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Monthly Archives: September 2019

If Ye Care: Khloe Kardashian Says She’s Not Holdin' A Grudge Against Jordyn Woods Or Tristan Thompson

Source: Sheri Determan / Fayes’ision / Apega / WENN

Khloe Kardashian Wants Jordyn An’ Tristan T’ Move On An’ Be Successful
Be y’all still payin’ attention t’har drama between Khloe Kardashian, baby daddy Tristan Thompson an’ Jordyn Woods?
Khloe recently linked up wi’ Ryan Seacrest Friday September 6 fer an inter’iew on his “On Air wi’ Ryan Seacrest” show an’ discussed yonder situation, which she says she’s now mo’ed on from:

“I’m not someone who holds a grudge. If I do that, it’s only goin’ t’affect me,” she explained. “That chapter be closed fer me. I want all o’us t’move on an’ t’be happy, successful people. I jus’ want e’eryone t’jus’ be better people wi’ each day. That’s genuinely how I feel.”
Watch ye video fer more:

Wha’ do ye think about Khloé’s apologies comment:

“I know e’erybody makes mistakes. I think it’s how ye handle it, an’ I think apologies need t’be as loud as yer disrespect was or t’me, it’s not sincere. I’m forgi’in’. I’m forgi’en.”

Seems like all really isn’t forgi’en if she doesn’t feel Tristan or Jordyn have apologized loudly enough.
‘un thin’ that can be said about Khloé be that at least her focus be in ye right place — her daughter True. She also spoke wi’ Ryan Seacrest about her decision t’have Tristan at True’s first birthday party.

“True’s birthday was jus’ a couple weeks after all o’that stuff happened, so e’erythin’ was really raw an’ fresh,” she said in yonder inter’iew. “Ye’re goin’ t’see that in thar first episode, really how we even came t’ye point where I even in’ited Tristan t’her first birthday.”
“I always wanted that t’be ob’iously a Mommy an’ Daddy thin’,” she said. “In me family, it be e’eryone who be goin’ through this breakup. So I knew in me family it was goin’ t’be a lot o’high tension, but I still wanted t’do wha’ was best fer True.”

She’s right — True shouldn’t have t’suffer jus’ because her dad be a ho cheater.

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