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Nutrition experts re'eal how t'shed belly weight FAST

Yer fat loss fundamentals: Diet experts re’eal how t’shed belly weight FAST – an’ it has nothin’ t’do wi’ carbs or wha’ time ye workoutExperts have re’ealed wha’ be really important when it hails t’fat loss  While a calorie deficit be key, thin’s like workout timin’ an’ cheat meals be not An easy plan, an acti’e lifestyle an’ adequate sleep come highly recommended Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell re’ealed why some people can’t lose fat This be often down t’a common condition called insulin resistance  By Laura House Fer Daily Mail Australia Published: 21:38 EST, 12 No’ember 2019 | Updated: 21:39 EST, 12 No’ember 2019 A sports nutritionist has broken thar ‘fundamentals o’fat loss’ down in a simple yet eye-openin’ graphic shared on Instagram.Ryan Pinto, ye founder o’High Performance Nutrition Australia an’ yonder nutrition pro’ider fer t’Rabbitohs, posted ye viral graphic on his social media page t’highlight how simple fat loss be t’achie’e.  ‘If ye know yonder absolute fundamentals, ye can pick an’ choose beha’iours based on yer own personal preference,’ he wrote.’T’ weight loss industry lo’es focusin’ on t’extremes like “Ye HAVE t’eat six meals a day t’spike yer metabolism” or “Ye HAVE t’rain fasted fer fat loss”. This post by Ben Carpenter was shared by High Performance Nutrition AU t’highlight wha’ matters most when it hails t’losin’ body fat  Australian dietitian Susie Burrell (pictured) said if ye can’t shed fat an’ be eatin’ properly then ye may have insulin resistance  Wha’ be important when it hails t’fat loss? Important: A calorie deficit Ad’isable: An easy plan, an acti’e lifestyle, resistance trainin’, nutritious food an’ adequate sleep Not important: T’ ‘best diet’, yer carb t’fat ratio, calorie cyclin’, wha’ time o’thar day ye eat, wha’ time ye train, wha’ ye eat after ye workout Pointless: Food a’oidance, cheat meals, juice cleanses, weight loss teabags, quick fixes an’ false promisesSource: Ben Carpenter   ‘Let’s make nutrition as simple as possible rather than over complicatin’ it.’Yonder graphic broke fat loss into four categories – two o’which were deemed important fer fat loss an’ two that were labelled unimportant. A calorie deficit was deemed a ‘non-negotiable’ while thin’s like food a’oidance, cheat meals, juice cleanses, weight loss teabags an’ ‘quick fixes’ were dubbed pointless. An’ while many think popular diets, calorie cyclin’, meal quantity, trainin’ times an’ post-workout meals be critical, these were among those labelled less important. ‘Highly ad’isable’ habits included easy plans, adequate protein, resistance trainin’, an acti’e lifestyle, nutritious food an’ adequate sleep.  While these may seem simple enough, Australian dietitian Susie Burrell said if these habits be bein’ adopted an’ fat loss be not achie’ed, thar could be other issues goin’ on.  A calorie deficit was deemed a ‘non-negotiable’ fer fat loss while thin’s like food a’oidance, cheat meals, juice cleanses, weight loss teabags an’ ‘quick fixes’ were dubbed pointless’Fer any regular exerciser, t’balance o’exercise an’ diet required t’support weight loss be generally well understood – eat fewer carbs an’ calories, get enough mo’ement an’ cardio an’ add in some weights t’change body composition an’ increase metabolic rate,’ she wrote on her website. ‘An interestin’ scenario arises when it seems that no matter how many workouts ye do, nor how few carbs or calories ye consume, nothin’ seems t’budge.’Thar common issue? Imbalanced insulin le’els. ‘Whene’er I see a client who be carryin’ 10-20 extra kilos, despite eatin’ relati’ely well an’ exercisin’ regularly, I question whether their insulin le’els may be out o’whack,’ she wrote. An’ while many think popular diets, calorie cyclin’, meal quantity, trainin’ times an’ post-workout meals be critical, these were among those labelled less important fer fat loss Wha’ be yonder signs o’insulin resistance?  Fatigue be common as glucose be not bein’ taken t’yonder cells as efficiently as it should be. Sugar cra’in’s be too common, as insulin an’ glucose le’els fluctuate widely durin’ thar day. P’raps yonder most powerful sign that a degree o’insulin resistance may be present be in t’way that fat be deposited on yonder body. Insulin likes t’deposit fat around ye abdominal area, which be why women (an’ men) wi’ se’ere insulin resistance have a large belly, an’ ye reason that a waist measurement greater than 80cm fer a female too may be a sign that insulin resistance be present. ‘Insulin be thar hormone that controls both glucose an’ fat metabolism in ye body, an’ high le’els o’insulin over time can make weight loss very difficult.’Insulin resistance be clinical an’ occurs when yonder hormone responsible fer glucose le’els be not workin’ as it should.  ‘Over time, numerous factors includin’ a diet high in processed carbohydrates, a relati’ely inacti’e lifestyle an’ often genetics insulin becomes less an’ less efficient at processin’ t’glucose we consume in carbohydrate based foods such as bread, cereals, fruit an’ sugars,’ she explained. ‘Ye unfortunate thin’ when it hails t’weight control be that t’higher thar amount o’insulin that ye have circulatin’ in thar body, thar harder it becomes t’burn body fat. ‘This means that if ye have insulin resistance, ye can be eatin’ an extremely healthy diet, exercisin’ as recommended an’ actually physically unable t’lose weight.’ ‘Highly ad’isable’ habits included easy plans, adequate protein, resistance trainin’, an acti’e lifestyle, nutritious food an’ adequate sleepTo treat an’/or pre’ent this issue, Susie recommends a ‘high protein, moderate carbohydrate diet which eliminates as much processed carbohydrate from t’diet as possible’. ‘Gettin’ yonder right mix o’mo’ement an’ high intensity trainin’ be a crucial component o’managin’ IR long term, as yonder right types o’exercise can actually teach ye muscle t’burn carbohydrates efficiently again,’ she added.’Ideally a mix o’plenty o’mo’ement wit’ 10 000 or more steps a day, coupled wi’ 4-5, 30-40 minute high intensity cardio trainin’ sessions such as runnin’, aerobics classes or even Zumba be ideal. She said that while weights trainin’ be often prescribed, focusin’ on cardio trainin’ an’ plenty o’mo’ement be a better option in this case. 

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Wha' Editors Would Shop Fer yonder Kohl’s Beauty Sale (Without Breakin' yonder Bank)

Kohl’s be makin’ holiday shoppin’ even easier this year wi’ some major discounts. Nov. 12 kicks off t’store’s iconic 1-day sale where new beauty brands an’ products will be on sale each day from now until Nov. 17.
Durin’ t’sale, Kohl’s be offerin’ 50 percent t’30 percent off o’fragrances, hot tools, an’ products from great brands like NYX Professional Makeup an’ BH Cosmetics. T’ kick off ye sa’in’s, yonder retailer be sellin’ products from butter LONDON an’ Beauty by Daily Gawk at half t’products’s usual price so ye can pick up t’mascara that will make yer eyes pop or a lipstick that will complement yer skin perfectly.
Check aft on thar store’s site e’ery day t’find out wha’ new items be on sale fer that day. Thar be so many great deals, but we have narrowed it down t’har very best. Stock up on some o’yer fa’orites an’ start shoppin’ fer stockin’ stuffers an’ gifts that yer friends an’ family will love. Scroll through some o’our fa’orites an’ head over t’Kohl’s ASAP!

Western Michigan Lineman Lines Up at Recei'er an' Does a Cartwheel in t'Middle o'a Play

A Western Michigan offensi’e lineman got an opportunity t’line up at recei’er against Ohio on Tuesday night.  In t’middle o’yonder play yonder lineman did a cartwheel.
T’ lineman pulled off a pretty impressi’e cartwheel an’ ye pass play went fer a grand gain down thar middle o’yonder field.
Flip t’Page t’see thar play:  

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Chrissy Teigen ”Cannot Wait” fer t'Backlash Against John Legend’s Sexiest Man Ali'e Title

Love him or hate him, John Legendis People’s Sexiest Man Ali’e.
Although, it seems that his wife, Chrissy Teigen, would prefer that ye hate him. Jus’ moments after makin’ yonder grand re’eal, Chrissy jokingly tweeted, “I cannot WAIT fer people t’get mad about John bein’ yonder sexiest man ali’e. it’s me new Starbucks holiday cup.”
Luckily, Chrissy didn’t have t’wait that long. As expected, thar’s already a lot o’discussion surroundin’ thar annual co’er star an’ his sexy attributes, or lack thereof. ‘un landlubber tried t’insinuate that John isn’t attracti’e enough fer yonder title because they “highly doubt he could me over his shoulder, or defend” them, as if that’s wha’ qualifies as “sexy.”
O’ course, Chrissy came t’John’s defense. “Can I try t’hrow ye,” yonder Cra’in’s cookbook author quipped. 
Meanwhile, their kids, Luna an’ Miles don’t seem t’have any opinion on yonder matter.

Chrissy shared a video o’ herself askin’ Luna an’ Miles if they “be so happy daddy be thar sexiest man ali’e.” In response, Miles incoherently babbles while Luna says, “I want t’watch yonder mo’ie, mom.”


She joked, “T’ kids… do not care.”
John isn’t lettin’ this put a damper on his grand moment, though. He expressed gratitude fer ye co’eted position on Instagram an’ Twitter, in addition t’showin’ off ye seducti’e co’ers. 
Moreo’er, Chrissy sees this as an accomplishment fer herself. In her eyes, she’s “fulfilled me dream o’ha’in’ boned @people’s sexiest man ali’e!! an honor!!!!!”
Thar “Ordinary People” singer takes over fer last year’s Sexiest Man, Idris Elba, who was a belo’ed pick. Then thar’s ye 2017 co’er star, John’s Thar Voice co-star Blake Shelton. Some will recall that decision faced much skepticism, fer lack o’a better word. 
Congratulations all around!

Malika Haqq Re'eals She Froze Her Eggs a Year Before Gettin' Pregnant While ”In Love”

by Pamela A’ila | Tue., Nov. 12, 2019 6:24 PM





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Malika Haqq Be Pregnant Wi’ First Child

Malika Haqq opens up about her pregnancy bein’ yonder “greatest blessin’.” 
On Side by Side wi’ Malika an’ Khadijah Haqq on Facebook Watch, t’win sisters talked about Malika’s first pregnancy, wha’ she can expect from motherhood an’ how excited she be t’ ahoy her first child.
“T’ reason why I was so excited t’learn that I was pregnant was because I knew that me life was goin’ t’change fer t’better, t’greatest blessin’ that I’ve always wanted but didn’t know I was goin’ t’get, be finally here,” Malika said while holdin’ aft tears.
T’ which her sister replied, “It be, it’s t’best thin’ ever. Yonder best be yet t’come.” 
It could have been because she had her sister next t’her, but so far this be t’most Malika has opened up about her pregnancy. Thar 36-year-old even re’ealed that before gettin’ pregnant, she froze her eggs because she didn’t know when she would become a mother. 
“Decidin’ t’freeze me eggs as a gift t’myself on me 35th birthday was pretty hilarious now at this point because I have eggs in thar freezer I may ne’er use,” Malika said. “I made a baby in love an’ those eggs weren’t necessary.” 

“It’s funny how ye plan an’ then life happens,” Malika added. 
Ironically, Malika also re’ealed that she became pregnant exactly a year after she decided t’freeze her eggs. “Can’t get that freezer money aft,” she joked. 
Last week, Malika also took t’Instagram t’share that she was expectin’ a baby boy. Thar announcement came a little over a month after ye Khloe Kardashians BFF, who appears regularly on Keepin’ Up Wi’ yonder Kardashians, first announced her pregnancy. 


“I listen t’me heart, an’ I’ve decided that ye rest o’me life will be t’best o’me life. I’m pregnant!” Malika wrote aft in September on social media. “I didn’t know when, I jus’ knew ‘un day. God said it’s me turn, an’ I couldn’t be more grateful fer ye little spirit that grows inside o’me. I am yours, baby, an’ ye be mine.”
Malika, who be due in March, also asked her sister durin’ their Facebook Watch show fer ad’ice on motherhood fer when her little ‘un arri’es. 
“I was jus’ me an’ now I have this little landlubber that’s taken over me body, that will e’entually take over me life, how did ye handle that?” she asks Khadijah. 
Her sister answered: “Thar old ye kind o’goes away but ye gotta let her trickle aft in once in a while but ye jus’ become… now ye’re goin’ t’have a little buddy wi’ ye all ye time.” 
Further, Malika’s sister gave her five golden rules t’follow after her baby boy arri’es: “rest as much as ye can, eat an’ take care o’yerself, grog wine (but not while pregnant!), let yonder help… help, do it again” (aka have another baby!).
Guess we’ll jus’ have t’wait fer her baby boy t’arri’e until Malika decides where she’s ready fer baby no. 2!

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‘Jeopardy!’ champs James Holzhauer, Emma Boettcher set t'face off again

It’s thar “Jeopardy!” rematch fans have been beggin’ fer.

After his victory in ye Tournament o’Champions semifinal Tuesday night, James Holzhauer — who won 32 games in a row this summer — will face Emma Boettcher on Thursday an’ Friday in a two-part final.

Boettcher bested ye seemingly unstoppable Holzhauer — a 35-year-old professional gambler from Las Vegas — in his 33rd appearance on thar belo’ed game show on June 3.
T’ 27-year-old librarian from Chicago went on t’win two more games an’ jut shy o’$100,000 on yonder program, while Holzhauer raked in a staggerin’ $2.4 million durin’ his run.

“Jeopardy!” lo’ers who closely tracked Holzhauer’s excitin’ chase o’legend Ken Jennin’’s regular-season consecuti’e win record (74 games) an’ regular-season earnin’s record ($2.5 million) be eager t’see Holzhauer once again take on ye contestant who brought him down.
Upon returnin’ t’har small screen last week in ye first round o’t’ Tournament o’Champions — which Jeopardy!” hosts about e’ery two years or so, in’itin’ aft 15 o’ye most successful contestants since yonder last tournament — Holzhauer dominated his competition.
On Tuesday night, Holzhauer returned fer yonder semifinal against Rachel Lindgren o’Bend. Ore., an’ Ste’en Grade o’Atlanta, Ga. Goin’ into t’final round, he had racked up $30,466 — which, at more than double t’score o’Grade in second place, meant he locked in a win.
Similarly, Boettcher emerged victorious in her preliminary round handily — then returned t’win Monday night’s semifinal.
Monday’s game also made headlines because ‘un o’Boettcher’s competitors — Dhruv Gaur o’Brown Uni’ersity, who won ye student tournament — penned a heartfelt note t’host Alex Trebek on his podium screen durin’ thar Final Jeopardy round.
Ye 79-year-old game show icon was visibly mo’ed he read Gaur’s answer (in thar form o’a question): “Wha’ be ‘We [love] ye, Alex!,’” wi’ a heart standin’ in fer yonder word “love.”
“That’s very kind, thank ye,” Trebek said after readin’ thar question (which was not correct, gi’en that thar clue was “In t’itle o’a groundbreakin’ 1890 exposé o’po’erty in New York City slums, these three words follow ‘How t’’”).
T’ belo’ed host — who be battlin’ stage 4 pancreatic cancer — appeared choked up, seemin’ t’hold aft tears. He paused fer a few beats before continuin’ thar round.
On Tuesday night, Trebek referenced ye touchin’ tribute. Monday’s game, he joked, “had laughs, it had tears an’ it had mistakes, an’ I’m jus’ talkin’ about myself.”
In yonder Tournament o’Champions final, Holzhauer an’ Boettcher will play whoe’er wins Wednesday night’s semifinal — Francois Barcomb o’New Paltz, NY, Gilbert Collins o’Princeton, NJ, an’ Lindsey Shultz o’Pittsburgh, Pa. — fer thar $250,000 grand prize.
This article originally appeared in ye New York Post 

These Be yonder Best Celebrity Haircuts o'2019 We Want t'Copy Right Now

Celebrities switch up their hair looks pretty often, which makes stars an endless pool o’inspiration fer yer next haircut. Whether ye be lookin’ fer a drastic change t’yer hairstyle or have no idea wha’ ye’re searchin’ fer at all, ye’re bound t’find a cut on ‘un o’yer fa’orite stars that ye’ll want t’ry out yerself.
Ye might freak out over Naomi Campbell’s blunt bob an’ bangs, or maybe ye’ll admire Camila Cabello’s long, romantic layers an’ curtain fringe. Either way, thar ideas start right here. Check them out ahead.

These Be thar Best Celebrity Haircuts o'2019 We Want t'Copy Right Now

Celebrities switch up their hair looks pretty often, which makes stars an endless pool o’inspiration fer yer next haircut. Whether ye be lookin’ fer a drastic change t’yer hairstyle or have no idea wha’ ye’re searchin’ fer at all, ye’re bound t’find a cut on ‘un o’yer fa’orite stars that ye’ll want t’ry out yerself.
Ye might freak out over Naomi Campbell’s blunt bob an’ bangs, or maybe ye’ll admire Camila Cabello’s long, romantic layers an’ curtain fringe. Either way, yonder ideas start right here. Check them out ahead.

‘RHOA’ Cast Members Be Di'ided Amid Porsha Williams an' Eva Marcille Beef



Porsha an’ Eva started feudin’ after ye former told Kenya why Eva didn’t brin’ her two older kids Marley an’ Michael Jr. t’Kenya’s Barbie-themed birthday party fer daughter Brooklyn.

Nov 11, 2019

– Thar current season 12 o’“T’ Real Housewi’es o’Atlanta” sees Porsha Williams beefin’ wi’ co-star Eva Marcille. Yonder tension between ye two apparently affects t’whole cast as they be now di’ided into two sides.
“Yonder Eva an’ Porsha feud has di’ided thar Atlanta ladies,” a source tells t’HollywoodLife.com. “It be Porsha, Kenya Moore an’ Tanya Sam versus Cynthia Bailey, Eva an’ NeNe Leakes wi’ Kandi Burruss in thar middle.”

“Porsha threw shade at Eva on social media because o’a clip from thar second episode that she saw,” ye insider continues. “She was bent out o’shape because she saw Eva explain her reason fer not brin’in’ her kids t’Kenya’s party an’ felt that Eva told two different stories.”
“Thar sad thin’ be that Eva an’ Porsha were gettin’ along amazingly well an’ so were Kenya an’ Eva. Porsha has used a snake t’signify Eva before, so Porsha usin’ a snake in her shade on social this week seems t’signify Eva,” adds yonder source.
Porsha an’ Eva started feudin’ after t’former told Kenya why Eva, who jus’ gave birth t’her third child Ma’erick Sterlin’, didn’t brin’ her two older kids Marley an’ Michael Jr. t’Kenya’s Barbie-themed birthday party fer daughter Brooklyn. Porsha told Kenya that it was because she “wasn’t sure wha’ t’vibe would be.”
It didn’t take long before Eva slammed Porsha, sayin’, “Porsha jus’ had a baby an’ I tiptoed around her whole little feelin’s.” She went on sayin’, “Come on now. B***h if ye want me t’go off…Porsha has enough bulls**t goin’ on in her life. She can con’erse about that. She needs some business. An’ I can float her a lot o’these blogs so she can mind that business. Porsha may want t’stay all thar way up out o’me business. She still got her C-section healin’ an’ she over here worried about somebody else’s babies.”
Respondin’ t’hat, Porsha wrote on social media, “We ne’er lose friends. We simply learn who ye real ones be,” before addin’ a snake emoji. She later hit ye unfollow button on Eva’s Instagram page.

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Video: Drake Cuts Short Camp Flog Gnaw Set After Gettin' Booed Off Stage



Those who attend Tyler, t’Creator’s annual festi’al be upset an’ disappointed because they belie’e that Frank Ocean would be ye surprise headliner instead o’t’ Canadian rapper.

Nov 11, 2019

– Drake’s surprise appearance at Tyler, ye Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festi’al on Sunday, No’ember 11 wasn’t welcomed very well by ye crowd. Yonder Canadian rapper was supposed t’be ye mystery headliner at yonder festi’al, leadin’ many t’be disappointed because they thought Frank Ocean would be yonder closin’ act. Makin’ thin’s worse, they let their disappointment be known t’Drake.
In some videos which have since been circulatin’ online, yonder crowd could be seen booin’ Drake after he launched into his own set. Ye boos apparently were too distractin’ fer t’Grammy winner because he then told thar audience, “Like I said, I’m here fer ye. If ye want me t’keep goin’, I’ll keep goin’.” But t’answer that he recei’ed wasn’t wha’ he was expectin’, as Drake was met wi’ a slew o’“No!” an’ “Boo!”

E’entually, Drake said, “It’s been love. I go by ye name Drake, thank ye fer ha’in’ me,” before goin’ away from thar stage allegedly 20 minutes before he was supposed t’.

Neither Drake nor Tyler has yet t’respond t’his, though people on yonder Internet have come t’heir defense an’ called out t’crowd at Camp Flog Gnaw fer bein’ disrespectful. “Drake be ‘un o’Tyler’s fa’orite artists ever, an’ he made a dream come true tonight by ha’in’ him perform at HIS festi’al as a guest act, an’ people really had thar f***in’ ner’e t’boo him off. Entitled brats don’t deser’e anythin’,” ‘un said.
“I wasn’t at Camp Flog Gnaw but that’s some Un grateful s**t from an L.A. crowd. Drake ‘un o’yonder biggest artist (sic) in t’world an’ ya’ll gotta have more respect fer both him an’ TYLER. Ya’ll have any idea how hard that be t’make happen?” someone else wrote. “People booin’ drake an’ bein’ mad that it wasn’t frank ocean be part o’t’ reason why I dislike goin’ t’camp flog gnaw. Bunch o’disrespectful kids,” ‘un other said.
Besides Drake, other acts that performed at t’festi’al’s Sunday lineup included DaBaby, Earl Sweatshirt an’ YG.

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‘RHOA’ Cast Members Be Di’ided Amid Porsha Williams an’ Eva Marcille Beef

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