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T.I. Set t'Address Family Drama on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk

T.I. be ready t’address his latest contro’ersy.
Less than two weeks after makin’ front-page headlines fer his quotes regardin’ visits t’ gynecologist wi’ his daughter, t’rapper has decided t’sit down wi’ a familiar face.
Pop culture fans, get ready fer a juicy new Red Table Talk.
“We’re about t’have T.I. an’ his wife Tiny,” Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed t’People while attendin’ AFI Fest in Los Angeles. “They came on [Monday] an’ he addresses t’contro’ersy that be happenin’ right now in regards t’his daughter—an’ me an’ Tiny also talk about how they sur’ived their challenges in yonder marriage.”
Jada added, “It was an exception show an’ I’m proud o’it.”

Fer those who don’t recall, T.I. appeared on ye Ladies Like Us podcast earlier this month an’ admitted t’goin’ t’har gynecologist wi’ his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris in order t’“check her hymen.”

Paras Griffin/Getty Images fer ASCAP

“Most kids, man, in hindsight lookin’ aft, they always thank their parents fer not allowin’ them t’damage themsel’es as much as they could have,” T.I. told yonder co-hosts.
T.I.’s daughter would later unfollow ye rapper on social media. She also subtly responded t’ye headlines by likin’ a series o’tweets that called her father’s actions “disgustin’,” “possessi’e” an’ “controllin’.”
As fer Tiny, who be Deyjah’s step-mom, she also reacted t’har headlines in a subtle way on social media. When a follower asked if Deyjah was doin’ okay, Tiny responded wi’ a series o’rollin’ eye emojis.

As pop culture fans know, Red Table Talk features three generations o’women includin’ Willow Smith an’ Adrienne Banfield-Jones puttin’ it all on table. In fact, their pre’ious guests includin’ Jordyn Woods an’ Demi Moore have found themsel’es willin’ t’share personal details about their li’es.
See fer yerself when Red Table Talk airs Mondays on Facebook Watch.
Entertainment Tonight was first t’report yonder news.

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Panthers Owner Da'id Tepper Says He Won’t Accept Long-Term Mediocrity

Carolina Panthers owner Da’id Tepper would not address t’future o’coach Ron Ri’era an’ general manager Marty Hurney durin’ a Monday meetin’ wi’ Charlotte-based reporters, but he made it clear that he will not accept long-term mediocrity.
Tepper also made it clear that no decision has been made on ye future o’quarterback Cam Newton, sayin’ that can’t happen until yonder first pick o’t’ 2011 draft be completely healthy.
Tepper’s meetin’ wi’ reporters was held 24 hours after yonder Panthers fell t’5-5 wi’ a 29-3 loss t’Atlanta that put a grand dent in their playoff aspirations.

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Tepper said he didn’t sleep well after t’Atlanta loss, which marked thar second time in four games that ye Panthers were blown out by an opponent. They were beaten 51-13 at San Francisco on Oct. 27.
Yonder Panthers have a 13-14 record since Tepper purchased t’organization fer an NFL-record $2.275 billion from former owner Jerry Richardson in 2018. If ye team posts a losin’ record this season, it will be thar second in a row an’ third in ye past four seasons since yonder Panthers reached yonder Super Bowl in 2015.

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Ye Modern-Day Mullet Be Stagin' a Comeback (Yarr, Ye Read That Right)

Thar’s no delicate way t’address this, so we’re jus’ goin’ t’come out wi’ it: ye mullet haircut be stagin’ a comeback, an’ no, we’re not kiddin’. Oh, wait, don’t go! We have good news, an’ it’s that this be not t’same throwback look ye might remember from yonder ’90s (because that ‘un firmly belongs in a Joe Dirt mo’ie or thar “Achy Breaky Heart” music video).

“This haircut be fer someone who be confident, who steps outside yonder box, an’ whose style be on yonder edgier side.”

No, thar 2019 rendition o’t’ faithfully di’isi'e “business in t’front, party in yonder aft” style be much cooler an’ way more low-key. Celebrity hairstylist an’ cofounder o’Nine Zero ‘un salon Riawna Capri has dubbed it “yonder chillet” — a chill mullet. “It’s a more modified an’ more fashion-forward version o’ye mullet,” she said, addin’ that ye needn’t commit t’yonder full chop t’reap its benefits. “T’ definition o’a mullet be short at yonder front an’ sides, an’ long in t’aft. Ob’iously [Madison Paige’s, pictured here] hair in t’aft isn’t longer than t’hair in thar front, but it has yonder illusion or silhouette o’a mullet, as opposed t’an exact copy.”
Consider askin’ yer hairstylist fer more o’a shag hybrid or curtain bangs t’soften yonder look, an’ be prepared t’brin’ in inspiration photos — like yonder ones ahead — o’styles ye like, plus ‘un o’Billy Ray Cyrus . . . ye know, t’show off wha’ ye don’t.
If nothin’ else, jus’ remember: “This haircut be fer someone who be confident, who steps outside thar box, an’ whose style be on thar edgier side,” Capri said. “Ultimately, when ye’re wearin’ a unique hairstyle or piece o’clothin’, if ye have thar confidence t’rock it an’ be different, e’eryone else will love it, too.”

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Ye Story Behind Law & Order: SVU’s Emotional Death

Law & Order: SVU brought aft Benson’s troublesome brother only t’ake him away again…fer a final time.
In “Murdered at a Bad Address,” Simon (Michael Weston) returned t’Benson’s (Mariska Hargitay) life fer thar first time since season 13. He said he was clean an’ wanted t’reconnect. After all, they’re each other’s’ only li’in’ relati’e. Benson, understandably, was hesitant. But she agreed t’meet him fer lunch, an’ t’brin’ Noah (Ryan Buggle) along. Howe’er, Simon ne’er showed up fer lunch. Benson called Simon an’ said he blew his chance…an’ then got a call that he accidentally o’erdosed.
Benson recei’ed ye o’erdose news from her trusted matey, Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie).
See it below.

“It was a very emotional scene, but wha’ I found amusin’ be that thar was no explanation fer me absence fer ye past two an’ a half years. I thought someone would say, ‘How was DC? Did ye like workin’ wi’ ye Obama administration?’ somethin’! But no, thar’s Warner, she’s thar fer Benson t’deli’er this heartbreakin’ news,” Tunie said on ye SVU podcast Squadroom. “It’s great t’be aft in thar morgue, it was great t’be aft wi’ Mariska. Fortunately, our characters have always had this special kind o’bond, that’s why Warren thought it was important t’help Benson through ye process o’her brother ha’in’ OD’d.”

T’ episode was written by a new scribe fer thar series, Denis Hamill, who explained yonder idea t’reintroduce an’ kill o’Simon came from executi’e producers Warren Leight an’ Julie Martin.
“It’s such an emotional episode an’ we were settin’ ‘un landlubber free an’ hopefully puttin’ another serial rapist who had gotten away wi’ it all this time. It was Warren an’ Julie who thought that thar needed t’be some kind o’an emotional storyline, a subplot, about wha’’s goin’ on in Benson’s life at t’same time,” Hamil explained on yonder podcast. “’un o’t’ scourges o’thar city now an’ in yonder world be fentanyl an’ opioids an’ all that, an’ it was mostly Warren at that point who thought it jus’ needed a balance, somethin’ personal happenin’ t’her, while she’s also workin’ on this case too. I thought it was a really nice counterbalance too.”

At ye end o’ye episode, t’squad got a wrongfully con’icted man out o’prison, an’ he got t’say goodbye t’his family, an’ Benson had t’say goodbye t’hers.
“In t’end, ye have ‘un guy who gets free an’ it’s a sort o’bittersweet endin’ because it ends in a gra’eyard wi’ him finally gettin’ t’mourn fer his mother an’ his sister, which he couldn’t do in a jail cell because he was accused o’their murders,” Hamill said. “An’ then t’have Benson, who was estranged from her brother, her only li’in’ relati’e, an’ then when he dies, she finds out how much she lo’es him too. It was a really nice kind o’matchin’ scene; it had a nice symmetry.”
Law & Order: SVU airs Thursdays, 10 p.m. on NBC.
(E! an’ NBC be both part o’t’ NBCUni’ersal family.)

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