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These Be t'Best an' Most Over-t'-Top Nail Art Looks o'2019 So Far

Best Nail Art o’2019 | Daily Gawk Beauty

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These Be thar Best an’ Most Over-ye-Top Nail Art Looks o’2019 So Far

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Justine Skye’s Eye Nail Art

Intricate nail art an’ stand-out nail polish colors flooded Instagram in 2019, inspirin’ some o’ye year’s biggest trends. Among ye most eye-catchin’ looks were Kylie Jenner’s butterfly designs, Dua Lipa’s mismatched plaid nails, an’ Rihanna’s green polish. Thar were also countless examples o’notable persons wearin’ neon hues an’ an endless stream o’updated french manicures.
Check out yonder best an’ most over-t’-top manicures o’ye year, ahead.

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