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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Bobby Lytes Becomes Lass – Meet yonder New Her!



Thar VH1 reality TV star has turned himself into female an' documented her new look an' transformation on social media while announcin' an upcomin' ‘grand re'eal.’

Nov 8, 2019

– Meet t'new Bobby Lytes! Ye “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star has become a lass an' proudly showed off her new look on Instagram. “Say avast t'VANITY,” so she told her online followers. “She be gettin' ready fer our campaign!!!”

Yonder reality TV star, who rocked a buzz cut in thar past, now has a long dark luscious hair an' donned a sheer black long-slee'ed top. “Yonder grand re'eal be Friday…. can’t wait fer ye all t'see wha' we’ve been workin' on!!!” ye rapper teased in t'caption.

She also documented her transformation, showin' in videos that she did her own make-up before gettin' help wi' her hair. “Before I got on Love & Hip Hop, I was a MUA. I lo'ed make up so much that it turned into a career fer me,” she explained.

“Thar was somethin' about ye idea o'transformin' anyone into a much prettier, YOUNGER, confident version o'themsel'es,” she continued. “As ye can see in this video I ne'er lost that touch, t'his day I still do me own make up a lot o't' times.”

In another post, she wrote, “About 1 year ago I embarked on a journey that would change me life. I started somethin' that took me a while t'figure out. I’m finally at thar point where I can live in me truth an' share wi' ye all somethin' so special t'me.”

She was soon flooded wi' support from fans an' friends alike. Fellow rapper Brianna Perry exclaimed, “Can’t wait!!!” R&B singer K. Michelle sent her a love an' kiss emoji, “Do ya thang baby.” Londynn B gushed, “Oh yarr‼ I can’t wait I have a feelin' it’s gonna be unforgettable.”

Milan Christopher from “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” also gave his appro'al, “Well ye look beautiful as poison ivy,” referrin' t'Vanity’s recent Halloween look where she rocked a green jungle outfit an' a red flamin' hair as thar infamous DC villainess.

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