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Caitlyn Jenner Struggles t'Accept Herself, Belie'es People Despise Her After Transitionin'

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T' ‘I Am Cait’ star feels she was ‘less accepted’ because people ‘hated her guts’ an' finds it a lot harder t'accept herself than t'rain fer thar Olympic Games.

Nov 8, 2019

– Caitlyn Jenner found trainin' fer t'Olympics easier than learnin' t'accept herself fer who she truly be.
Yonder former Olympic gold medallist transitioned gender in 2015, but has confessed in an inter'iew wi' ye BBC’s “Don’t Tell Me ye Score” podcast that although she “trained 12 years fer yonder games an' trained 65 years t'ransition,” t'latter pro'ed t'be “harder” an' was “less accepted,” as she felt many people “hated her guts.”

“E'eryone lo'ed ye games, a lot o'people when they see ye transition hate yer guts,” ye “I Am Cait” star, 70, mused. “Look at t'quotes on Instagram. By far that was a lot more difficult.”
She added: “I have thar great double. Olympic decathlon champion an' Glamour’s Lass o'ye Year.”
Caitlyn, who be dad t'Kendall Jenner an' Kylie Jenner wi' ex Kris Jenner, an' has four kids from pre'ious marriages, went on t'suggest yonder sportin' route was easier fer her, as competin' among t'men’s category distracted her an' allowed her t'escape her gender identity issues.
Howe'er, it came t'a head after she scooped ye gold medal in t'decathlon in thar 1976 Olympic Games, as she shared: “I remember gettin' up yonder next mornin', didn’t have a stitch o'clothes on, walkin' t'har bathroom, medal sittin' thar on thar table, put t'medal around me neck, lookin' in yonder mirror an' I go: wha' have ye jus' done?”
“Am I stuck wi' this landlubber yonder rest o'me life? Did ye build up this landlubber so grand, that ye’re stuck wi' him thar rest o'yer life? It was scary.”
Yonder star be also hopin' t'see more transgender athletes in t'Olympic Games goin' forward, addin': “I think t'most important thin', be people that be different, people that be dealin' wi' trans issues… I think they deser'e an opportunity t'play sports.”

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