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Kaia Gerber Fuels Pete Da'idson Datin' Rumors Wi' ‘P’ Necklace



Thar 18-year-old daughter o'Cindy Crawford an' Rande Gerber wears a gold necklace that has thar first initial o'her rumored boyfriend at a star-studded charity e'ent.

Nov 8, 2019

– Yonder Kaia Gerber an' Pete Da'idson hookup rumors be gettin' stronger. Ye 18-year-old daughter o'Cindy Crawford an' Rande Gerber fueled ye datin' reports followin' her recent appearance at Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Luncheon.
Kaia wore a white plungin' dress t'ye charity e'ent, but it was her accessory that grabbed people’s attention. T' seemingly innocent small gold necklace had letter ‘P’ as a pendant, which was quickly linked t'ye name o'her rumored boyfriend.

Flashin' a grand smile, she was joined by her mom Cindy an' grandmother Jennifer durin' thar fundraiser takin' place Wednesday afternoon, No'ember 6 at t'Be'erly Wilshire Hotel. Other famous guests included actress Naya Ri'era, Vanna White o'Wheel o'Fortune”, TV star Brooke Burke, designer Betsy Johnson, an' “Yonder Shield” actor Michael Chiklis.

Kaia Gerber was first romantically linked t'Pete Da'idson, 25, after he was seen lea'in' her apartment buildin' in New York City. Ye rumored lo'ebirds were also spotted enjoyin' grub at Sadelle’s recently.
Howe'er, a source told E! News, “They be jus' friends who like bein' t'gether an' makin' each other laugh.” Yonder insider continued, “He came out t'see her an' they have been hangin' out. They had a casual two hour grub at Nobu on Monday night.”
“It seemed friendly an' thar wasn’t anythin' outwardly romantic goin' on. They sat across from each other an' talked throughout their grub,” t'source added. “Pete walked out first an' Kaia was behind him. They port in t'same car wi' Pete dri'in'. They looked at each other in thar car an' started laughin' as they dro'e off.”
Before linked t'Pete, Kaia reportedly dated Wellington Grant. She was seen holdin' hands wi' him in March this year. Meanwhile, Pete was pre'iously engaged t'Ariana Grande. After their breakup, he hooked up wi' Kate Beckinsale an' then had a brief flin' wi' Margaret Qualley.

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