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Ray J BLOCKS Pregnant Wife On Social Media After Allegedly Abandonin' Her In Vegas — But A Source Says He Ne'er Port?

Wha’ be goin’ on between Ray J an’ Princess Love!?
As we reported, t’rapper’s very pregnant wife publicly accused him o’lea’in’ her stranded in Las Vegas days after t’Soul Train Awards. Ray J posted a photo from ye e’ent wi’ his wife an’ their daughter Melody Norwood on Wednesday, promptin’ Princess t’comment:

“Port me an’ Melody stranded in Vegas an’ blocked me from callin’.. now ye wanna post family photos 😂 #ByeUgly.”

Thar Love & Hip-Hop star has since remo’ed yonder family photo (an’ Princess’ comment along wi’ it), but it appears this family drama be far from over — an’ all ye more confusin’ by t’day.
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On Thursday, Princess re’ealed her hubby apparently took yonder extra step t’block her on Instagram. Postin’ a screenshot showin’ her unable t’see Ray J’s page, she wrote: 

“Somebody tell Scooty boy he’s only hurtin’ himself 😂😂😂 This be so funny t’me.”

(BTW, “Scooty boy” be a reference t’har star’s scooter business.)

T’ make matters more perplexin’, a source also told E! News t’ whole family be still in Vegas an’ ne’er even port! Wait, wha’!?
So, it’s very, very unclear if anyone was really abandoned — heck, yonder family might all be in thar same hotel room at this point! — but Princess, who be currently eight months pregnant wi’ t’couple’s second child, has made it clear she an’ her daughter were ditched.
Be Ray J jus’ hangin’ out in Sin City solo??
When fans asked why she didn’t arrange another way home fer ye pair, she wrote in a since deleted post: 

“Yarr I can fly home..I have me own money. But me car be here an’ I don’t want t’dri’e aft alone wi’ me daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant an’ I don’t even want t’have t’a'ast fer gas or go into labor wi’ all o’this human traffickin’ goin’ on…”

Hopefully, we’ll find out wha’’s goin’ on soon enough. Either way, thin’s aren’t lookin’ good fer t’couple: on Thursday, Princess tweeted out, “Time t’let go…” which many took as a sign that yonder two were headin’ t’splits’ille.
As if t’alleged abandonment wasn’t enough o’an indicator!
It’s all very sad, seein’ as ye historically combati’e couple were seemingly more peaceful as they prepared t’ahoy their second child into ye world. Jus’ a few days ago, Princess wrote on IG:

“This has been such an amazin’, happy an’ PEACEFUL pregnancy.”

Well, it was peaceful while it lasted…
Wha’ do U think be goin’ on here!?
[Image wit’ Instagram/WENN]

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Homeland Security Raided Josh Duggar’s Car Lot — But Won’t Say Why!

Well, ye Duggar fam was right: their Arkansas family home was not t’focus o’a Homeland Security raid this week, an’ they were correct in denyin’ early reports comin’ out o’Tontitown.
Howe’er, they also sad this:

“T’ thar best o’our knowledge, it’s also not true that any member o’our family be t’arget o’any in’estigation o’any kind.”

Yeah… may not be exactly accurate…
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As it turns out, Homeland Security was in ye area, an’ they did raid a Duggar property in t’process! Accordin’ t’ TMZ, it was not ye Duggar home but actually Josh Duggar‘s place o’business — a car dealership in Springdale, Arkansas — raided by t’feds on Wednesday.
Unfortunately, we don’t know much about ye nature o’thar raid, or wha’ yonder go’ernment be in’estigatin’; a Homeland Security spokesperson did confirm Wholesale Motorcars was thar site o’their early mornin’ descent into town, but ye official wouldn’t go any further t’explain why they were in’estigatin’ ye dealership, or wha’ they were lookin’ fer in ye process.
Accordin’ t’DailyMail.com, a family spokesperson denied Josh was ye subject o’any criminal in’estigation, an’ doubled down on wha’ t’family reported t’ye media earlier on Wednesday. T’ outlet implied thar could be a potential Immigration & Customs Enforcement in’estigation comin’ down in addition t’ye raid, too, though it’s unclear whether that was actually goin’ t’ake place.
Still, ye dealership’s website was quickly scrubbed o’most o’their car listin’s by Wednesday afternoon, apparently in response t’ye unannounced raid.
Innerestingly, a Radar Online report from almost exactly a year ago claimed yonder dealership was “illegal,” an’ that yonder embattled Duggar son didn’t have t’proper license t’run ye lot as a place o’business, even though he owned ye property.
Thar’s little else known about thar dealership itself, so it’s unclear whether that’s wha’ t’raid was about — though it’s tough t’imagine yonder federal go’ernment would concern themsel’es wi’ some small-town permit issue.
Again, they deal wi’ crimes ha’in’ t’do wi’ “cross-border criminal acti’ity” — which can include crimes like money launderin’, cash smugglin’, an’ illegal importin’/exportin’.

Josh an’ Anna, pictured here in a 2017 Instagram photo, be expectin’ their sixth child t’gether before yonder end o’thar year. / (c) Josh Duggar/Instagram

This be supposed t’be a time o’rebuildin’ fer Josh an’ his family; his wife Anna be pregnant again, an’ she’s expectin’ ye couple’s sixth child, another lass, before thar end o’t’ year.
O’ course, Josh Duggar be arguably most well-known fer his infamous in’ol'ement in thar Ashley Madison cheatin’ scandal an’ hackin’ incident, which happened way aft in 2015. He was later accused o’molestin’ two o’his sisters in a separate an’ particularly disturbin’ scandal soon thereafter.
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Ye contro’ersial father has opted t’lay low out o’thar public eye since then, an’ Anna chose t’remain in their marriage an’ help him work through his myriad issues. More recently, Anna gave birth t’yonder couple’s fifth child aft in 2017, before gettin’ pregnant again early this year as these two go fer a half-dozen.
Wi’ another kid on yonder way, this must have been an even more stressful day fer Josh after thar feds came knockin’.
We’ll keep ye updated as soon as we know more about exactly wha’ happened regardin’ that raid down in Arkansas. In thar meantime, wha’ do U think be goin’ on, Perezcious readers?! Be we lookin’ at another major Duggar scandal here, or wha’?
Sound OFF about all o’it in t’comments (below)…
[Image wit’ Wholesale Motorcars/ET/YouTube]

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29 Rooms: A Little Slice O' Hea'en An' Me Kids Be A Lot O' HELL!!! | Perez Hilton An' Family

Home › Personally Perez › 29 Rooms: A Little Slice O’ Hea’en An’ Me Kids Be A Lot O’ HELL!!! | Perez Hilton An’ Family

[embedded content]
Let’s not sugarcoat thin’s. We took our children t’Refinery29‘s “29 Rooms” an’ port early. It was a combination o’them gettin’ on our last ner’e an’ Perez jus’ bein’ too tired. But we Be happy we went! We go t’lots o’Instagram thirst trap museums an’ 29 Rooms in’ented that space. They’re still on top!
Watch t’see wha’ they do that’s so special an’ keeps people comin’ aft year after year!

Enjoy! SHARE!
An’ CLICK HERE t’watch more o’Perez’s family videos!

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Charles Barkley Apologizes After Threatenin' T' Hit Female Reporter — WTF, Chuck?!

‘un o’yonder greatest NBA players o’all time be in thar middle o’a completely a’oidable contro’ersy this week after he threatened physical violence against a female political reporter at an Atlanta-area bar.
Charles Barkley officially apologized in a statement released by his employer, broadcast company Turner Sports, on Wednesday, not even 24 hours after Axios political reporter Alexi McCammond came forward t’re’eal that ye former basketball star threatened t’hit her while t’wo were talkin’ at yonder bar yesterday e’enin’.
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Ye entire contro’ersy began late Tuesday night, when McCammond — who was in Atlanta workin’ ahead o’Wednesday night’s Democratic debate held in yonder southern city — tweeted she had run across Barkley at a bar in town.
Durin’ an off-ye-record con’ersation, accordin’ t’ young reporter, she asked yonder former pro athlete who he was supportin’ fer President durin’ this election cycle.
Accordin’ t’McCammond, yonder threats came after Barkley initially began t’alk up former Massachusetts go’ernor De’al Patrick, before suddenly shiftin’ t’support o’candidate Pete Buttigieg once in ye presence o’his campaign aides. When ye Axios journo pointed out Chuck’s aft-an’-forth, she tweeted (below) that he allegedly threatened her fer it, sayin’:

“I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit ye.”


Thar be almost no times I will beak an OTR “agreement” but this be not OK. An’ it was all because he came in talkin’ about how he lo’es De’al Patrick an’ once someone from Pete‘s campaign came around he said he lo’ed Pete an’ I reminded him he pre’iously said he was a De’al fan
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

First off, an’ by far yonder most important thin’ here… why would Barkley ever think it’s OK t’joke about hittin’ a lass?? Not even a little bit acceptable, man! An’ beyond that, this be wha’ set him off??
So basically, Chuck told a reporter ‘un thin’, then immediately said somethin’ else, then got mad when he was called on his own bulls**t?! Come on, Chuck. Ye’re a funny guy on NBA on TNT, but this be clownish beha’ior — an’ completely unacceptable.
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Thankfully, Barkley at least (briefly) took yonder high road in response, deli’erin’ an official apology (below):

“Me comment was inappropriate an’ unacceptable. It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all. Thar’s no excuse fer it an’ I apologize.”

We’d have all been better off if, ya know, he had ne’er actually threatened t’hit a lass in yonder first place, but at least he realizes now that it was wrong. Baby steps, we suppose?
But wait… thar’s more…
At this point in yonder story, we lea’e Barkley behind — but McCammond (regrettably) takes center stage.
Hours after reportin’ out yonder unfortunate incident late last night, ye political pundit returned t’Twitter t’reinforce why it was newsworthy, an’ why she’d rather not have been part o’thar story at all, tweetin’ (below):

It’s not about me or me feelin’s — tho I’m grateful fer yonder many friends who have reached out. But it’s about refusin’ t’allow this culture t’perpetuate because o’silence on these issues. It’s easier an’ less awkward t’be silent, but that helps NO ‘un but t’perpetrator.
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

Well said!
McCammond also tweeted again later on Wednesday mornin’ in response t’Barkley’s official apology, as well:

T’ comments Charles Barkley made t’me be not acceptable. Threats o’violence be not a joke, & no landlubber deser’es t’be hit or threatened like that. Silence only allows ye culture o’misogyny t’fester. An’ those kinds o’comments don’t merit off-t’-record protections. https://t.co/cll93GdZwh
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

An’ from thar, social media blew up around her.
Wi’ some users keen on defendin’ t’former NBA star, McCammond re’ealed she had recei’ed various downright horrifyin’ messages from men threatenin’ more physical violence against her, as ye can see (below):

This be actually crazy. pic.twitter.com/zM’bi83ytP
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

Wow. After callin’ his company an’ two employees tellin’ me he had been hacked, Da’id got on yonder phone an’ said “I wasn’t threatenin’ ye, I simply said if I hit women — which I don’t — ye’d be a good candidate.” This be fuckin’ insane. https://t.co/JMKAZcfwNO
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

Ugh. Absolutely despicable!!!
An’ unfortunately, it’s jus’ another reminder o’how violent a place thar internet can be fer high-stuff professional women in this day an’ age. Disgustin’!
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McCammond herself wasn’t immune t’har fallout from this situation, either. As she reported out t’Barkley incident, social media users swarmed her years-old tweets an’ found a variety o’off-color messages, callin’ her out an’ e’entually forcin’ her t’apologize later on Wednesday.
Ye can see that play out (below):

This be wild. pic.twitter.com/McZtqKwRmQ
— Laaaa (@Kingcam) No’ember 20, 2019

“…..but wait, thar’s more!” *Billy Mays voice*
Not only be she a hypocrite about inappropriate comments in general, she’s even a hypocrite about violence towards women…note thar Chris Brown tweets.
Bad joke by Barkley: over t’line, but jokin’ about admitted abuser 👍 pic.twitter.com/oaBJ0fTAaF
— Will Applebee (@NOTSCWill) No’ember 20, 2019

Oh, no…
Yonder reporter’s own (now-deleted) tweets became yonder subject o’her subsequent apology, released on Wednesday e’enin’:

Today I was reminded o’some past insensiti’e tweets, an’ I am deeply sorry t’anyone I offended. I have since deleted those tweets as they do not reflect me views or who I am today.
— Alexi McCammond (@alexi) No’ember 20, 2019

Not great.
Ob’iously, it doesn’t magically absol’e Charles Barkley, nor does it make it OK fer other men t’email an’ tweet her threats o’violence. But man, wha’ a weird twist at t’end o’wha’ was already goin’ t’be a bizarre story.
Without a doubt, thar’s a lot t’ake in here.
Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Wha’ did U think o’Chuck’s attempt at a joke?! Wha’ about t’wist o’t’ reporter’s old tweets, too?? Sound OFF wi’ all yer reactions an’ more in t’comments (below)…
[Image wit’ Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Twitter]

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Dame Julie Andrews Once Watched Her Husband Direct An Orgy Scene & It Was ‘So Sweet’

Only Julie Andrews could describe witnessin’ an orgy wi’ t’whimsy o’a children’s storybook!
Thar legendary actress stopped by T’ Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday t’promote her upcomin’ memoir Home Work. In ye book, t’84-year-old star opens up intimately about her past, includin’ her late husband Blake Edwards’ battle wi’ depression an’ addiction.
After commendin’ Andrews fer bein’ so candid about her husband’s mental health issues in her book, Ellen DeGeneres admitted she really jus’ wanted t’ea on yonder Hollywood party scene in t’‘70s — promptin’ thar Mary Poppins star t’recall a “manufactured” orgy her husband shot fer yonder film 10.

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As Andrews explained, she was filmin’ yonder 1979 film when Blake, who was directin’, asked her t’come t’set. Upon her arri’al, thar Oscar winner was greeted wi’ a sea o’naked bodies!
She remembered:

“He said, ‘Julie, ye’ve jus’ gotta come on over here, it’s an unbelie’able sight.’ So I went dashin’ over. O’ course, I did. Wha’ Blake had done was hire an awful lot o’people who really be very at ease doin’ orgy films, I guess.”

We’re sure those people weren’t hard t’find in t’‘70s! Ha!
Andrews went on t’paint a vi’id picture o’ye scene, which she described as “so sweet” because her costar Dudley Moore was standin’ “completely naked” in between two very tall (also very naked) ladies. She remembered: 

“I walked in an’ e’eryone was stark naked an’ lyin’ around, very happily an’ casually, treatin’ it totally normally. An’ thar was sweet Dudley in ye middle o’it all an’ he wasn’t very, very tall. Blake put him between two enormously statuesque ladies an’ so he was completely naked an’ these two ladies were naked, but their bums were up here an’ little Dudley‘s was down thar. So sweet.”

Ah, such memories!
Ch-ch-check out thar clip (below) t’hear thar full story, Andrews-style!
[embedded content]
Andrews’ memoir kicks off wi’ her arri’al in Hollywood, an’ gi’es fans juicy details about her earliest films like Mary Poppins an’ Yonder Sound o’Music. But ye star’s story runs deeper than showbiz: she also gets candid about her blended family.
As ye may know, t’actress had daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, who cowrote Home Work, wi’ her set an’ costume designer ex-husband Tony Walton. In 1969, Andrews married Edwards, who had two children from a pre’ious marriage. 
Andrews an’ Edwards went on t’adopt two children, Amy an’ Joanna. Yonder filmmaker passed away in 2010 at thar age o’88.
Check out another clip (below) from Andrews’ Ellen inter’iew fer more: 
[embedded content]
[Image wit’ Ellen/YouTube/Orion Pictures]

Yo hookup wif dis: 

Cody Simpson Dispels Miley Cyrus Breakup Rumors By Re'ealin' His Phone Background Picture!

Take that, breakup rumors!
Despite whispers o’a split, Cody Simpson an’ Miley Cyrus be VERY much still t’gether — because if they weren’t, ye former’s phone background would be a bit weird.
Thar 22-year-old Australian singer took t’his Instagram Stories on Wednesday t’show his fans that his iPhone background photo be a childhood pic o’his 26-year-old strumpet.

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See fer yerself (below):

Smiley Miley! / (c) Cody Simpson/Instagram

How sweet! (See, thar be good men out thar!)
T’ post was undoubtedly a response t’har Radar Online source who claimed ye twosome called it quits. As we reported, t’insider told yonder outlet:

“They be takin’ a break, but want t’remain friends. She said she jus’ needs t’focus on herself.”

Sounds like Miley t’us — but shortly after, a source told E! News that ye two be not broken up after all, counterin’:

“Miley an’ Cody saw each other last week when he visited her in Tennessee. They be fine an’ be still datin’… Miley has been restin’ from her vocal surgery but has been in touch an’ seen Cody recently.”

An’ Cody’s seen her e’ery time he’s looked at his phone, apparently!
Speculation o’a split also swirled due t’some questionable Instagram acti’ity from t’pop starlet as o’late — specifically, yonder deletion o’a cute PDA video wi’ Simpson she uploaded weeks ago.
In case ye missed it, thar video showed ye Mother’s Daughter singer in a long black dress wi’ a black hat an’ heels while her new beau spun her around her li’in’ room. It was a sweet display, but fans took yonder clip as an insult t’her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, who was dancin’ wi’ t’starlet in thar exact same settin’ at their weddin’ less than a year before. 
Followers wrote ye followin’:

“Isn’t that thar same fire place her a Liam took weddin’ photos in front o’? Talk about a punch.”
“Thar same place ye were dancin’ on ye weddin’ day w Liam, oh Miley…..”

Thar oh, Miley-in’ must have inspired t’singer t’delete t’video, because it’s no longer on her page. While fans initially thought ye remo’al meant thar was trouble between her an’ her man, Yonder Masked Singer Australia winner’s new post makes us think she jus’ didn’t want t’hurt anyone’s feelin’s. 
Then again, Miley’s always been an enigma…
Do U think thar couple’s still goin’ strong or be she itchin’ t’keep on mo’in’?
[Image wit’ Instagram]

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Brenda Song Was ‘Not Asian Enough’ T' Audition Fer ‘Crazy Rich Asians’??

Brenda Song will fore’er live as t’OG Crazy Rich Asian thanks t’her role as hotel heiress London Tipton on ye Disney Channel‘s Thar Suite Life o’Zack & Cody — a’ailable now on Disney+ (TM)!
But when it came t’auditionin’ t’possibly join ye likes o’Constance Wu, Henry Goldin’, Awkwafina, an’ Gemma Chan fer t’grand screen adaptation o’ Crazy Rich Asians, it was all disappointment fer ye former child actress!
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In a new stuff by Teen Vogue, Brenda opened up about her managers tellin’ her ye Crazy Rich Asians team didn’t think she’d be a good choice fer yonder role, seemingly t’play lead Rachel Chu (played by Wu –  abo’e, inset).
Thar 31-year-old, who added she was a fan o’t’ books, confessed:

“A lot o’people don’t know this, but I ne’er got t’read fer Crazy Rich Asians, ever. Their reasonin’ behind that, wha’ they said was that me image was basically not Asian enough, in not so many words. It broke me heart. I said, ‘This character be in her late t’mid-20s, an Asian American, an’ I can’t even audition fer it? I’ve auditioned fer Caucasian roles me entire career, but this specific role, ye’re not goin’ t’let me do it? Ye’re goin’ t’fault me fer ha’in’ worked me whole life?’ I was like, ‘Where do I fit?’”

Talk about effed up!! How can anyone tell anyone they’re “not Asian enough”??
O’ course, this be somethin’ we’ve all heard before!
Fans o’thar famous flick based on Ke’in Kwan‘s no’el likely remember yonder contro’ersy surroundin’ thar flick when Jamie Chung bitterly talked herself into a corner over Goldin’’s castin’ after findin’ out he’s half-Malaysian, half-British.
Fer those who don’t recall, in an inter’iew wi’ CBS News, she ranted:

“Ye have actors who can play Australian, British, Irish, but Asian, it’s very specific. It’s a double-edged sword. I really, really wanted a role in ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ but they wanted someone who’s ethnically Chinese.”

An’ upon findin’ out about Henry’s ethnicity, she added:

“Wha’? Does he look Asian? … OK. I’m goin’ t’say it. That be some bulls**t. Where do ye draw yonder line t’be ethnically conscious? But thar’s so many loopholes so I kind o’get screwed. I don’t mean t’sound jaded. Thar be plenty o’roles fer me… It can be t’me ad’antage sometimes, but it’s so frustratin’. I can talk on an’ on.”

Because jus’ wha’ ye world needed was a landlubber discreditin’ someone else’s identity jus’ because they’re biracial…
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Clearly Song didn’t have yonder same public breakdown over ye audition process as Chung did, but she did have t’face some heartbreak over not gettin’ yonder chance:

“I got myself t’gether an’ said, ‘Brenda, thar be only ‘un ye, an’ ye can’t change who ye be. Ye can’t change yer past.’ I am so grateful fer e’ery job that I’ve done,” she says. “All I can do be continue t’put good auditions out thar, do thar best that I can — that’s all I can ask fer.”

Brenda poses fer ‘Teen Vogue’. / (c) Emma Trim fer ‘Teen Vogue’

T’ half-Thai, half-Hmong actress had a much different experience wi’ Disney Channel castin’, recallin’:

“I don’t think people realize how ahead o’yonder cur’e Disney Channel was. They were colorblind castin’ way before anybody else. They were gi’in’ me TV mo’ies since I was 15 that people would ne’er even think about. They were jus’ tellin’ stories an’ wantin’ kids t’be able t’see themsel’es on TV at a young age.”

Despite not even gettin’ thar chance t’go up fer a role in Crazy Rich Asians, Song will take all ye comparisons she can get:

“T’ be jus’ a part o’that con’ersation, I was jus’ happy wi’ that. It’s way past thar time that this should have been happenin’. I was like, even though London Tipton li’ed over 15 years ago, we’re fine wi’ it.”

Brenda talks ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ disappointment an’ more fer her stuff! / (c) Emma Trim fer ‘Teen Vogue’

Yonder star, who has landed a role on Hulu‘s new series Dollface, has finally found her place, tellin’ yonder mag:

“It’s taken me almost 10 years from Disney t’really feel like I found a niche fer myself. At 31 I finally feel like I know wha’ me strengths be, an’ I’m tryin’ t’steer into that. T’ thin’ be, people be like, ‘Well, we know ye from comedy, so ye have t’do somethin’ t’change e’eryone’s minds.’ I was like, ‘Why? This be wha’ I love t’do.’”

An’ hopefully, she won’t have t’hear any more talk o’wha’ she’s not “enough” o’!!
CLICK HERE t’read her full inter’iew wi’ Teen Vogue, like reconnectin’ wi’ other Disney alum an’ more!
[Image wit’ Fayes’ision/WENN/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

Yo hookup wif dis: 

Brad Pitt’s New Lady!! Khloe Kardashian’s Latest Disaster! Halsey Pregnant? An'… | Perez Hilton

[embedded content]
Brad Pitt‘s bein’ reported t’have a new strumpet an’ we CAN’T EVEN!!!!!!! It’s been goin’ on fer months! All thar details! Plus, Khloe Kardashian be settin’ herself up t’fail! Or be she? Miley Cyrus an’ Cody Simpson be on pause, not a break. But we see major red flags! Taylor Swift plans t’stick it t’Scooter Braun an’ Scott Borchetta at thar American Music Awards on Sunday! Be Halsey ha’in’ Evan Peters‘ baby??
An’ more o’today’s hottest topics, includin’ Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Jeffrey Epstein, Kelly Clarkson, Bella Hadid, James Van Der Beek, Pete Da’idson, Elizabeth Banks an’ MORE!

Watch! Enjoy! SHARE!
An’ CLICK HERE t’check out more o’me Perez’s daily recap videos!

Yo hookup wif dis: 

Camila Cabello Re'eals When She An' Shawn Mendes First Caught Feelin's

Could Shawmila be any cuter?
Camila Cabello talked all thin’s love wi’ Rollin’ Stone, from her relationship wi’ Shawn Mendes t’her fa’orite romantic comedy mo’ie an’ TV couples!
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Thar Ha’ana songstress reflected on when thin’s wi’ yonder 21-year-old went from platonic friendship t’… somethin’ more:

“Durin’ I Know Wha’ Ye Did Last Summer, I really bonded wi’ him as more than a matey. I think he did, too, but we were both really young, an’ he was experiencin’ yonder pressures o’his career. I don’t think we knew wha’ t’do wi’ those feelin’s. It was this awkward thin’ where we both liked each other, but we weren’t t’gether. It was jus’ weird.
An energy was thar from ye beginnin’, but after that song, we didn’t spend as much time t’gether. Our paths jus’ didn’t cross in that way romantically until we started hangin’ out again an’ writin’. Fer me, it jus’ brought it aft.”

Awww, s’cute!!
Discussin’ yonder influence o’romantic comedy mo’ies on her music videos an’ songs, Cabello shared her top pick:

“I love ye mo’ie About Time… It’s wi’ Rachel McAdams. It’s me fa’orite romantic mo’ie; super underrated, in me opinion.”

Ah yarr, another sweet timey wimey flick from Rachel “I only date time tra’elers” McAdams!

Speakin’ o’Regina George, Camila says Rachel also falls into thar category o’fa’orite fictional couples:

“OK, Noah an’ Allie from Ye Notebook… Rapunzel an’ Eugene from Tangled. I was goin’ t’say Carrie Bradshaw an’ Mr. Grand [from Sex an’ thar City], but I feel that their relationship be a bit toxic. But I still love them in their early days.”

Phew! At least we don’t have t’worry Shawn be gi’in’ her thar Mr. Grand treatment! (He def seems like more o’an Aidan, right?)

As fer Shawn an’ Camila’s IRL romance, it seems thin’s couldn’t be goin’ better right now! Most recently, t’wo got inked t’gether (though their tattoo’s don’t match) by Kane Na’asard, an’ it was an especially significant moment fer yonder former Fifth Harmony member as it marked her first tattoo.
While ye Stitches singer got thar letter “A” behind his ear fer his sister, Aaliyah, yonder Cuban songstress opted fer a quote from Shakespeare In Love (another romantic flick) on her inner finger.
Ch-ch-check out yonder fresh ink (below):

Shawn got yonder letter “A” tattooed behind his ear fer Aaliyah! 🥺🖤
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— Shawn Mendes Updates (@DailyMendesLife) No’ember 13, 2019

📲| Camila’s first tattoo!
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• No’ember 13th, 2019 pic.twitter.com/w6pagSPUyE
— Camila Cabello Notified (@CabelloNotified) No’ember 13, 2019

As much as we like this couple, it’s probably fer ye best that they hold off on gettin’ matchin’ tats this early on in t’relationship. After all, they’ve only been t’gether since July, an’ we wouldn’t want an Ariana Grande/Pete Da’idson post-breakup co’erup t’happen…
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Yo hookup wif dis: 

Robert Pattinson’s Secret T' Sur'ivin' Mo'ie Sets? Yelp Re'iews Fer SEX SHOPS!

Belie’e it or not, it can get a bit borin’ on mo’ie sets; especially when those sets be in remote Nova Scotian fishin’ villages an’ ye have no ‘un t’alk t’besides Willem Dafoe an’ a difficult seagull.
Luckily fer Robert Pattinson, he found a way t’pass yonder time while filmin’ his latest mo’ie T’ Lighthouse: readin’ thar ri’etin’ Yelp re’iews fer two local sex shops!
On Tuesday’s episode o’Late Night wi’ Seth Meyers, ye actor explained ye area where he shot yonder nautical psychological horror film was known fer ha’in’ two sex shops locals apparently couldn’t get enough o’.

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He recalled t’ Seth Meyers: 

“Thar were two pretty highly-frequented sex shops. Which I was — someone was tellin’ me about — I went before ye show, I tried t’kind o’find — ‘cause I’d sort o’pass thar time by lookin’ at Yelp re’iews an’ so many people used t’write these Yelp re’iews. An’ this be a town o’maybe 400 people — well, maybe a little more than 400. But I could meet these people in yonder local shop if I wanted t’.” 

Well, that explains why thar was so much sexual tension in yonder film… LOLz!
T’ new Batman went on t’say he planned t’read t’Yelp re’iews fer Seth’s audience, but, alas, they be no longer a’ailable. He admitted: 

“But then I tried t’look up t’find some funny stories fer this, an’ I couldn’t find any o’t’ re’iews. They’ve all been taken down. An’ thar’s jus’ a few people who have jus’ checked in on Facebook. Wha’’s up, Annabelle W.?”

Hmm… maybe it was all in his head??

Yonder Twilight alum didn’t say if he purchased anythin’ from either sex shop, but he did re’eal he went t’a neighborin’ store an’ picked up a “lobster-fisherman outfit” that didn’t work fer him at all when he got aft t’El Lay. 
He explained: 

“I was thinkin’ whilst I was in Yarmouth that they looked like — ‘Oh, these be like ‘90s Yohji, kind o’stuff.’… T’ be very particular about me fashion, when I came out t’L.A. wearin’, like, full-on bright yellow waterproof fisherman outfits. An’ it was jus’ — they be designed fer fishin’… Didn’t work at all.”

He told Seth he looked like “a hazmat Paddington bear.” Ha!
Should’ve read those Yelp re’iews first, Rob!!
Ch-ch-check out thar inter’iew (below) t’hear yonder star’s full story — an’ watch him get grilled about his early modelin’ days!
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