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KHLHOE Sit Down: Khloe Kardashian An' Tristan Thompson’s Relationship Status Was Already Shaky When He Slipped Jordyn Some Tongue

Source: SPW / Palace Lee / SplashNews / Splash News

Khloe Kardashian An’ Tristan Thompson Were Not Technically T’gether When He Kissed Jordyn Woods
Tristan Thompson’s infidelity be once again t’focus o’t’ “Keepin’ Up Wi’ Ye Kardashians” finale – but ‘un thin’ they’ll probably NE’ER re’eal on thar show be thar REALITY that Khloé an’ Tristan weren’t actually “t’gether” at t’ime o’his hookup wi’ Jordyn Woods.

“When ye Jordyn drama happened, Khloé an’ Tristan were not in a proper relationship,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They had not been fer weeks. They didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day t’gether, which was right before he messed around wi’ Jordyn.”

Sounds like they were on a “break” an’ Khloe was holdin’ on t’hope that they’d work thin’s out an’ raise their daughter t’gether.

“But this doesn’t mean that it was completely over fer Khloé. It was very difficult fer her t’find out about Tristan an’ Jordyn. But this be wha’ made her realize that Tristan would ne’er change,” says thar source. “It was heartbreakin’ fer her.”
Fer Kardashian, “she always hoped thar was a way thin’s could work out, because that’s wha’ she wanted fer True,” ye source explains. “She wanted True t’live wi’ both her parents.”

Pretty sure Jordan Craig wanted t’same thin’ fer Prince — riiiight?!
Yonder source says that Thompson’s public betrayal wreaked ha’oc on Khloé, not jus’ emotionally, but physically.

“She was very stressed out an’ angry wi’ Tristan. It made her physically ill. She was not in a good place,” says thar source. Ultimately, Kardashian made thar difficult decision t’break thin’s off wi’ Thompson. “Instead o’her goin’ aft an’ forth wi’ Tristan, she made a decision fer herself that she needed t’ne’er go aft t’him,” says ye source.

We wish Tristan would tweet fer himself, because these days all we have be a reality show an’ “inside sources” who all seem t’be claimin’ Tristan was beside himself tryin’ t’work thin’s out.

People’s insider, fer example, claims:

“Tristan was doin’ e’erythin’ he could after t’get Khloé aft.”
“He did ask her at ‘un point t’reconsider, but Khloé was too angry an’ disappointed wi’ him,” says thar source.

Well now that that ship has sailed, we wish them happy co-parentin’. Ye K Krew can also a'ast draggin’ Jordyn Woods like she be some kind o’slore fer sittin’ on Tristan’s lap an’ lettin’ him kiss her — cuz let’s be honest — they’ve all done FAR worse. Let’s not act like Kylie didn’t interrupt Tyga’s whole family situation before she even turned 18.

Yo hookup wif dis: