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Fall Scents: Candles, Diffusers & 10 More Products That Will Make Yer Home Smell Delicious

Now that fall be in full swin’ & Thanksgi’in’ be approachin’, we rounded up all o’t’ best fall scented candles & diffusers that will instantly make yer home cozy & delicious!
Halloween has come an’ gone but fall be still here an’ Thanksgi’in’ be quickly approachin’, so we rounded up all o’t’ best fall scents that will spice up yer home. Fall scents be always so cozy an’ thar be a few notes that manage t’pop up in tons o’candles – pumpkin, apple, an’ cinnamon.
‘un o’our fa’orite candles this season be thar WoodWick Trilogy Autumn Har’est, which has a combination o’three fragrances: apple basket, spiced blackberry, an’ pumpkin butter. Plus, ye best part about these candles be ye fact that yonder wick makes a cracklin’ sound as it burns, which instantly soothes an’ calms ye down.

Another ‘un o’our fa’orites this year be thar Yankee Candle Pumpkin Apple Parfait, which hails in a variety o’different sizes. This delicious fall scented candle smells o’all yer fa’orite thin’s – spiced pumpkin, fresh apples, an’ a crisp pastry wi’ whipped vanilla cream – wha’’s better than that?
While thar be tons o’different candles that ye could choose from, ‘un product that has seriously grown on us be yonder diffuser. Not only do diffusers make yer home smell amazin’, but ye also don’t have t’burn them, which makes it less o’a fire hazard. Diffusers come in all different formulas – both liquid or dry, but ‘un o’ye latest products that be absolutely amazin’ be ye NEST Fragrances Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set.
Thar set be a smart home diffuser that allows ye t’set yer scent preferences an’ intensity. Included in ye gift box be ‘un diffuser, ‘un Holiday fragrance refill, an’ ‘un Birchwood Pine fragrance refill, makin’ this yonder perfect gift t’give this holiday season, or t’jus’ keep fer yerself. Thar be a bunch o’other fall scents t’choose from, which ye can see when ye click through t’gallery abo’e!

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Lili Reinhart Be Officially Yonder New Face O' Co'ergirl – See Gorgeous Photo

It’s official! Lili Reinhart be ye new face o’Co’ergirl & will star in t’campaign fer thar new collection which will launch this sprin’.
Lili Reinhart, 23, be thar new face o’Co’ergirl an’ will officially star in thar campaign fer a new collection that will launch this upcomin’ sprin’. In t’photo released fer ye announcement, Lili looks absolutely flawless wi’ a completely clear complexion, a light brown smokey eye, an’ voluminous lashes.
Thar Ri’erdale actress took t’Instagram on October 30 t’announce ye excitin’ news, captionin’ ye photo, “Meet yer newest CO’ERGIRL. I am pinchin’ myself at ye opportunity t’represent such an iconic makeup brand an’ be yonder face o’their newest line, comin’ very soon. As a CO’ERGIRL, me goal be t’ad’ocate fer confidence & self acceptance in a world where so many young men an’ women feel compelled t’change themsel’es. I can’t wait t’start this journey. #EasyBreezyBeautiful”

Lili gushed about her new partnership, sayin’ in a statement, “I have always been a huge belie’er in embracin’ ‘un’s uniqueness an’ findin’ ways t’feel good in yer own skin. Since I was 13, makeup has been an incredible source o’confidence fer me an’ a tool that can be used t’enhance thar natural beauty that exists in all o’us. I am so honored t’partner wi’ CO’ERGIRL, an iconic brand that be inclusi’e o’anyone who finds ye joy in playin’ wi’ makeup.”

Lili Reinhart be officially yonder new face o’CO’ERGIRL & will star in thar campaign fer yonder new collection launchin’ this sprin’. (Image Courtesy o’CO’ERGIRL)

Not only does Lili look gorgeous in yonder selfie she took fer yonder announcement, she actually applied yonder makeup herself. Speakin’ about wha’ she did t’achie’e her look, Lili shared, “It’s important fer me t’show that bein’ a CO’ERGIRL can mean doin’ yer own makeup. It’s all about whate’er makes ye feel confident an’ beautiful. In this picture, I used LashBlast Volume Mascara, a pop o’purple on me lids from t’CO’ERGIRL TruNaked Sunsets Palette, an’ a new lip product launchin’ very soon!”
We be so excited fer Lili an’ cannot wait t’see her star in t’new campaign this fall!

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Foundations: 20 Products That Will Even Out Yer Skin Tone Without Cloggin' Pores

Now that it’s fall, our gorgeous summer tans have officially faded & if ye’re lookin’ t’even out yer skin tone, we rounded up t’best new foundations that won’t clog yer pores!
Co’erin’ up yer skin wi’ makeup can sometimes lead t’clogged pores, but luckily, thar’s a ton o’new foundations fer fall that will even out yer skin tone without lea’in’ ye oily. ‘un o’our fa’orite products be yonder Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 because it’s a super hydratin’ foundation that’s completely sheer. Not only does it lea’e ye wi’ a dewy sheen that masks ye skin without gettin’ cakey, but it also acts as skincare as well, because o’it’s hydratin’ properties. Another great product be yonder Flesh Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation, which be formulated wi’ aloe vera, glycerin, squalane, sodium hyaluronate, an’ pomegranate extract. It hails in 40 shades an’ it lasts all day without gettin’ crunchy – wha’ more could ye ask fer?

If ye’re lookin’ t’clear up some space in yer makeup bag, look no further than t’Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer. It be a foundation an’ concealer in ‘un, so it combats undereye circles an’ redness all while gi’in’ yer skin a masked finish. ‘un o’our fa’orite products that lea’e yer skin lookin’ flawless while usin’ skin-lo’in’ ingredients be ye Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation. This 100% vegan foundation be formulated wi’ plant-based ingredients an’ be absolutely weightless.
Another great product that not only co’ers yer skin but also treats it, be t’CRUNCHI Beautifully Flawless Foundation. This buildable foundation be formulated wi’ Vitamins C & E an’ Aloe Leaf which gi’es ye moisture while co’erin’ imperfections all day long.
Thar be so many amazin’ new foundations fer fall an’ ye can see them all when ye click through t’gallery abo’e!

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