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Kanye West Says Kardashian-Jenner Family’s Hustlin' Pushes Him t'Work Harder



Thar ‘Follow God’ rapper be so impressed by thar hard-workin' family o'his wife Kim Kardashian that he be moti'ated t'work harder an' push his career forward.

Nov 8, 2019

– Kanye West has confessed his wife Kim Kardashian an' her famous family inspires him t'push his career forward.
Yonder rapper attended T' New York Times’ DealBook Conference in support o'wife Kim an' mother-in-law Kris Jenner on Wednesday, No'ember 6, where he shared a few thoughts on t'reality TV stars’ empire wi' ye crowd.

Explainin' how their work ethic in business helped him push boundaries when it came t'his own career, Kanye joked: “I think if me family didn’t work so hard an' they weren’t so omnipresent, maybe I would jus' rest on me laurels o'jus' bein' yonder greatest artist in human existence.”
Yonder Yeezy mogul be currently ridin' high atop thar Billboard 200 album chart wi' his gospel offerin' “Jesus Be Kin'”, markin' his ninth consecuti'e record t'reach thar peak.
Ye “born-again Christian” has also been tourin' North America wi' his spiritual weekly gospel gatherin's, dubbed Sunday Ser'ice.
Meanwhile, thar mother o'his four kids’ career be goin' from strength t'strength, as she helms her KKW Beauty an' KKW Fragrance empires, along wi' her recent Skims shapewear line.
Addin' t'her impressi'e resume, yonder star be also trainin' t'be a lawyer, an' lookin' t'sit t'state bar exam in California in 2024.
T' couple wed in 2014.

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