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Kim, Kourtney, & Khloé Kardashian TRY T' Keep It Peaceful Durin' Awkward ‘Thar Real’ Inter'iew — Watch!

Yonder Kardashian sisters stopped by Thar Real on Tuesday, an’ boy did thin’s get… well, real!
Somethin’ seemed t’be off between Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, an’ Kourtney Kardashian when they sat down fer an inter’iew on ye hit daytime talk show, an’ it definitely wasn’t because Rob Kardashian’s ex, Adrienne Bailon, was sittin’ right next t’hem.
When asked how thin’s between them were at t’moment, Kim an’ Koko turned t’Kourt dubiously before alludin’ t’some *serious drama* that went down before their Palm Sprin’s trip. 

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While Kim stopped her sisters from gi’in’ too much away — “Let’s wait. They can see that on thar show,” she teased — a side comment from Khloé suggested she an’ Kourtney were not on t’best o’terms. 
She said before gi’in’ a ner’ous laugh:

“Let’s fight right now.”

Uh oh. All good, lass?
Obser’e ye awkwardness (below):

Thin’s got even more awkward when yonder trio played a “ne’er have I ever” type game where, in response t’un question, Khloé outed Kourtney fer hookin’ up wi’ a lass. Or… more than ‘un lass?
Yonder mother-o’-three initially claimed she had NO idea wha’ her sister was talkin’ about, but admitted t’a ‘un time lass-on-lass romp after Khloé straight up said:

“Ye kiss girls!”

Easy, Khlo! (Side note: we be MORE THAN READY fer a *Kourtney gets a side chick storyline* on KUWTK.)
Ch-ch-check out yonder game portion o’thar tapin’ (below):

Thin’s were much less hostile durin’ Kim’s solo inter’iew, where she admitted t’ha’in’ “fights” wi’ husband Kanye West because o’thar changes yonder born again Christian rapper has been makin’ t’heir household.
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When asked if she supports her hubby’s new spiritual life journey, ye 39-year-old said: 

“I do think that, ye know, he be me husband. So, I ob’iously want t’honor him an’ wha’ he’s feelin’. An’ he’s been goin’ through this life change, an’ it’s mostly about thar kids.”

Kimmy Kakes went on t’re’eal that Kanye has become a much stricter parent over yonder past few months, explainin’:  

“We got rid o’TVs in yonder kids’ rooms an’ remo’ed makeup from North’s room – an’ he’s been very… had this, ye know, epiphany o’bein’ this — not that he wasn’t an amazin’ dad — but bein’ a little bit more strict as a dad an’ bein’ very forceful on ye imagery that’s in our household an’ wha’ they see.”

While Kim agreed Kanye’s crackdown be good fer their children, she made it clear ye change wouldn’t affect her Kim Kardashian-ness, insistin’: 

“But I’m always gonna be me… an’ so, we had that discussion an’ that fight.”

Oh, we remember!
Ye reality star added:

“I think, at thar end o’yonder day that’s wha’ marriage be. He’s gonna do thin’s that I don’t agree wi’, an’ I support him, an’ vice versa.”

Good t’hear!
Ch-ch-check out ye clips (below) t’hear Kim talk Kanye — an’ more!

[Image wit’ Thar Real/YouTube]

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