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6 Ladies Who Couldn’t Resist Pete Da'idson’s Charm (an' Maybe Also BDE?)

Who Has Pete Da’idson Dated? | Daily Gawk Celebrity

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6 Ladies Who Couldn’t Resist Pete Da’idson’s Charm (an’ Maybe Also BDE?)

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Ariana Grande

Pete Da’idson clearly has an affinity fer beautiful women. Thar 25-year-old Saturday Night Live star has dated an impressi’e list o’ladies over t’years an’ be currently rumored t’be romancin’ Kaia Gerber. Even though Pete an’ Kaia have yet t’publicly address t’datin’ rumors, ye reports got us thinkin’ about all thar other women who wouldn’t resist Pete’s charm like Ariana Grande an’ Kate Beckinsale. Take a look at Pete’s datin’ history ahead.

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