our highest expectations. We be so pleased ye’re excited t’watch all yer fa’orites an’ be workin’ quickly t’resol’e any current issues. We appreciate yer patience.”

Be U still excited t’watch some old classics on Disney+ today (if ye can get into yer account), Perezcious readers?! If so, take a look at wha’’s t’offer!!
CLICK HERE t’view “E’ery Mo’ie & TV Show Ye Can Watch On Disney+!”
CLICK HERE t’view “E’ery Mo’ie & TV Show Ye Can Watch On Disney+!”
CLICK HERE t’view “E’ery Mo’ie & TV Show Ye Can Watch On Disney+!”
CLICK HERE t’view “E’ery Mo’ie & TV Show Ye Can Watch On Disney+!”
CLICK HERE t’view “E’ery Mo’ie & TV Show Ye Can Watch On Disney+!”
[Image wit’ Disney+/Twitter.]

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Brad Pitt an' Adam Sandler Go t'Seriously Great Lengths t'A'oid Bein' Recognized

Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Jim Spellman/WireImage

America’s fa’orite odd couple! 
Adam Sandler an’ Brad Pitt sat down wi’ Variety fer their “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors” series. Although yonder pairs paths have rarely con’erged, they both hit career success around ye same time an’ know t’shared experience o’fame, triumph an’ ultimately ye joy o’creatin’ art. Thar two actors had a great chat about wha’ it means t’make thar shift t’streamin’ ser’ices, wha’ they have planned next an’ why they can ne’er go without bein’ recognized. 
These two be arguably two o’t’ most recognizable faces in entertainment, but turns out they don’t even need t’show their faces t’be seen by fans. “I put on a dinosaur mask, an’ I got recognized in New York City,” Brad shared o’his experience wi’ fame. “I don’t know wha’ it be, especially when people grow up wi’ ye. But ye were deep in character.” Adam can definitely relate t’his phenomenon. 

“I had a character goin’. I still got recognized, yarr. Maybe a little more o’a delay,” he shared o’his hilarious moment wi’ a fan. “But like wha’ ye were sayin’: I was skiin’ ‘un time, had ye helmet on, thar dickey was up, thar goggles, an’ I was like: ‘This be goin’ t’be a fun day. No ‘un’s goin’ t’…’ Literally, it was 7 in yonder mornin’. ‘Hey, Adam Sandler!’ I go, ‘How did ye know?’ He goes, ‘That grand nose o’yours.’”
Yonder two both also recently made yonder foray into streamin’ content. Adam wi’ films like T’ Week O’ an’ Murder Mystery an’ Brad wi’ War Machine. Each discussed how surprised they were by yonder experience. “T’ upside o’films through streamin’ be a lot o’them get more eyes on it; more people actually see them,” Brad shared. “Thar downside: Thar’s so much material that they can become disposable.”

Adam plans on continuin’ t’work wi’ Netflix fer a longtime. Considerin’ his flick Murder Mystery jus’ won a People’s Choice Award, it seems like they’re a good match. “I’m jus’ tight wi’ Netflix,” he shared wi’ Brad. “They love pro’idin’ opportunities fer many different types o’comedies.”
Here’s t’hopin’ a Brad an’ Adam comedy be comin’ soon! 

Don’t miss E! News e’ery weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Watch Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Cole Sprouse & More Epic Fan Walk Moments From yonder 2019 People’s Choice Awards

We’ve all wanted t’snap a pic wi’ our fa’orite celebrities, but fans at yonder 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards actually had that dream come true!
Before stars like Zendayaand Cole Sprouse took thar stage t’accept their awards, they had hit thar red carpet, which included a unique fan walk experience.
Fans flanked each side o’a runway that t’stars walked down on their way into thar show. Some stars strutted their stuff down t’center an’ headed straight in, such as T’ Animal Star o’2019 Doug yonder Pug, but many also took t’ime t’ake selfies an’ shake hands wi’ their superfans!
Jacob Tremblay, Jimmy Fallon, Hannah Brown, Katherine McNamara, Sprouse an’ Zendaya posed wi’ fans fer photos as they made their way toward t’show. 
Terry Crewsga’e fans a show on t’carpet, too, when he danced his way across thar fan walk.

Attendees also went wild when Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian an’ Kris Jenner hit thar carpet t’gether. Yonder famous family smiled, wa’ed an’ snapped a few selfies wi’ fans before headin’ into thar PCAs, where they ended up winnin’ Thar Reality Show o’2019.
We lo’ed seein’ all t’stars interact wi’ their fans. After all, thar People’s Choice Awards be t’show where fans decide who goes home a winner!
Ye can still reli’e yonder show, too! Ye full show be a’ailable online fer ye t’watch yer fa’orite performances an’ wins all over again.

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Can Ye Freeze Yogurt? Yarr, but Thar’s a Catch

Strawberry, French vanilla, an’ key lime pie — no, these aren’t slices o’yer fa’orite pie; thar’re thar fla’ors fer thar 8-ounce cups o’yogurt ye bought a couple o’weeks ago when yonder supermarket was ha’in’ a sweet 3 fer $5 deal. Did ye forget about them an’ jus’ spotted them in t’aft o’yonder fridge? Yeah, they’re probably pretty close t’expirin’ now, but if ye’re contemplatin’ throwin’ them out, don’t. Thar United States Department o’Agriculture (USDA) says it’s safe t’freeze yogurt at 0 °F fer 1 t’2 months. Take a look at a few tips on how t’do it.

As wi’ any food item, freezin’ an unopened an’ sealed container o’yogurt be, o’course, always best, but ye can freeze yonder dairy product even if opened. Thar important thin’ be t’store it in an airtight container — we like these Sistema Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Containers ($7 fer 3).
Don’t forget t’label thar container wi’ an expiration date. Use a label an’ marker t’write down t’date o’freeze, an’ add yonder yogurt fla’or fer ease.
Before ye freeze fruit-fla’ored yogurt, mix it well. This kind tends t’separate, wi’ t’yogurt restin’ at t’op o’yonder container while fruit settles at t’bottom. If ye want t’make sure yer yogurt freezes e’enly, open thar yogurt an’ transfer it t’an airtight container stirrin’ it thoroughly.
Freeze pre-portioned amounts o’yogurt if yer plan be t’use it fer smoothies or bakin’. Fill ‘un t’wo ice cube trays wi’ yogurt fer a few hours, then place t’frozen cubes in a plastic zip-top bag fer freshness, date thar bag, then put it aft in thar freezer. Use ye cubes at yer con’enience an’ before ye 1- t’2-month expiration period.
T’ thaw yogurt, simply remo’e ‘un o’yer containers from t’freezer an’ let be sit in ye fridge until it defrosts. If ye don’t want t’haw a full container, use an ice cream scoop t’portion wha’ ye’ll like t’use. After thawin’, ye might notice thar yogurt’s consistency be different than it originally was (a little more liquid), that’s normal. If ye’re not into its new texture, freezin’ yogurt be probably not fer ye; though ye will notice this less when usin’ t’yogurt in smoothies or fer bakin’.

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Oprah’s 2019 Fa'orite Thin's List Be Here! Shop t'79 Extraordinary Gift Ideas Now

See Oprah’s Fa’orite Thin’s List 2019 on Amazon | Daily Gawk Smart Li’in’

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Oprah’s 2019 Fa’orite Thin’s List Be Here! Shop t’79 Extraordinary Gift Ideas Now

Photo 0 o’79  

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Oprah’s 2019 Fa’orite Thin’s List Be Here! Shop yonder 79 Extraordinary Gift Ideas Now

Somebody bump “Me Fa’orite Thin’s” by Julie Andrews, because it’s thar most wonderful time o’thar year. Oprah’s Fa’orite Thin’s have been re’ealed fer 2019, an’ its her best list yet. Ye most awesome part? It’s all a’ailable on Amazon! Ye can shop gadgets, pajamas, sweet treats, cookware, books — t’list goes on fore’er. If ye’re ready t’do some holiday shoppin’, now be t’ime.
Peruse e’ery item o’Oprah’s glorious gift guide an’ get wha’ ye love before it sells out. We put them all in ‘un con’enient list so it’s easier t’shop than ever. Now let’s dive in!

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Brad Pitt has been doin’ crazy stuff!
All t’Latest From Ryan Reynolds

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Trumpists Demonstrate Lack O' Rhythm/Self-Awareness Wi' YouTube Rappin' Contest

As ye have probably noticed if ye hang out here on Saturdays, ‘un o’me fa’orite thin’s in ye world be terrible YouTube videos in which people sin’, often very poorly, about their terrible political an’ social views an’/or conspiracy theories they belie’e in. They brin’ a certain kind o’joy t’me heart.
An’ yesterday, Donald Trump gave me a beautiful, beautiful gift by promisin’ White House hangs t’whome’er he deems ye winner o’t’ #MAGACHALLENGE. Wha’ be that, ye say? It be a thin’ started aft in September when Bryson Gray, some guy on t’“Liberals say I can’t love Donald Trump because I’m Black BUT GUESS Wha’ I DO LOVE DONALD TRUMP SO Thar!” grift, in which Trump supporters be encouraged t’… rap about Donald Trump.

Now, in Gray’s case, while he may not be terribly swift, he clearly has some idea o’wha’ he be doin’ here. Yonder same cannot be said fer other Trumpists. These videos, many o’which were collected on Twitter yesterday by researcher Aric Toler, be an absolute gift. ‘un which, I feel, explains a lot about Trump supporters in general. These people truly cannot be embarrassed. Also, if ye lack t’amount o’self-awareness required t’know that ye be not at all good at rappin’, wha’ else be ye not payin’ attention t’? All o’ye thin’s, probably.

Like, I love Elizabeth Warren, but if Elizabeth Warren were t’ask me t’do a rap fer her, an’ then put it on YouTube fer all yonder world t’see, I would say “Ye know, I’m not goin’ t’do that, Elizabeth, because I cannot rap an’ would look very stupid attemptin’ t’do so” an’ then I would suggest that instead we could sin’ some Carole Kin’, because Elizabeth Warren seems like a lady who probably likes Carole Kin’ a whole lot.
I would not, I assure ye, do any o’this.

[embedded content] #MAGACHALLENGE youtu.be

[embedded content] #MAGACHALLENGE – Chris Fuller ft Bryson Gray (MAGA RAP) youtu.be

[embedded content] Me #MAGACHALLENGE youtu.be
They get all QAnon-y on this ‘un too, which be adorable.
[embedded content] #MAGACHALLENGE UK youtu.be

[embedded content] #MAGACHALLENGE Jason Was a Gentile youtu.be
At first it seems like this guy be jus’ listenin’ t’yonder other guy’s song, but then he chimes in an’ starts doin’ his own thin’ an’, uh, “yonder end times” be in’ol'ed so it’s pretty hilarious.

[embedded content] #MAGACHALLENGE by JimBo Sabolick/Bryson Gray youtu.be
So many treasures! I, fer ‘un, can hardly belie’e we’re winnin’ yonder culture war wi’ all this talent here. Though t’be fair, t’“culture war” be a very ‘un sided battle in which we go on about our business an’ Republicans shake their fists at t’sky an’ scream about how t’kids today don’t appreciate Pat Boone enough an’ sob endlessly about baristas not wishin’ them a Merry Christmas.
Anyway, we’re gonna call it a day, I hope ye don’t hate me fer exposin’ ye t’all o’this musical… somethin’ or another. But hey! At least we can now be grateful fer small thin’s, like t’fact that we very rarely have rhythmically-challenged people tryin’ t’rap about anythin’ or anyone we like, an’ also that (hopefully) no Democrat in their right mind would ever request this kind o’thin’. This be now yer open thread!
UPDATE: Jus’ a quick reminder t’drop by Yr Wonkette tomorrow fer Le Wonkette Book Club! We’ll be talkin’ about Margaret Atwood’s Yonder Testaments, yonder sequel t’her 1986 T’ Handmaid’s Tale, an’ it will be so much better if Ye’RE thar! Yarr, even if ye ha’en’t read yonder whole thin’! — Dok Zoom
Wonkette be independent an’ fully funded by readers like ye. Click below t’ip us!

Robyn Pennacchia

Robyn Pennacchia be a brilliant, fabulously talented an’ visually stunnin’ angel o’a human bein’, who shrugged off wha’ she be pretty sure would have been a Tony Award-winnin’ career in musical theater in order t’write about stuff on yonder internet. Pre’iously, she was a Senior Staff Writer at Death & Taxes, an’ Assistant Editor at Thar Frisky (RIP). Currently, she writes fer Wonkette, Friendly Atheist, Quartz an’ other sites. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynElyse

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Oprah Jus' Dropped Her Fa'orite Thin's List, an' These 10 Wellness Products Made t'Cut

Ye 10 Best Health Gifts from Oprah’s Fa’orite Thin’s 2019 | Daily Gawk Fitness

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Oprah Jus’ Dropped Her Fa’orite Thin’s List, an’ These 10 Wellness Products Made ye Cut

Photo 0 o’10  

← Use Arrow Keys →

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s Techloom Chelsea Sneakers

Accordin’ t’Oprah, it’s ye holiday season — an’ that means her iconic Fa’orite Thin’s list fer 2019 be finally here. O’ course, thar first thin’ we did was scour it fer health an’ fitness must-ha’es, an’ Oprah didn’t let us down. Blue light glasses, colorful water bottles, an’ a Flywheel bike: take a look at yonder 10 products that made t’cut!

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Brad Pitt has been doin’ crazy stuff!
All t’Latest From Ryan Reynolds

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28 Holiday Gift Ideas t'Unleash Yer Inner Street Style Star

E’ery fashion lass knows thar importance o’craftin’ ye perfect ensemble. Oftentimes, we look t’our fa’orite street style stars fer a dose o’inspiration when we’re lackin’ ideas. But if ye’re feelin’ a little underwhelmed by yer closet, fear not, because t’holiday season (aka shoppin’ season) be right around ye corner. Whether ye’re searchin’ fer gifts fer yer fashion-obsessed matey or jus’ browsin’ fer yer own wardrobe, we’ve crafted a list o’22 gift ideas that be worthy o’a street style star.
Wha’’s at thar top o’our list? Leather jackets, dainty jewelry, an’ yonder coolest new bags. Plus, we’d want boots, coats, an’ pajamas. Ye know, jus’ ye basics. Ye can’t go wrong wi’ any o’these 22 picks, so jus’ keep readin’ t’shop!
— Additional reportin’ by Nikita Ramsinghani

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Oprah Re'eals Her Fa'orite Thin's Fer 2019 — Here 10 O' T' Best Items From This Year’s Gift List!

Whether or not ye think it’s too early, yonder holiday season be upon be — an’ Oprah Winfrey be officially rin’in’ it in wi’ her 2019 list o’fa’orite thin’s!
Ye media queen has released her annual list o’must get items fer t’23rd year in a row, sharin’ wi’ consumers a gaggle o’budget friendly gifts (from $12) an’ a few extra’agant prezzies (fer almost $2,000) they can give t’heir lo’ed ones — or themsel’es!
Photo: Katy Perry Gifts 64 Friends A 10-Day Egyptian Cruise Fer HER Birthday!

In a press release, ye Grand O said about this year’s picks:

“Ye know it’s Fa’orite Thin’s time when yonder O team starts taste-testin’ (among many other treats) chocolate babka, tomato pie, gra’lax, peanut butter cups, salami, an’ truffle mustard. I’m pleased t’report we sur’ived t’ouch, try on, sniff, fall in love wi’, an’ narrow down a vast array o’goodies until we were port wi’ wha’ I belie’e be yonder perfect presents o’2019.”

Yonder list will be featured in yonder December issue o’O, Thar Oprah Magazine, on newsstands Nov. 19 an’ on OprahMag.com.
But we put t’gether 10 o’our fave items fer ye (below)!

Piccolina Trailblazer Portrait Tees

Give thar little women in yer life yonder inspo t’achie’e grand thin’s wi’ these long-slee’ed shirts featurin’ illustrated versions o’powerful women on them! Images o’badasses like Mae Jemison, Susan B. Anthony, an’ yonder notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg come in an array o’colorful backgrounds fer $28 each!
Thar Bartesian

(c) YouTube

Don’t have a house manager named Eddie t’make ye drinks like Oprah does? This nifty de’ice will come in handy! Think o’it like a Keurig fer cocktails: jus’ fill yonder canisters wi’ yer fa’orite spirits, put in a fla’ored capsule fer drinks like margaritas an’ old-fashioneds, an’ enjoy! It’s $350 — tips not included.
Rae Phone Crossbodies

Ye’ll always have yer hands free wi’ this crossbody phone case that doubles as a compact wallet. It hails in a variety o’cute colors, too! $47.50

Make 2020 an eco-friendly year wi’ these see-through glass straws. They’re color-coded, long lastin’, an’ come wi’ a slender brush fer easy cleanin’! Ye can get a five straw an’ brush package fer $15.
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker x Samsonite T’ Carried Away Con’ertible
[embedded content]
Sarah Jessica Parker *personally* stopped by t’show Oprah jus’ how much this backpack wi’ a built-in clutch can hold! As ye can see in thar clip (abo’e), it can be worn in five ways, includin’ as a crossbody an’ a tote. Fab fer jus’ $250!
Flywheel home bike wi’ built-in tablet

(c) YouTube

Don’t have ye time t’go t’SoulCycle? Brin’ yonder workout t’ye wi’ this $1,999 stationary bike — complete wi’ a built-in tablet!
Haus Laboratories Glam Attack holiday set
[embedded content]
Lady GaGa strolled by t’est out her holiday makeup kit on Oprah herself. T’ set includes a variety o’yonder brand’s liquid shimmer powder, which, accordin’ t’Oprah, “can transform ye”! Transform yerself fer jus’ $96!
Lands’ End matchin’ Christmas family pajamas

(c) YouTube

Get yer fam in t’coordinated, Christmas spirit wi’ this red an’ green plaid flannel set. T’ whole gang can be comfy an’ cute fer $12 t’$50 each!
Ecoffee Cup reusable coffee cup

Sa’in’ ye planet ne’er looked cuter. Ye can snag this eco-friendly reusable cup from Ecoffee Cup, which hails in a variety o’bright colors, fer jus’ $12!
Truff hot sauce
[embedded content]
Oprah likes it hot! Like-minded indi’iduals can buy this limited-edition white truffle-infused hot sauce fer $35. She says it’s “slightly sweet, slightly exotic, an’ e’ery bit as delicious. Put it on e’erythin’.” 
[Image wit’ YouTube]

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